Anver Corp. --- Vacuum Lifters

Product Description: A line of standard, modular lifter-tilters that are offered with either electric or compressed-air power for handling heavy sheet weighing up to 2,000 pounds is available from Anver Corp. of Hudson, MA.

Anver ET-AT Series vacuum lifter-tilters let one person manipulate heavy sheet from the horizontal to the vertical and back while using a remote control. Offered in electric and compressed-air powered versions, they are equipped with four large rectangular suction pads with bonded seals, non-skid surfaces, and shallow lips to evenly distribute holding forces.

Featuring a check valve and built-in vacuum loss sensor with audio-visual alarms for optimum operator safety, Anver ET-AT Series vacuum lifter-tilters are offered in 500-, 1,000- and 2,000-pound capacities. They are modular with two-, three- and four-pad designs and adjustable cross arms for handling sheet up to 8 x 10 feet in size. Applications include stone, steel, composite, and glass panels. 

Braxton-Bragg - Automated Slab Saw

Product Description: The Imer Combi 3000 10-foot automated slab saw, offered by Braxton-Bragg, was conceived as an affordable alternative to large stationary bridge saws which can require a lengthy set-up procedure at a higher cost. The machine was engineered to be easy to install and simple to operate, yet perform with optimal accuracy and smoothness of cut. The Combi 3000 arrives in a crate, is 99% assembled and can be up and running in two hours, the company reports.

This 220-volt, single-phase, 20-amp saw is equipped with two side extension tables and a 25-gallon water tub. There are also two high-quality full-size slab clamps that can be positioned at each end of the saw to ensure that the is locked down tight. A laser-cutting guide now comes standard with every Combi 3000.

An onboard computer senses if the stone being cut becomes denser in certain spots and will automatically ensure that additional amperage is sent to the motor, preventing stalling or pinching. The travel bar on the saw is built like a suspension bridge - with pre-tensioned bars anchored within. This ensures reliability and accuracy of cut within 1/32 inch over 10 feet.

GMM - Bullnose Polishers

Product Description: The Toro Series of bullnose polishers from GMM features a body with an electro-welded structure that was machined using CNC technology. The body also receives thermal treatment to unstress materials due to welding.

Calibrators, drip cut and multi-functional units can be placed at the entry and exit of the machine. With various configurations, they allow the user to work with the axis in vertical, inclined and horizontal positions. These units can accommodate levigating heads, profiling tools, bushhammering units and discs for cutting. In order for the machine to work at correct speeds, there is a double speed.

By choosing the thickness and the type of profile to be executed, the lever positions itself automatically above the working area on special guides. The spindles, which are governed by separate hydraulic motors, have various speeds from 2,200 rev/min to 1,000 rev/min starting with the universal diamond tool up to the last polishing grain. A computerized oscillating system allows users to work both on straight edges and different round profiles.

Additionally, the Costa Series automatic straight edge polisher from GMM features many of the same benefits as the Toro Series, such as the body and spindle advantages as well as the same user-friendly configuration and multiple working modes.

GranQuartz - Stone Chisel

Product Description: The new BigDog stone chisel from GranQuartz comes with scallop, reverse scallop, soft stone and standard bite carbide chisel teeth - allowing the operator to produce natural and decorative edge designs on most stone materials, including laminates, from 2 to 8 cm. The BigDog’s ergonomic design was designed to be easier to operate than other chiselers, and it gives the operator a clear view of the work area for precise placement of the chisel teeth and a cleaner edge on the finished product. The BigDog’s powerful hydraulic ram delivers 5 tons of directly applied force to the stone, and the modular jaw system allows the operator to switch the chisel teeth in seconds.

Granite City Tool - Single-Head Polishing Machine

Product Description: The Denver Solution, available from Granite City Tool, is a single-head, mono-bloc polishing machine capable of producing many different types of surface finishes. The market for textured stones has increased dramatically over the last five years, the company reports, requiring slab dealers to stock several different types of the same stone with different finishes to meet market demands. This machine was designed to save the fabricator or stone dealer from having to stock several different finishes of the same stone. Additionally, many slab dealers receive material in containers that have scratches or swirl marks in the polish, and the Denver Solution can repair these imperfections. This machine allows a slab dealer to recover the cost of the stone and repair the stone rather than having to discount the stone and sell it for no profit, the company reports.

The machine is capable of taking polished slabs of material and producing a honed surface. The machine was also designed to do texturing, meeting the market demand for textured slabs - such as “leather,” “sandblasted,” “bush-hammered” and others. All of these finishes are gaining in popularity with architects and designers. The Solution offers the fabricator or stone dealer the option to do any of these popular finishes in their facility without having to wait for containers to be shipped from overseas. Granite City Tool adds that the machine is economically priced in relation to others in the market. 

