For the 2019 event in Bologna, the Veneto firm is set to present a ground-breaking proposal exemplifying a quality unique to Lapitec: a full body sintered stone in which the colour and physical and chemical features are retained both on the surface and throughout the interior body of the material. 

Concept colours with highly aesthetic through-body veining will be presented at the Lapitec stand. These veined slabs are equally as beautiful as natural stone, and boast the unique touch, feel and qualities of sintered stone.

Three variations are available, all on a Bianco Assoluto base and with veining in grey tones. The first has a pattern of veining with straight lines and sharp corners for a strong contemporary effect, the second features a thicker vein with a more sinuous pattern, while the third offers slightly more delicate veining. For the second two options, exclusive bookmatched patterns mirrored across two slabs can be produced on request, creating great visual impact and ideal for bringing the best out of large surfaces. These new veined slabs will be available in Lux and Satin finishes.

 “Being full body is a key factor in the originality and innovation of Lapitec,” explains Marcello Toncelli, vice president of marketing. “The possibility of having slabs of large dimensions with through-body veining allows designers and architects to be daring with projects and processes never seen before in this material. Lapitec is an authentic material – consistent and true: what you see on the surface is what you find inside. Add to these specific qualities that are becoming particularly relevant: it is extremely versatile, 100% natural, and has no resin or digital printing. In the last few weeks we have presented these concept colours to our distributors, who were really enthusiastic. Commercial success is a certainty. These are the first slabs in the world of sintered stone with through-body veining, a sensational technological accomplishment and the result of years of intense research.”