Just as there has been major advancement in equipment for cutting, shaping, polishing and edging stone products (as reported in the January 2007 issue of Stone World, pages 74 to 128), there have also been significant developments in the tooling and accessories for stone processing.

These new introductions in this sector include tooling and accessories such as blades and polishing wheels, as well as products for handling and storage, software and electronic templating and diversified shop products such as air and water treatment systems.-The following is a look at some of the latest advancements in this area. For more information on any of these items, circle the corresponding “Circle Number” for any product on the Reader Service Card attached to this issue.

Tooling and Accessories

Abrasive Technology’sSuper-Rok® P.B.S.® Diamond Discs are designed to be extremely rugged and are for use on concrete, granite, marble and limestone. The discs are suited for installation crews and fabrication shops, as well as for grout chasing, fitting and shaping edges, roughing, texturing and surfacing. Super-Rok discs have been engineered to offer rapid material removal, making them an all-around grinding tool for hard materials. The discs can be used wet or dry, and are available in standard 4-inch mounted and 7-inch formed configurations. Special mounted shapes are available upon request.

Circle No. 315

Abrasive Technology’snew In-Line Metal Bond Discs are well suited for corner removal, calibrating and gauging on multi-head, in-line polishing machines. These versatile and interchangeable discs are designed to reduce users’ inventory and ownership costs. The discs are designed for free cutting, ensuring that all material to be removed is taken in a single pass without stressing the spindle and motor. These metal bond tools, available in 5- and 6-inch diameters, perform demanding removal tasks, leaving an even finish that is ready to accept a polish and does not have deep scratches.

Circle No. 315

Originally introduced in a 5-inch version for bullnose polishing operations,Abrasive Technology’sSuper-Edge™ 5- and 6-inch Resin Discs have been retooled to include a 6-inch version for newer, high-production machines. Both size discs are designed to fit all multi-head, in-line polishing machines using a common snail lock. The 5- and 6-inch tools are ideal for processing all edge shapes whether arc or micro-oscillated, and will polish marble, granite, synthetic stones and agglomerate stones. Using a final buff will complement the work and remove any blemish contained within the stone.

Circle No. 315

Abrasive Technology’sSlab Master™ diamond polishing system is designed for use on natural and synthetic stone surfaces. The system converts so that it can be used on any radial arm machine to polish granite, marble or other polishable surfaces, and it is engineered for daily shop polishing operations to resurface or touch up surfaces, including backsplashes. The system can be used to repolish blemished surfaces, or even polish backsides, to a high gloss. According to the company, this allows users to lower their overall costs by salvaging stone that would normally have been discarded due to defects. The system does not require high horsepower to achieve high-gloss finishes that can exceed the original factory finish quality, the company reports.

Circle No. 315

Abrasive Technology’snew CNC tool system is designed to increase production on a user’s current machinery by processing edges faster. The system is comprised of three steps, instead of the normal four or five from shaping to pre-polish. The tools allow the user to double the travel speed of the machine to a rate of 2 meters per minute, without stressing the machine. The first step consists of a free-cutting metal bond made from a continuous rim. This tool is designed to not induce any vibration, and reduces downtime and rebuild costs due to bearing failure caused by excessive vibrations from traditional segmented bits. The metal portion is then followed by a coarse P.B.S.® brazed tool to precisely rectify the desired final shape. A third and final brazed tool finish step leaves the edge perfectly smooth and ready for a polish. All the tools are interchangeable, and completely independent. When one breaks or wears, it can be replaced with a new one. The tools are currently offered in four shapes: (T) Arris, (V) Bullnose, (F) Ogee and (Z) Straight, for 3-cm-thick edges and 35-mm arbor holes.

Circle No. 315

Abrasive Technology’sP.B.S.® Countertop Tools are designed for use on radial arm machines, portable routers and state-of-the-art CNC production machines to increase productivity, quality of work and output. The P.B.S. tools are ideally suited for cleaning up the interior stone edge after cutting a sink hole. Due to the tool’s performance, the stone edge can be immediately finished with a 400 polishing drum. P.B.S. countertop tools remove a significant amount of material. Traditionally used on soft stones such as marble, limestone and slate, brazed tool technology can now perform on natural and synthetic granite material. They clean up an edge in optimal time and prepare it for polishing, while leaving a smooth surface finish. Tools for manual work come equipped with a template bearing for precise edging. Other standard tools are available in either 5/8-11NC threads, Belgian [½”Gas] adaptor or CNC sleeves.

Circle No. 315

Since its inception in 1982,AGMhas championed the relationship between machine efficiency and quality tools and accessories. In June 2006, AGM launched TAG - the Total Accessories Group - its own tooling and accessories division. With its own separate team of experts and the full resources of AGM, TAG offers a complete and competent solution for any fabrication challenge.

Through TAG, AGM is the exclusive importer of Indiam brand CNC tooling. Indiam offers optimum production speed with several polishing options available.