International Machine Corp. (IMC) - Water Filtration System

Product Description: The 150 Lt Compact Water Filtration System, available from International Machine Corp. (IMC) is a completely automated water filtration system that removes sludge from a fabrication shop’s water. The 150 Lt company plant is constructed of hot galvanized steel. This closed-loop system comes with a submersible pump to remove and transfer mud from the pits into the silo.

Other features include flocculent station for preparing and automatic dosing as well as a pneumatic pump to pump the mud from the silo to the filter press. The automatic filter press offers simultaneous opening of four 300- x 300-mm plates. The system is available in all sizes to provide a custom solution based on any shop’s needs.

Laser Products Industries - Laser Templating System

Project Description: Since 1995, Laser Products Industries - which developed the LT-55XL Precision Laser Templator - has focused on supplying lasers that provide accurate measurements of jobsites and assist in fabricating products to match.

The LT-55XL Precision Laser Templator allows users to walk off any jobsite with a CAD-ready DXF file, and users can produce estimates on the jobsite for their customers to sign. Moreover, Laser Products reports that the system will improve overall quality, accuracy and speed -- leading to quicker installations, less errors and virtually no scrap. Over 90% of the features for the LT-55XL are in place because customers specifically asked for them. Some recent updates include “Slab Layout,” “Alternate Cut Sheets” and “Encryption.”

With Slab Layout, users can arrange individual pieces to determine how many slabs will be needed to sell the customer. The Alternate Cut Sheets update allows the fabricator/estimator to have a couple different printouts - depending on what information they need to show the customer as well as the sawyers who are fabricating the job. Encryption allows the owners of fabrication shops to ensure that their templators do not moonlight on the side. All jobs produced with the LT-55 XLs can be encrypted so that no other outsourced company can open and fabricate from them.

Marmo Meccancia - Bridge Saw with Rotating Head

Product Description: Marmo Meccanica S.p.A. has increased its range of bridge sawing machines with a new model called HTO-XALOC-R, a bridge saw with a 360-degree rotating head, stationary bench and four controlled axles (X, Y, Z, and R/head rotation) with unrelated controls and precision tracks protected by sliding belts.

On request, the inclination of the HTO-XALOC-R disc can be motorized and controlled, creating a fifth axis. (This motion is manual in the standard model.) It can also incline from 0 to 45 degrees.

Also on request, the machine can be fitted with a second electromandrel (vertical axis and pneumatic engagement for the use of small holes, vertical milling tools and shaped wheels).

In automatic mode, the machine can perform parallel cutting, executing cuts for complex kitchen tops and fan-shaped stairs as well as curvilinear cutting programs by disc (and/or by vertical milling tool, if there is a second mandrel). On request, programs can be completed for non-rectilinear frames - with roughing out and finishing by “spatular” movement of the disc.

The control board is supported by an articulated arm, and it features all necessary controls, including a large touch-screen. Programming can control four axes (five on request), with interpolation of three axes. A second electromandrel for milling tools is available on request, with boring and milling programs.

MK Diamond - Diamond Core Bits

Product Description: MK Diamond offers a complete system of diamond core bits for hard tiles and stone. The MK-190 core bits were engineered to offer excellent wear rates, speed of cut and cut finish. These high-performance diamond core bits are designed for optimal performance by utilizing Vacuum Braze Technology that provides the strongest bond between diamond particles and the drilling surface of the core bit.

The MK-190 core bits are designed to operate on any corded or cordless drill. MK Diamond reports that the core bits drill clean holes quickly and easily because there is no bond to wear away, and diamond particles work at peak performance at all times. With the self-sharpening diamond cutting edge, professionals can utilize these bits on wall and hard surface flooring. A self-tracking cutting edge is created when the bore is drilled in the tile, thus reducing the possibility of a wandering core bit.

These core bits were designed to offer: increased productivity from the core ejection slot that clears slot debris and plugs without stopping during repeated drilling operations; and a reverse spiral thread that delivers continuous water feed to the cutting surface areas, extending bit life and improving drill speed.

Available in 11 different sizes - from 3/16 to 1 3/8 inch, they can drill holes for everyday items such as towel racks, pipe brackets, lighting, mirrors and blinds. 

Tenax - New Resin Technology

Product Description: Glaxs is a zero-yellowing resin product from Tenax. The tile sample pictured above was tested under special UV light that aged all the adhesives by 15 years. The epoxy resins yellowed, and Tenax Glaxs - the new generation bi-component system - stayed the same as it was when initially applied.

Tenax Glaxs is not a polyester or an epoxy, but a new-generation, bi-component system. It is for indoor and outdoor applications and can be exposed to direct sunlight. The product offers strong bond strength, and is ideal for applications that require an adhesive that cannot yellow.