Since it was introduced to the market, Lapitec® has been well-known amongst architects, designers and professionals for its great versatility, high mechanical strength and attractive design, but also because it is suitable for many applications. In addition to the product, the company has developed a wide range of services and solutions to make sure the sintered stone is processed in the best possible manner.

The strong desire to combine materials to the processing options drove the company to develop a series of accessories. Today, Lapitec® offers a catalog of tools of excellence to meet all the processing requirements. The transformers and marble workers can thus choose amongst drills, discs, and top and incremental wire cutters.

Lapitec® and Tenax together for an exclusive range of adhesives

The big sintered stone slabs are used for internal coating, ventilated facades, countertops, flooring and many other applications. There are several types of installation techniques. Among these, glues play a key role. The company has thus developed a series of adhesives -- in collaboration with Tenax -- that were specifically studied based on the features of this material and its various applications. To date, three products have been conceived as a result of this technological partnership:

  • Strongbond A+B: a new generation, anti-yellowing bi-component glue that is indicated for both indoor and outdoor applications. The high UV-resistance allows the product to preserve color and brilliance over time, in any environment and at any humidity level. The product is also available in special cartridges divided into two chambers containing resin and an already mixed hardener. The dosage is then controlled via a mixer nozzle on the appropriate gun.
  • Frozenbond A+B: the ideal solution for colder climates. It is an extra strong epoxy glue that is indicated for outdoor applications, but also for the indoors. Furthermore, it can be used to apply various types of materials that can be combined to Lapitec®, such as stone, glass, cement, honeybond composite panels, wood panels or laminates.
  • Firebond: the high heat resistance and the high working speed make this mastic an excellent solution for interiors. The product ensures excellent adhesion in a very short amount of time, 60 to 90 minutes, thus making it possible to quickly work on the bonded parts.
  • Rainbow: all the glues developed with Tenax can be painted with the universal Rainbow line, which was specifically studied for Lapitec®'s color palette.

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