In addition to Indiam tooling, TAG provides fabricators a full line of complementary accessories, including:
  • Suction cups from AGM and Blick Industries
  • Air compression systems from Atlas Copco
  • Material lifting and handling systems from Elephant
  • The Inventory Master™ system to digitally image slab inventories
  • The TM-2D™ digital measuring system
  • Production software for stone fabrication from Stone Pro, Taglio and others

Circle No. 314

Alpha Professional Tools® has introduced Dry Core Bits for stone installers. The new Dry Core Bits come in various sizes: ½, ¾, 1, 1 ¼, 1 3/8, 1 ½ and 2 inches. These tools allow users to make faucet holes at the jobsite without using water. Alpha Dry Core Bits fit on a high-speed angle grinder, and the technique remains the same. The product was designed by Alpha to eliminate the clean-up time needed when using a wet application.

Circle No. 313

Alpha Professional Tools® also introduced a new addition to the Profiler B-Series with the Profiler PFB131 to produce a ½-inch roundover on granite, engineered stone and porcelain tile and slab. The nylon guide slides along the surface, and the rotary touchier controls the depth of cut to make this tool nearly “goof-proof,” Alpha reports. Fabricators can use this wheel to create an optimum roundover edge treatment and polish it with Ceramica EX for a superior finish.

Circle No. 313

Alpha Professional Tools® recognizes the continued growth of the engineered stone/quartz surfacing market and the increased need for abrasives designed for use on automated machinery. Alpha also recognizes the popularity of the full bullnose edge treatment and the need for an abrasive to accomplish this design feature. To fulfill this need in the industry, Alpha introduced Twincur EB, a set of abrasives specifically developed to polish bullnose edges on engineered stone using automated edge polishing machines. Twincur EB fits on the 5-inch snail lock adapter commonly used on single- and multiple-head machines. Fabricators of engineered stone will appreciate the ease of operation and the fast consistent results they will achieve with these abrasives, Alpha reports, adding that the Twincur EB is designed for high-quality performance and longevity. Twincur EB is available in 4-, 5- and 6-inch wheels.

Meanwhile, Alpha’s Twincur ES was specifically developed to polish the straight edges and bevels of engineered stone with automated edge polishing machinery. Twincur ES comes with the 5-inch snail lock adapter commonly used on single- and multiple-head machines. Now Alpha has introduced the 6-inch Polishing Wheel specifically designed for single-head machines. The product has been engineered for ease of operation and fast consistent results.

Circle No. 313

Recognizing the continued growth of the granite surfacing,Alpha Professional Tools®, offers a product called Twincur GB, specifically developed to polish bullnose edges of granite using automated edge polishing machinery. Twincur GB utilizes the 4-inch snail lock adapter commonly used on single-head machines, and it is designed for high-quality performance and longevity.

Circle No. 313

TheBarranca DiamondBD-303P Series of diamond blades are designed to cut granite, porcelain tile and other hard materials. An optimal blend of high-grade diamond crystals and powdered steel, bonded to the rim of a high-carbon steel core, provides long blade life and clean cuts.

Circle No. 312

TheBlick IndustriesBacksplash Clamp System was developed to allow long narrow pieces such as backsplashes, stair treads and wall caps to be easily worked on a standard CNC machine.

The system consists of a series of alternating vacuum-based pneumatic clamping units and suction cups. The clamping units provide the necessary downward pressure to securely hold the work, while the suction cups support the work between clamps and prevent vibration. Various combinations of clamping units and suction cups can be used to accommodate workpieces of different lengths. The pneumatic clamping units can be actuated automatically by the CNC machine’s air system, or manually with an air switch.

Circle No. 311

Blick Industries’Manifolds are designed to help organize the many tubes needed to set up a CNC machine. These manifolds have the following features:
  • Two isolated chambers let users separate lines running to the top and bottom of the suction cups.
  • Master valves let users engage and disengage the top or bottom of the suction cups in unison.
  • Independent valves with quick disconnect are on each line.
  • Various mounting options are available.

Circle No. 311

Blick Industries’Mechanical Clamps for CNC machines are used to hold workpieces that are either too small or have regions that are too delicate to be held by vacuum alone. All of the clamps have a mechanical or pneumatic clamping jaw that is coupled to a large vacuum base. The jaw securely grips smaller parts while the large vacuum base holds firm to the machine’s table.

Circle No. 311

Blick Industries’Suction Cups (Pods) have been designed to provide a superior workholding solution for the stone, glass and solid surface fabricator. The company’s large selection of rectangular and shaped cups allows users to achieve maximum surface coverage, which translates to maximum holding power, according to Blick Industries.

All of the company’s products are readily available out of its California facility and are backed by exclusive repair service. All of the suction cups are available at any height for any CNC machine.

Circle No. 311

Braxton-Bragg Corp., the exclusive U.S. distributor for theGhinesTools brand of CNC profile wheels, has announced the release of its new 2007 CNC catalog. Due to its modern production system, Ghines has maximum control over the entire manufacturing process, ensuring that their tooling is produced to the highest quality standards, the company reports. All standard profiles are available, as well as many custom profiles. The new catalog includes not only Ghines Tools but also a variety of other tooling, including CNC blades, finger and core bits, calibrating and grinding wheels as well as sink wheels and drain board tooling. Also included in the new catalog is a CNC toolholder identification chart, which matches each individual machine with the correct toolholder needed for each profile.

