This spring, three of Neolith’s latest low-silica surfaces have landed in the U.S. and are now available across the country. They include Cappadocia Sunset, Calacatta Roma and Everest Sunrise (pictured). 

Cappadocia Sunset evokes the textures, movement and dynamism of the Turkish region, without compromising elegance, neutrality in color and balance that can be expected in a Neolith product, available in silk finish.

Calacatta Roma is inspired by the splendor of Ancient Rome. According to Neolith, this model dazzles with the combination of ocher and gray veins on the white background, which gives sobriety and elegance to this interpretation of Carrara marble. Available in silk finish.

Everest Sunrise is inspired by the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. Neolith’s Everest Sunrise is an impeccable and perfectly balanced quartzite, ready to illuminate every space. The combination of delicate and peaceful color with a subtle sparkle and shine of gold, transmits adventure, elegance, exclusivity and purity. Available in polished, silk and ultrasoft finishes.

Neolith surfaces are made of 100% all-natural raw materials and are highly versatile and functional, reports the manufacturer. They can be used for applications such as kitchen countertops, bathroom shower walls, shower trays and vanities, cladding, facades and furniture. The surfaces are easy to clean, ultra-hygienic and UV resistant, making the surface suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.