StoneTrash has added new functionality to make your selling experience a lot smoother. Based on your feedback, our customer service team has taken over chats with prospective buyers. We will handle all of their inquiries, and reach out to you if there are any additional details needed. We will be leveraging Intercom's platform to chat with all potential customers, taking care of the grunt work until the customer is ready to purchase your listing.

Intercom's powerful tools allow us to keep customer engagement up 24/7, and collect lead information to follow up on later (as is pictured on the right). You can read more about this, along with a number of other new features, in our latest blog post. Feel free to chat with us any time by clicking the orange Chat button in the lower-right corner of our site, or by visiting the Chat tab of our mobile apps today!

StoneTrash app

As part of our ongoing marketing efforts, we have also updated our seller landing page to help new users set up accounts and start listing products. We've added new content to our page (like our new Seller Intro Video) to help answer any questions you may have about getting started. You can check out all of these changes for yourself; click here to explore our brand new page!

We have rolled out a brand new landing page for buyers too, which serves as the key piece of our Google Ads marketing campaign. Potential customers are made aware of all that StoneTrash has to offer through both text and video content, as well as presented with social proof from industry professionals and homeowners. We only launched this page and campaign a week ago, but the impact is definitely being felt already! Follow this link to our buyer landing page, and let us know what you think.

If you can't get to your desktop, or just prefer your mobile device, go to the IOS App Store or Google Play Store and download our mobile application today! You can also follow us on social media to keep up-to-date with any StoneTrash news; links to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be found below.