Circle No. 310

The Weha GBF2500, available fromBraxton-Bragg Corp., is an articulated drilling and milling center for grinding and polishing kitchen countertops. Its compact radial arm machine with precision bearing is a space-saving alternative to manual or CNC fabrication solutions.

With dimensions of 8 feet long x 3 feet wide x 4.75 feet high, its compact size has power with room to spare, the company reports. It was built to last, with a welded structure made of square section tube and hot-dipped galvanized steel construction. The extension table range is approximately 4 feet and has a space-saving footprint. The workspace also includes a surface with eight easily removable wood strips.

The 3-hp, 3-phase variable-speed motor revolves continuously from 2,000 to a maximum of 10,000 rpm with a height adjustment by means of a functional pendant push-button panel. It features a center water feed with an external pressure gauge, allowing the Z-axis to be easily adjusted for precise control.

Circle No. 310

Diamant Boartrelies on its extensive experience in many different types of stonework around the world - combined with its strong local commitment to service and support - to develop tools for maximum efficiency and reliability.

Different materials represent different challenges, and Diamant Boart’s vast range of bonds - along with a choice of standard or silent cores - provides a solution for these many issues. Specially developed for cutting all kinds of granite, Magnum Freecut High-Performance blades are considered to be the company’s highest quality blades. Designed with 15-mm-high segments, they are designed to exceed user expectations.

The Freecut blades have been specifically engineered utilizing Diamant Boart’s exclusive “JT5” technology that was developed for cutting hard granites on all bridge saws, even those with less than 20 hp.

Circle No. 309

Diamax’snew Cyclone T-Shaped dry or wet coring segment has been engineered to cut a clean hole in the hardest granites in under a minute at 5,000 rpm. According to Diamax, the biggest challenge for a dry core bit today is extreme heat, which causes segments to melt away from the steel tube. To answer this challenge the Cyclone T-shaped segments keep the segment firmly in place throughout the life of the bit, the company reports.

Circle No. 308

Diamaxreports that its Dryflex I and II polishing discs were a pioneering effort in the industry to allow fabricators to polish without the use of water. Now, Dryflex features a five-step system that saves fabricators a tremendous amount of time and money. With the Dryflex 5, fabricators can achieve the exact same polish in five steps instead of nine at 4,000 rpm, the company reports.

Circle No. 308

Diamax Industries’Six-Step Wet Polishing System has been growing in popularity with each day, according to the company. By utilizing the latest technology and the highest-quality diamonds, Diamax reports that it has taken six-step polishing to an optimal level.

Circle No. 308

DiamaxHurricane group of dry cut turbo blades are manufactured using the same processes as the Cyclone turbo blade. In creating the product, Diamax set out to provide fabricators with high-performance turbo blades in the economy class. With triple-digit sales growth this year, more and more fabricators are finding that it is possible to purchase reliable performance in the economy class, Diamax reports.

Circle No. 308

DS DiAFLX Co., Ltd.has created a unique technology, “GMB,” which is based on its accumulated experience. GMB technology is being used for products such as the GMB Remover, which offers high-speed cutting performance.

Circle No. 307

TheDS DiAFLX GMBVane Disc is designed for grinding the inside of sink holes and round shapes in granite. It has been engineered to rapidly and easily grind a sink hole into the proper shape and remove all deep saw marks.

Circle No. 307

TheDS DiAFLX GMBPad can finish all polishing jobs within five steps, and it has been designed to bring out a mirror-like shine on granite as well as engineered stone. The company also announced that its GMB technology will be used for CNC tooling and other products later this year.

Circle No. 307

The Diamond Productions Canada Ltd.Gamma polishing pad is one of the newest additions to the company’s lineup. The Gamma pad is designed and engineered to tackle the toughest man-made stone, and it features a flexibility that makes it ideal for edge polishing, the company reports. The Gamma pad seamlessly polishes the raw edge to match the factory finish of the surface, according to the company, which adds that the pad is ideal for tackling the edgework on countertops, tabletops, backsplashes and any other job for residential or commercial environments.

The full sequence, from 50-grit through to 3,000-grit, ensures a consistent shine with depth and clarity, the company reports, adding that the Gamma pad leaves no marks, points or any other color transfer on white and lighter-colored stone.

Diamond Productions Canada also reports that the Gamma pad has been tested with successful results on Zodiaq®, Cambria®, CasearStone®, and Glass Stone. The Gamma is available in 4 inches (100 mm) from 50-grit to 3,000-grit.

Circle No. 306

The Diamond Productions Canada Ltd.Beta polishing pad is an aggressive pad designed specifically to tackle the challenges of working with granite. The Beta pad was designed with a thick body to ensure prolonged product life. It also has the popular turbo design, giving it added flexibility for difficult areas. The special resin formulation was engineered to eliminate marks, points or any other color transfer on lighter-colored stones.

The Beta is available in 4 inches (100 mm) from 50-grit to 3,000-grit.

Circle No. 306

The Diamond Productions Canada Ltd.Shine pad has a rigid dual-bond design, which has made it a preferred product for surface and slab polishing, the company reports. The Shine pad can handle granite as well as man-made stone.

According to the company, the copper-bond turbo outer ring is extremely aggressive and works exceptionally fast, biting into the stone to remove any uneven surfaces and inconsistencies.

