The Alpha® ECC-Kit dry tile cutting system


The Alpha® ECC-Kit is a dry tile cutting system, which is virtually dust-free and OSHA® compatible when used with the Hepa Vacuum. This kit includes the Alpha® Ecocutter, stand, table, 5-inch Katana blade and a basic instructional DVD. The Alpha® Katana blade is versatile to cut most tiles clean and fast, including porcelain, without using water. The table is designed to hold 3/4-inch-thick tile and can cut a diagonal on 20 x 20-inch tile or smaller. This lightweight system is easy to transport and store.

Raimondi Bulldog Machines & Profile Wheels from Braxton-Bragg


Bullnose and bevel just about any tile with the Raimondi Bulldog Machines & Profile Wheels, available through Braxton-Bragg. The Bulldog is a one-of-a-kind machine that allows tile contractors to bullnose and bevel just about any floor or wall tile available. Users can create 1/2-inch bullnose, 45-degree bevel on porcelain, ceramic, glass and other tile. Heavy-duty water pumps provide superior wheel cooling. Three finishing levels are available: rough, finished and polished.

The Apollo Ring Saw from Gemini Saw Co.


The Apollo Ring Saw from Gemini Saw Co. can cut tiles up to 12 inches diagonally and slice materials over 3 inches thick. It features optional removable blade cartridges, including the 6-inch sintered ring blade cartridge for precision slicing and gentle curves, the 6-inch rigid sintered blade cartridge for aggressive straight cuts, and the slicer ring cartridge for high precision forward and backward cutting scroll. The Apollo Ring Saw is powered by a one-third horsepower motor and weighs 32 pounds. It comes complete with a slide tray and magnetic angles.

MK Diamond’s TX-4 Tile Saw


MK Diamond’s TX-4 Tile Saw features an innovative bellow system that shields the guide bar and bearing from dust and liquids, making it maintenance-free. The depth of cut is 3 1/2 inches and at 45 degrees is 2 3/8 inches. It will diagonally cut 18-inch materials and has a length of cut of 24 inches. The blade RPM is 3,500 with a 10-inch blade capacity and a 1-inch arbor. The built-in, fully adjustable cutting head allows for miters at 22 1/2- and 45-degree angles.

The DC-250 from Rubi Tools


The DC-250 from Rubi Tools is ideal for intensive cutting of glazed and stoneware tiles, as well as porcelain tiles or natural stone. Available in two models, 850 and 1200, with cutting lengths of 38.6 and 47.4 inches, respectively (including plunge cut). The motor assembly, mounted on sliding bearings, offers maximum precision and cutting quality, as well as the possibility of miter cuts on pieces up to 41.73 inches long. The DC-250 is equipped with a zero-dust system and long-lasting paint (only DC-250 1200).

The WaleTale Dust Containment System from Russo Trading Co.


OSHA has enforced a law which states dust containment systems are mandatory when mixing mortar due to its health concerns. The WaleTale Dust Containment System from Russo Trading Co. was tested and achieved 0% airborne respirable crystalline silica when mixing mortars. Simply attach the WaleTale to any shop vacuum and dust exposure is greatly reduced. It fits most standard buckets, cuts down on cleanup time and eliminates dust. The system also helps to prevent silicosis and/or lung cancer, resulting from the inhalation of crystalline silica contained in many powders.