The second Artisan Group Annual Shop Tour and Meeting hosted all but five member companies, including new members Paxton Countertops and Bedrock Granite. The meeting included the predictive synergistic system test, an intense metrics program, and the sharing of best practices.

The group began with a welcome dinner at Olive & Ivy Restaurant, sponsored by Park Industries. The Predictive Index exercise with Dan Courser matched current and future employees with the correct role, based on personality. It surprised many in the group and will be a valuable tool in keeping the right team in place at fabrication shops. The speaker and lunch were sponsored by GranQuartz.

Meetings were followed by golf at Talkingstick Golf Course and shooting at the Scottsdale Gun Club, both activities sponsored by Braxton-Bragg. The winning golf foursome was: Brad Pearce of Front Range Stone, Jon Lancto of Artisan Group, Bill Hickey of Braxton-Bragg and Nick Wadenstorer with Baca Systems. Alan Jorgensen with Bedrock Countertops won the sharp shooter award at the gun range. Another group took a tour of the Frank Lloyd Wright museum.

Dave and Becky Stockett of Stockett Granite and Tile hosted the entire group for an incredible dinner in their home. Sponsors for happy hour, dinner, and transportation were Baca Systems, Architectural Granite & Marble and GMA Garnet.

The meeting ended with a shop tour of Stockett Tile and Granite, where members learned about the capacity, layout, and growth plans for the company. Artisan Group then discussed best practices, the new public relations co-op plan, and the latest detailed metrics results. The group's 2018 Shop Tour will be hosted by Brad Pearce of Front Range Stone.

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