The combination of metal-bond and resin-bond make this pad an ideal transition pad between resin products and metal grinding discs. The pad’s metal-bond exterior allows for longer life, while the resin-bond inner ring is effective in producing an exceptionally smooth and consistent scratch pattern more commonly seen in a resin product. The combination of aggressiveness and an even scratch pattern make this pad ideal for pre-polishing work, according to the company.

The Shine pad is available in 4 and 5 inches, and the dual bond is from 30-grit to 400-grit. The 800-grit to 3,000-grit is a resin pad with the same design.

Circle No. 306

The Diamond Productions Canada Ltd.Thin Wall Core Drill has been designed for optimum speed and efficiency. This core drill, with 1-mm-thick walls, has been designed to cut through hard stone materials with ease with virtually no chipping. Due to its performance, the Diamond Productions Canada Thin Wall Core Drill allows users to drill within 1 mm of the stone’s surface.

The Thin Wall Core Drill, with the 1/2 gas or 5/8-11 attachment, works wet with a center water feed to ensure smooth and accelerated cut with less. When used correctly, the company reports that the Thin Wall has the capacity to core out up to 500 holes.

It is offered in all popular sizes in millimeters and inches beginning with 1/8 inch through 2 inches in diameter.

Circle No. 306

Diamond Productions Canada’sStandard Profile Wheels were designed as a high-quality seven-step system for edge polishing. The segmented profile was engineered to be extremely aggressive and fast cutting. This first-position wheel acts like a blade, cutting through the stone and creating the initial profile. The state-of-the-art, vacuum-brazed profiles (Positions 2 and 3) actively remove scratches and lines, preparing the stone for the polishing phase of the system. The resin wheels (Positions 4 to 7) sequentially polish the stone to a high gloss.

As a standard, these profile wheels come equipped with a center bolt for easy installation and removal on most machines. To work with many machine types, as such, these wheels can be adapted with a 1/2 gas connection with 5/8-11 attachment. In addition, the tools can be customized with center water feed upon request.

The Standard Profile Wheel system is available in all popular shapes and sizes in a seven-step system, and Diamond Productions Canada will manufacture any shape and size upon request.

Circle No. 306

Diamond Productions Canada Ltd.’sTruForm Profile Wheels are designed to make profiling jobs easy and hassle free. Both the segmented and brazed tools are fast-action tools with the diamonds fully exposed on the working surface. The TruForm profiles are engineered for optimum durability, and they can easily be used dry or wet, depending on the type of job.

The top spacer, available in high-performance composite or stainless steel, allows users to work manually, keeping the wheel perfectly aligned with the slab edge. The bottom guide bearing results in a consistent and even shape. Both bearings work independently for smooth operation.

The TruForm profile wheel can fit on any hand-held grinder with its 5/8-11 attachment. The two-sided wrench flat ensures effortless install and removal.

TruForm profile wheels are available in all standard shapes and sizes in segmented or brazed finishes with a composite or stainless steel top guide. The company will manufacture any shape and size upon request.

Circle No. 306

Granite City Toolhas developed two new 14-inch diamond blades specifically for their 2- and 3-hp saws. These blades are designed to operate effectively at 1,750 rpms, thereby reducing the chance of blade glazing. The “Power Rim Cutter Blade” is a silent core blade that will cut fast with reduced noise. The “FS Cutter Blade” is a non-silent core blade that will cut equally as well, at a lower price, the company reports.

Circle No. 305

Granite City Toolalso stocks a wide selection of IMS CNC tool holders. All of the company’s holders are completely “niploy” treated. Niploy is a special process based on the chemical deposition of nickel to resist the tool from rust and increase tool durability.

Circle No. 305

GranQuartzpresents the latest innovation from ADI, the Eraser System of CNC tooling. The Eraser System is a newly formulated set of diamond profile tools designed to reduce visible lines. GranQuartz reports that the Eraser System virtually eliminates hand polishing on most stone surfaces. The Eraser Wheel is an important part of the new ADI Eraser System; it is to be used in place of Position 5 on profiles with wide, flat surfaces such as forms Z, ZR, ZS, AR and T.

Circle No. 304

GranQuartzalso announces another state-of-the-art CNC product from ADI, the new Heavy-Duty Gauging Wheel. The heavy-duty gauging wheel takes traditional gauging wheels to the next level, according to the company. This wheel is designed with a continuous rim for extra durability and maximum life, GranQuartz reports, adding that it delivers more working surface area and eliminates the problem of losing segments.

Circle No. 304

TheGranQuartzDiarex Pro Series of dry core bits is specially designed for fast dry cutting in the harshest environments, as it has a rugged design and vacuum-brazed side protection. The Pro Series segmented core bit has vacuum-brazed side protection and is designed to cut with optimum speed and a long life. Also available is the Pro Series continuous-rim core bit, formulated for fast, clean cutting.

Circle No. 304

A new line of incremental cutting finger bits is also available fromGranQuartz. The company has introduced the Pro Series Gold finger bit, the Diarex Mongoose finger bit and the Diarex Assassin finger bit. The Pro Series Gold Finger bit was engineered to deliver fast cutting performance and long life. The Diarex Mongoose features a split segment design and offers optimum cutting speed. The Diarex Assassin finger bit was engineered to match solid performance with an economy price.

