Brèche Fantastique is the newest marble in the Antolini Exclusive Collection, the brilliant portfolio by Antolini, containing over 80 exclusive materials taken from the finest quarries in the world. Brèche Fantastique unleashes the power of Mother Nature through earthen colors and lively hues. Gray and sandy colors shift towards white, appearing to run along geological strata, reminding us of Nature’s continuous eternal metamorphosis. Each and every vein in this stone reveals the incredible genius of Nature and her power to constantly unlock new forms of beauty.

The stone combines radically different colors – creamy whites, stoic gray-blues and fiery oranges and golds – in a collage that spans the spectrum of human emotion. Contemplative, precipitous, harmonious and a touch inimical, each hue could stand on its own as a single stone, yet their combination totals a sum of the highest level.