Cevisama, the international fair for ceramic tiles and bathroom furnishings, held its 37th edition from January 28 to February 1, 2019 at the Feria Valencia Center in Valencia, Spain. More than 20,000 foreign professionals visited the show. Specifically, 91,179 professionals visited the fair from 155 countries. Here are a few of the participants of Cevisama this year. 


Ronda by Aparici


Ronda by Aparici comes in four sizes in three different colors. All of which feature a natural finish and a non-slip finish. It is also available in a 2-cm thickness.



Natura by Apavisa


Natura by Apavisa is beauty and evocation, nature in its essence, Nordic soul and warm calm. Natura connects with our essence generating organic and contemporary vital environments. Conquers space with harmonic and vibrant energy, making our environment more seductive. Its relief and texture generates sensorial surfaces, which brings us to our primitive origin in a warm and welcoming environment.



Calacatta Gold collection by Azteca


If you are a marble lover, the Calacatta Gold collection by Azteca will be your favorite. It is a warm marble with a white background that can create spaces that are as welcoming as they are avant-garde. Made up of five formats and two finishes, this collection offers endless possibilities for decoration and styles.



Van Gogh by Bestile


Van Gogh, it looks like marble, but it’s ceramic. The new thick 20-mm porcelain marbles by Bestile are ready to go in and conquer all rooms with their personality and character. Luxury porcelain marble conveys the principle idea: their most spectacular effects demonstrate that they are the key in today’s interior design. Van Gogh is offered in 120 x 60 mm.



Creta system by Ceramica Mayor


In Ceramica Mayor we continue betting on constructive solutions for swimming pools. This year, we launched the Creta system with the new RJ67 grid. A pool grill with a built-in shock absorber rubber that prevents breakage by impact and makes it easier to handle and maintain. It comes in 75 x 75-cm pieces for indoor and outdoor.



small format tile by Cevica


Cevica, presents up to six new tile collections in small format.

The Manhattan 2.52- x 10.2-inch Woodlands 2.52- x10.2-inch, 
Geometric 8- x 8-inch and Beyou 
5- x 5-inch series are floor and wall tiles. 



Naive collection by Decocer


The Naïve collection is the new Decocer’s launching in 12- x 12-inch porcelain. A classic material such as cotto has been taken up again to give a special touch of contemporaneity, adapting it to the most current habitats trends. Minimalism is playing a key role over the last years, where the new materials become in coverings full of life and natural inspiration. 



Habitat by Equipe


Habitat by Equipe comes in 10 base colors in 8- x 8-inch tile sizes. As well as 12 decor patterns. The product is made up with different designs that are randomly mixed in the box.



Camelot by Keraben Grupo


Camelot by Keraben Grupo conjures up a past of palaces and defensive walls. This collection combines a stone-like appearance with a highly contemporary design for unostentatious living spaces brimming with personality.  

Camelot’s floor tiles come in a choice of two finishes: natural and soft. 

The soft finish faithfully emulates the silky touch and natural appeal of stone that has been subjected to wear and tear, erosion and the passage of time. The 60- x 60-inch and 30- x 60-cm tiles in a Natural finish stand out for their seemingly worn edges, ensuring a rustic charm and strong personality. 



Wall and floor tiles from Natucer


Natucer introduces a product with ceramic essence. Wall and floor tiles convert into key decorative elements for indoor design. Natural colors, textures, reliefs, ceramic effects, shapes and volumes play a leading role. The traditional ceramic evolution with a highlighted contemporary approach.



New York - New York, Mar Del Plata, Mont Blanc and Sofia Cuprum colors by Neolith


Neolith, a market-leading brand of sintered stone, announces four new colours for its 2019 catalogue: New York - New York, Mar Del Plata, Mont Blanc and Sofia Cuprum.

These new introductions were chosen following rigorous market research. Throughout September, the company registered feedback at a series of special Neolith events, held in tandem with some of Europe’s most prestigious design trade shows. Visitors were invited to choose their favorites from eight prototype designs with the top four choices subsequently selected for next year’s collection.



Bruges by Rocersa


Bruges, a luxury material. For many years, stone has been classified as a luxury material and has overshadowed ceramics. Now, Rocersa can make the perfect combination of these two materials. This collection has two colors, pearl and gray. It comes in only one size, 20- x 20-cm.



Roadstone by Tau Ceramica


Roadstone by Tau Ceramica is a granitic stone to pave our path in the new 90- x90-cm format and five colors that complement the wood series.



Basic Tile collection by Vives


Basic Tile collection by Vives continues to expand with the aim of offering quality designs and excellent aesthetics to create spaces with a unique personality. Basic has been extended with two new series designed to complement each other, the Lambda porcelain tile series and the Rho wall tile series.