Circle No. 304

F.I.M.A.D., in partnership withHard Rock Tool, offers edge polishing wheels to fit any profile machine need. Vibration reduction, achieved through shock absorber technology, allows the diamond to have continuous contact with the profile, eliminating lines and scratches, according to the company.

Circle No. 303

The newPearl Abrasive Co.silent core Reactor™ blade with Advanced Diamond Matrix (A.D.M.™) Technology, available fromKeystone Tools, was created to achieve greater blade performance. A.D.M. Tech-nology replaces the random clustering of diamonds with an entirely new engineered diamond matrix. Diamonds are placed in specific patterns (Patterning Technology) and concentrations to achieve real cutting enhancements and performance. Diamonds are layered (Layering Technology) with precision and uniform distribution in the matrix. The benefits of blades made with A.D.M.™ Technology are uniformity in quality and cutting efficiency. Also, since the diamonds are patterned for maximum working capacity and are application specific, blades can now be made for specific types of cutting applications, which results in faster cutting speeds. Reactor 14- and 16-inch blades have a full 18-mm segment height.

Circle No. 302

TheKeystone ToolsRecon™ turbo diamond blade is made for precision dry cutting without breaking or chipping the work surface. The special matrix is suited for cutting granite. The Recon diamond blade comes in a variety of sizes, from 4 to 7 inches.

Circle No. 302

Keystone Toolshas also announced that it is carrying tools fromTyrolit Vincentas part of its stone fabrication product line. This includes a set of tools for the CNC machines for profiling natural stone. This set of tools consists of three metal-bonded diamond wheels matched to three diamond-polishing positions. The fourth metal bonded wheel is optional.

By using a setting of profiles between diamond metal-bonded wheels for profiling and diamond rubber wheels for polishing, it is possible to obtain the maximum degree of finishing without manual working, according to the company.

The wide range of Tyrolit Vincent profiling wheels is engineered to fit equipment from the major CNC stoneworking center manufacturers.

Circle No. 302

Regent Stone ProductsandMarmoelettromeccanica, recognized leaders in the area of router bit technology, offer a system of CNC bits that provide superior results for all profiles on any machine. The combination of grinding/shaping wheels and Longlife polishing wheels have been engineered to provide an optimum polish on any material, due to a unique manufacturing process to ensure the integrity of the shaping bits for the life of the tool. By virtue of the fact that these bits maintain their shape throughout their life, they ensure that the Longlife polishing wheels will perform their function. The Longlife system consists of the Bi-Power wheel to remove scratches and hone the edge completely before transitioning to the polishing bits, which utilize a revolutionary full-face diamond surface to produce a line-free polish on any material. Benefits of the Regent Products/Marmoelettromeccanica CNC wheel program include:
  • Certified technicians on staff to help with questions
  • A large inventory
  • Labels on all tools to save set-up time
  • Running parameters with all tooling
  • Customized tooling available upon request
  • Long-lasting tools that maintain their shape
  • Regent customer service and knowledge

Circle No. 301

Marmoelettromeccanicahas just improved a set of wheels for countersinks, available fromRegent Stone Products. This set of wheels can be used for processing marble, granite and composites. This set also allows users to polish the countersink and its bevel.

Benefits include:
  • Optimum alignment along the Z axis, since all the wheels in the kit are the same height.
  • Each wheel is printed with the minimum diameter to enable easy, rapid setting of machine parameters.
  • After initial set-up, kits do not require correction or rectification of the wheels throughout their long lives.

Circle No. 301

Salem Stoneis the exclusive North American representative ofDiamutdiamond tools. Diamut is recognized worldwide as a leading manufacturer of diamond tooling for both CNC and manual applications. Diamut products are engineered with high-quality raw materials - from base metals to bonding materials to industrial diamonds. These elements are brought together utilizing over 30 years of experience to ensure its diamond tools will yield longer life, lower operating costs and maximum productivity.

Diamut’s innovative engineering, coupled with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, produce tooling that maximizes the performance of equipment - from high-output CNC machines to rigorous manual applications.

Circle No. 300

Setcohas developed into a leader in the design, manufacture and service of high-performance precision spindles. With an installed base of over 250,000 spindles, the company’s experience reaches a broad range of industries. Setco spindle products include standard and custom designs in belt-driven, CNC, gear-driven, motorized models as well as high-speed and high-frequency models.

Setco’s patented AirShield™ spindle seal system provides a standard three-year warranty against bearing contamination. Its patented corrosion-resistant surface coatings are well suited for the harsh environment of a stonecutting application. Setco offers a broad range of spindle technologies, including retrofits and spindle upgrade programs.

The company is supported by four sales and service centers located in California, Michigan, Ohio and Georgia.

Circle No. 299

Stone BossPanther bridge saw blades are designed for optimum efficiency in cutting granite on any style of bridge saw, and the Panther XL Blades come with 15-mm segments.

  • 12-inch - 60mm/50mm arbor
  • 14-inch - 60mm/50mm arbor
  • 16-inch - 60mm/50mm arbor
  • 18-inch - 60mm/50mm arbor
  • 20-inch - 60mm/50mm arbor

Special arbor rings are available on request.

