The 35th edition of Cevisama returned to the Feria Valencia Convention and Exhibition Center in Valencia, Spain, from February 20 to 24 this year. The International Ceramics Exhibition, which also features an array of bathroom and kitchen equipment, natural stone, raw materials and machinery, drew in more than 750 exhibitors.

Below is just a selection of some of the new, innovative products and designs that this year’s show had to offer:

Memento, by Antica Ceramica Rubiera
Antica Ceramica Rubiera introduces its new tile collection, Memento. A perfectly executed travertine look, Memento offers tiles in six colors and four sizes, ranging from 24 x 48 to 12 x 24 inches. The series is available in both polished and unpolished finishes, making it applicable on walls and floors. There are also plenty of mosaic accents to choose from.

Markham, by Aparici
This was the foundation of Aparici’s new wall tile collection, Markham. Available in two finishes – satin and gloss – the tiles in Markham are offered in a standard 45- x 120-cm format. Designed for those seeking to make each room unique, contemporary and luxurious, the three existing textures will suggest new perspectives by creating dynamic spaces that will manage to make them open and inviting, no matter the size or layout.

Smot , by Dado Ceramica
Smot is the new porcelain tile collection from Dado Ceramica, inspired by concrete and cement elements. Offered in both light and dark colors, with two decorative options for walls, the collection is available in seven sizes.

Piase, by Emilceramica
Emilceramica presents a major project, inspired by the elegance and amazing versatility of Piasentina stone, a secondary limestone generated by gravitational processes triggered by the tectonic movements of the Earth’s crust. Piase is a construction and covering collection inspired by the architecture of Italy’s Friuli and Giulia regions, with coloring that varies depending on the quarry location. The collection is available in five standard sizes and two brick options.

Tr3nd, by Ergon
The new collection by Ergon, Tr3nd, is a minimal series where the elegant look of concretes and natural wood meet the shine and tactile richness of majolica. Tr3nd is a very versatile project with the potential for extraordinary combinations thanks to an assortment of eight shades. Minimal, subtle patterns in the wood and concrete looks are coupled with the very distinct structure of the majolicas. Specific structures are used for each type in the collection to give the product a three-dimensional finish.

Hemisphere, by Gambini Tile
The new tile collection from Gambini Tile, Hemisphere, is inspired by the cement and concrete looks dominating the industrial trend currently. Offered in four different colors — Platinum (white), Steel (gray), Copper (red) and Iron (black) — the collection is available in three standard sizes — 90 x 90, 60 x 60 and 30 x 60 cm. All sizes are rectified.

Osaka, by Gayafores
Inspired by Japanese minimalism, Gayafores presents Osaka, with soft pure and minimal lines that enhance the neutrality of cold tones, reducing them to the essential, stripping away excess elements to achieve a structural and functional purity. Osaka is stoneware in three tones — White, Grey and Charcoal — that provides decoration with a rectilinear elemental geometric relief in the shape of an anticline, which reminds us of the structures of Japanese houses. Synthesis, simplicity, order and pure and neutral colors are the main features of this product.

Art, by Natucer
In the aim of showing all the aesthetic possibilities that a wall or floor ceramic tile can offer, Natucer presents a new line of ceramic creation full of games, reliefs and volumes. The double thickness and the tri-dimensional effect are present in many collections that are becoming more and more popular in our markets. The kingdom of visual and tactile effect makes the difference between Natucer tiles and pressed flat tiles, especially in its new Art collection. Ceramics that evoke the movement of waves, these drop-shaped ceramics with different surfaces play with tri-dimensional effect.

Agatha Coeur and Mille Cuori, by Pamesa Cerámica and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada
Pamesa Cerámica and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada celebrate a two-decade working partnership with new groundbreaking collections. Vía Cuore and Vía Agatha merge the charm and personality of hydraulics with the joy and energy of Agatha’s color palette. This ode to color and geometric form in 22.3-x22.3-cm porcelain pieces will transform and enliven any setting. Agatha Coeur and Mille Cuori capture Agatha’s emblematic icons, transferring their volume to wall tiles. In this profusion of sensory expression through 25- x 25-cm hearts, ceramics embody dynamism and cheer.

Provoak, by Provenza
Oak wood and its compact vein patterns have supplied the basis for a strikingly natural, beautiful and varied collection. The different ways in which oak can be finished provide the inspiration for the style of the Provoak collection by Provenza. The distinctive finishes of oak and the intrinsic nature of ceramics not only deliver an outstandingly natural-looking product but also assure exceptional hardness and stability, for an even more durable material, ideal for any location. The collection is available in four sizes, and is resistant to weather and atmospheric agents.