Here are some of the latest tile styles and products on the market today. These styles range from wood look to mosaic to large format.


ABK Bath Design


Bath Design is the new “handmade in Italy” bathroom furnishing collection for an ABK total look bathroom. It includes a complete range of elegant tops, pedestal-mounted and countertop washbasins and shower trays with a minimalist design entirely clad with porcelain slabs.


Arbor collection by Atlas Concorde


The natural elegance of the Arbor collection by Atlas Concorde recalls the timeless charm of oak in its most original characteristics, thanks to a painstaking care for details. Playing the starring role of contemporary architecture, wood effect ceramic is becoming increasingly realistic in its appearance.


Materia collection by Ceramica Vogue


Materia is the new collection of glazed ceramic tiles by Ceramica Vogue, available in eight different color variants in glossy finish and in four variants in matte finish in the 10 x 20 cm format.


Eclectic collection by Ceramiche Keope


Eclectic is the new Ceramiche Keope collection, which is part of the important evolution of its range. It is a line that brings out and enhances all the expressive force of a noble material such as is marble, and presents it in a series characterized by a contemporary design and an inimitable elegance.


Happy Days collection by Ceramiche Vietrese


The Happy Days Collection was born from the idea of representing the ‘70s. Inspired by the title of the famous movie telling the story of the generation of U.S. teenagers who have lived the American Dream. The collection of Ce. Vi. Ceramica Vietrese remembers of the ‘70s atmosphere.


Level collection by Emilgroup


With Level, Emilgroup raises the beauty of large-sized surfaces to new heights: exquisite looks encounter the excellence of porcelain stoneware, giving birth to innovation design projects. The two variants, 6.5 mm rectified in the 160 x 320 cm size nda 12 mm unrectified in the 162 x 324 cm size, allow the creation of tops and backsplashes for kitchens and bathrooms.


Fire collection by Fincibec Group


Fire is the new brand of the Fincibec Group specialized in the creation of large ceramic slabs. From fire, the basic element that has always distinguished the production of industrial ceramics, comes the name of this innovative production line, where the results of an intense program of research and development are concentrated, in offering Fincibec ceramic surfaces as versatile and transversal solutions for the world of design.


Pietraviva collection by Puglia


The Pietraviva collection takes inspiration from chianche and chiancarelle, easily worked limestone slabs from Puglia with a rather homogenous composition.


Exalt collection by Cerim


Exalt is the new Cerim collection, inspired by marble, which completes the research project undertaken by Cerim. In conjunction with the Antique Marble and Timeless series, it offers a wide range of colors and aesthetics perfectly suited to diverse living styles.


Oxide collection by Cerim


Oxide is an unusual ceramic surface finish developed through research by Isla, to interpret the needs of contemporary design. The inspiration derives from the marriage of two natural materials, stone and metal, shaped by the process of oxidation that becomes the distinguishing aesthetic element.


Loft collection by Italigraniti


Loft, the latest collection from Italigraniti, enhances the value of wooden surfaces transformed by time and nature. Warm and enveloping, Loft faithfully reproduces the vintage look of recycled wood. The graphic patterns typical of that material that inspires it characterize the surface with knots, veins and faceted colors, in five modern, fashionable shades.


Campani collection by Kale Italia


Kale Italia featured three new flooring and titling collections at Cersaie, Edilgres, Edilcuoghi and Campani. Edigres features metallic and marble effects for maximum design flexibility, Edilcuoghi is the sphoisticate dheart of the stone effect and the Campani is the original reworkings of the effects of wood, cement and stone.




Natural graphics variations that are characteristic of wood to enhance its beauty. Realiable over time, the Kent series is available in the traditional size 2 0x 120 mm, two chevrons and an irregular hexagon, the latter being unprecendented for wood-effect tiles.


Grande by Marazzi


Grande gets bigger, new sizes, new thickness and new surfaces, for the Marazzi porcelain stoneware slab collection that extends design and personalization potentials with a range of amazingly ductile, versatile, resistant materials. Iridescent metal look surfaces, satiny and glossy rare marbles and stones and solid colorsin the new sizes, 160 x 320 cm x 6 mm thick and 162 x 324 cm x 12 mm thick.


Mosaico+ revolution


A new collection that symbolizes the Mosaico+ revolution, superseding the modularity of the mosaic chip and its repetition across the surface through the potential for breaking down every single element five different ways of decoration. The random composition of each of the subdivided chips transforms the simple surface into a complex array, varying depending on the way the sheets are installed, which may be repetitive or in a random layout.




NovaBell interprets four marbles that have defined the history of architecture, decorating the most prestigious places throughout the ages. Through research technological innovation, Imperial Michelangelo rediscovers four magnificent, previous marbles to conquer the most contemporary settings.




Sicis emerges the high aesthetic value and the possibility of mix and match the countless collections with mosaic patterns in vitreous paste, or other materials and Vetrite, capable of infusing elegance to the environments and offering the same time harmonious solutions of livability.




Fuoriformato is a fresh and exclusive approach to the world of big ceramic surfaces. For the first time large-dimension of porcelain stoneware meets the explosion of color and the creativity of sketching. Not just reproduction of existent materials but also and above all the flair and fantasy of décor. 




This unique and different roof tile is made using the state-of-the-art digital technology. It is anti-slip, scratch resistant, frost free and weatherproof as well as impact resistant. 




The veining and texture of ceramic lines Aesthetica and Kant create its elegance and maintains its prestige over time, allowing users to craft unique, regal designs. The big size 320 cm x 160 cm and the other sizes available represent the big versatility that the ceramic can reach in every application. 




An essential and clear-cut elegance, neutral colors and an extremely versatile range of surfaces and sizes: Be More expands and renews the potential of More. 




Beauty and Nature, a combination that finds its balance in the Ombra di Caravaggio version of Balkan origin, with a natural texture. Complementing the Infinito 2.0 project, this new marble with bright shades is typically used for alluring spaces.