Circle No. 298

Stone Bossalso reports that its Panther VB Core Bits are becoming more and more popular among the trade. Designed with vacuum-brazed protection, these core bits are engineered for optimum cutting speed and accuracy.

Sizes are ¾, 1, 1 ¼, 1 3/8, 1 ½ and 2 inches, with a 5/8-11 thread. Note: The products must be used with water at a maximum rpm of 3,000.

Circle No. 298

Stone BosscarriesTyrolit Vincentrouter bits and polishers that are produced with Italian craftsmanship. These bits are designed to be used on most major portable router machines, Stone Boss reports. The bits have been engineered to be fast, with smooth cutting and high dependability. They are available in 2-cm, 3-cm and 4-cm varieties in Position 1 and 2. Custom sizes and shapes are also available.

Circle No. 298

Superabrasive Inc., the manufacturer of the Toro™ polishing discs, has announced the introduction of its new polishing discs for bullnose edges. The new Bullo™ polishing discs will also work with any automated wet-polishing single- and multi-head machine that uses the snail lock adapter and will also come in 4, 5 and 6 inches.

Circle No. 297

Superabrasive Inc.also presents the Edgemaster™, which was conceived for single-head machines. This five-step system was engineered to polish stone with fewer passes, reducing diamond tool cost and saving time. The system features two metal bond shaping wheels, three polishing resin bond pads and one optional buff polishing pad, offered in 4 and 5 inches.

Circle No. 297

Superabrasive Inc.created its Razor™ ceramic pad using state-of-the-art diamond processing techniques. The pad was designed to be almost as aggressive as a cup wheel, yet flexible as a hand pad. The Razor ceramic pad is well suited for light edge shaping and for smoothing out harder materials. It is to be used wet only.

Circle No. 297

Superabrasive’smetal and vacuum-brazed sink wheels are unsurpassed in stock removal and longevity. They run smooth and chip-free, and can be used on any type of stone. They have been precisely engineered to reduce polishing time.

Circle No. 297

Superabrasive’svacuum-brazed anchor bits have been designed to secure undermount sinks. By using the lightweight Hercules GG-210 Anchoring Machine from Braxton-Bragg to create the anchor slots and Superabrasive’s anchor bits to secure the undermount sinks to the countertops, installers can work with optimum speed.

Circle No. 297

Sure Guidewas developed as an all-in-one, self-lubricating drill guide system that produces clean and accurate holes. The system operates in four steps:
  1. Lock on the desired guide.
  2. Place the guide on the desired spot and push down to create suction.
  3. Pour water into guide.
  4. Begin drilling.

In addition to providing greater accuracy and saving time, the system was engineered to increase profits by eliminating runaway etching, burning and cracking on breakthrough.

The Sure Guide, which can fit in a shirt pocket, is designed to allow a single user to effectively complete the drilling process. The Sure Guide Kit is equipped with four graduated guide sizes that can accompany sink installation.

Circle No. 296

Tenax S.p.A.is developing new technology (patent pending) in cutting tools that will employ special blades that have plastic-bonded segments in place of the regular segments. This breakthrough technology is intended to completely change the way granite and marble is currently cut.

Tenax is planning to produce the first blades by the end of the year and go into full production by 2008.

Circle No. 295

Tenaxhas also developed has a new line of resin-bonded edge polishing abrasives for straight and bullnose profiles. The available positions are 46-60-80-120-220-280-400-600-800-1200-buff, and they are 4, 5 and 6 inches with the snail lock attachment. These abrasives have been engineered for long life, reducing the downtime of machine operation for tool changing by 20 to 25%, Tenax reports. They work best with very little pressure, thus increasing the life of the machine and reducing the consumption of electrical power and the amount of slurries in the water, according to the company.

Circle No. 295

Tenaxhas patented a new variety of “antiquing” brushes, the Airflex and Filflex. These brushes are diamond impregnated and they are effective on granite, marble and engineered stone. The results are a silk effect with deep dark color and a very gentle but noticeable texture of the surface. The resulting material is well-suited for a variety of applications, including countertops that are less permeable than those with a honed finish. The brushes come in 14-cm sectors, Frankfurt, and 4- and 5-inch snail lock attachment.

Circle No. 294

Z. Bavelloni, part of the Glaston Technologies division of the Finnish Kyro Group, can boast more than 60 years of experience in the field of stone processing machines and diamond and polishing tools. Its products have been engineered to represent a solid starting point for improving efficiency and productivity when manual, straight-line, double-edging or CNC machines are involved. For this reason, the company is increasing the availability of its range of diamond and polishing wheels for use with all makes of stone processing machines.

Bavelloni tools are designed to perfectly fit the machine, and to achieve the required finished products. Every complete set of tools has been developed to obtain the utmost removal speed during the roughing operation while also keeping a durable shape.

Circle No. 293

Material handling and storage

As a complement to its full line of CNCs, in-line edge polishers, saws and waterjet machines,AGMoffers complete solutions for the production-oriented fabricator.

AGM is the U.S. distributor for Elephant vacuum lifts, jib cranes - and new for 2007 -modular overhead crane systems. Each unit operates on a self-contained vacuum system - powered by air or a 12-volt source on forklift units. The vacuum lift also incorporates a visual and audible alarm system to help prevent accidents. AGM’s TAG division carries jibs and lifts capable of moving 550-pound (250-kg); 1,100-pound (500-kg) and 2,200-pound (1,000-kg) pieces.

Circle No. 292

The Weha Waste Container, available fromBraxton-Bragg Corp., is a portable, collapsible container with built-in fittings for transport by forklift or overhead crane. This product is specifically designed for the safe, easy storage and removal of scrap pieces of stone. It is designed with an important safety feature: two side dump levers that allow the operator to maintain a safe distance while opening the bottom of the container. This sturdy, compact, metal container is 45 inches long x 43 inches wide x 28 inches deep and rated to hold an amazing capacity of 4,000 pounds of material. It ships collapsed and can be stored collapsed.

Circle No. 291

Bretonhas developed a multilevel magazine for automatic storage of slabs to be processed as well as for the cut-to-size pieces waiting to be processed on CNC, edge profiler or manual station. The magazine can be equipped with several loading/unloading stations, each one usually utilized by a working center. Along with a bar-coding unit, the system not only eliminates the requirement for manual carts for staging material from the shop floor, but it also moves the pieces automatically to the working stations as requested by the operator. Each working station is equipped with a labeling machine and bar code reader in order to keep track of the pieces and their status (cut, edged, profiled, etc.). This system will be extremely beneficial to shops producing a high volume of kitchens per day, Breton reports, allowing them to work two or three shifts a day with minimal hand labor for material transport.

Circle No. 290

Founded in 1879,F. Barkow Inc.reports that it is the oldest manufacturer in the USA of flat-glass carriers. The same technology that has served the flat-glass industry for more than 125 years has successfully been applied to the stone, marble and granite industry.

Barkow Stone Carriers have the following features:
  • Carriers mount approximately 18 inches off the ground, an ideal height for loading or unloading stone onto a dolly
  • Designed to reduce Worker's Compensation claims, because product is in a "back-friendly" position
  • Stone is firmly secured by Barkow's exclusive Barpad®, Barkleat® and Stake-Loc™ features.
  • 1 ½- x 1 ½-inch-square structural tube framework and removable stakes
  • 5-inch useable ledgeboard allows up to four 1 ¼-inch pieces of stone
  • Easily field-installed, no welding required
  • Payload should not exceed 1,000 pounds per side
  • Interior stone carriers also available in a variety of sizes
  • Manufactured in high-tensile steel, aluminum or stainless steel

Circle No. 289

Gorbel cranes fromGranQuartzare part of the company’s “Total Solutions” line of material handling equipment. GranQuartz’ partnership with Gorbel allows the company to offer a complete line of overhead crane systems and accessories. GranQuartz can design and quote a complete overhead system custom built to customer specifications, including work station cranes, jib cranes, hoists, vacuum lifters and more.

Circle No. 288

Also part ofGranQuartz’“Total Solution” program is the Diarex line of A-frames, dollies and carts for moving stone. Diarex also offers fabrication stands and modular worktables.

The Aardwolf line of products includes lifters, booms and bundle racks. Ideal for slabs or bundles, these rack systems have been designed to optimize the storage area and efficiency of a stoneworking operation.

Circle No. 288

Groves Inc., a leader in stone handling and storage systems, has a wide variety of products available to the industry. The company’s new Heavy-Duty Bundle Racks, designed for jumbo slabs, hold up to nine slabs or 9,000 pounds between two pairs of posts. The standard Bundle Racks will hold up to 6,000 pounds per opening. The rails have a patented designed slot in the bottom rails, which holds a wood 2 x 4 to be used for protecting the bottom edges of the slabs. A new rail connector tube connects the rails together in a straight line for added safety.

Groves’ Transport Racks are specifically designed to handle the required sizes and weights associated with stone slabs. The company has three sizes of transport racks, with two rated at a 4,000-pound capacity, and one with a 10,000-pound capacity. These are used for the safe transport of fabricated stone as well as full-sized slabs. Both racks feature hold-down bars to secure the load, removable casters, forklift hoops and a galvanized finish.

Circle No. 287

GrovesHeavy-Duty Shop Carts feature two new sizes, offering more choices for moving products around the shop. Each shop cart features hold-down straps for added safety, and a pull-handle on one of the ends helps move the cart when loaded.

Circle No. 286

Keystone Toolsoffers theAbacoline of stone handling equipment. A-frames from Abaco come in many styles, from universal stationary frames for use in the shop to truck frames for easy transportation of slabs. Also for slab transport, Keystone Tools carries Abaco slab buggies, dollies and the new self-locking trolley.

Telescoping forklift booms and “The Little Giant” lifter round out a full line of Abaco products, which make the jobsite more manageable. The Abaco handling equipment has been designed to save time and prevent heavy lifting, thus allowing for a more organized, safe and secure working environment.

Circle No. 285

Using the Stone Crusher with dumpster bin fromSommer & Maca, scrap and cut-offs can be crushed to gravel in minutes, reducing storage and disposal costs. The 7.5-hp motor allows the crusher to handle 2.8-inch-thick granite and 3.2-inch-thick marble slab pieces and turn them into gravel as fine as 1 cm.

The input opening is 6 x 15 inches, so slab cut-offs are easily processed. Mounted on 24-inch-tall legs, the machine is 66 inches high and 2,200 pounds overall. The “Orange Box” dump bin is specially made to fit under the Stone Crusher. It is easily moved and emptied with a forklift, and the unique tilt/dump feature requires no operator hand contact.

Circle No. 284

The concept of the JetSlab® Cutting Bed fromWARDJetcame from the proven use of the bridge saw in stone fabrication. With this in mind, the company recognized that the same concrete cutting bed principle could be applied to a waterjet. That is, material can be cut directly on top of the concrete cutting bed, creating small cuts into the concrete. It’s easy then to screed over with a sand-cement grout at week’s (or day’s) end to restore them to their original condition, just as a bridge saw bed is maintained. These grates are suited for cutting tile or granite slabs, because they provide full support for the material throughout the cutting process. They also allow for cutting of small parts, as it is almost impossible for them to fall into the tank while supported by a JetSlab cutting bed, the company reports.

Circle No. 283

Specifically designed for handling stone,Wood’s Powr-Grip’sMT Series of stone lifters feature 90-degree tilt with an above-the-center pivot point. This ensures that slabs automatically hang in the upright position when lifted. Coupled with a remote power source, the resulting narrow profile allows these vacuum lifters to fit between tight, vertical storage racks while also protecting the power source from damage, the company reports. Available power systems include AC, DC or compressed air.

Standard features include foam pad rings for sealing a vacuum lifter onto rough stone, and individual pad shut-offs, for handling irregularly shaped slabs or countertops with sink cut-outs. These vacuum lifters are also available with a flat lift adapter, which enables them to load and unload cutting tables, CNC machines or other horizontal processing machinery. Two of Powr-Grip’s most popular lifters for stone handling within the MT Series include the MT8HV11 and the MT10HV11.

The MT8HV11 utilizes eight vacuum pads and has a lifting capacity of 1,200 pounds (545 kg), while the MT10HV11 utilizes 10 vacuum pads and has a lifting capacity of 1,500 pounds (680 kg).

Circle No. 282

Capable of lifting loads up to 1,500 pounds (680 kg), the PT10HV11 vacuum lifter fromWood’s Powr-Gripis designed to provide optimal support and effortless power tilting of heavy stone slabs. While its unique pad frame is sized to handle large stone slabs, shutoffs for individual vacuum pads permit attachment to a wide variety of load sizes or shapes and avoidance of countertop cutouts or material irregularities. Standard foam pad rings allow the vacuum lifter to seal onto rough stone. The unit comes standard with compressed air operating power, but can also be configured with AC or DC power systems.

Circle No. 282

The MRTA8HV11 Quadra-Tilt Rotator fromWood’s Powr-Gripsignificantly reduces the effort of tilting loads between flat and upright positions. Coupled with 360-degree continuous edge-wise rotation, its unique four-bar linkage is designed to make manual tilting easy. Operator force needed to tilt a load is less than half the force typically required for a manual tilter that pivots around a single point, the company reports. This tilt mechanism also intends to reduce the hazards typically associated with lifting loads from upright racks. When a load is tilted to either the upright or the flat position, the lifter maintains the load position automatically without using latches, eliminating the tendency for a load to “kick back” at the operator’s knees.

The Quadra-Tilt Rotator offers convenience and versatility for moving, tilting and rotating loads up to 1,200 pounds (545 kg). Models are available in standard and high-flow DC-, AC- or Air (Venturi)-powered systems.

Circle No. 282

Powered independently by a long-lasting 9-volt battery, the Vacuum Loss Warning Buzzer is available for all ofWood’s Powr-Gripbelow-the-hook vacuum lifters and can easily be retrofitted to most vacuum lifters, including those not manufactured by Wood’s Powr-Grip. This optional device automatically monitors the lifter’s vacuum and sounds an alarm if the lifter does not reach or maintain a level that is sufficient for lifting. Unlike buzzers that sound whenever the lifter is not attached to a load, the Vacuum Loss Warning Buzzer uses advanced logic circuitry to warn the operator only when insufficient vacuum poses a hazard.

Circle No. 282

Hand-held vacuum cups fromWood’s Powr-Gripprovide a quick and convenient way to handle smooth, nonporous stone, tile and cultured marble products. With diameters from 3 ¼ to 10 inches (83 to 254 mm), Powr-Grip vacuum cups can handle bath tiles, floor tiles, facade slabs or countertops. Wood’s Powr-Grip has a wide variety of standard hand cups that include models with flat vacuum pads for quick attachment to flat surfaces, models with concave vacuum pads for effective attachment to curved surfaces, and models featuring a specially designed vacuum pad for textured surfaces. Many Powr-Grip vacuum cups also come standard with rust-resistant parts to withstand wet conditions associated with stone working. Powr-Grip vacuum cups are used extensively to lift and position stone facades, countertops and flooring, or to move appliances in and out of work areas during the installation of stone products. Setting and leveling of seams also is simplified with Powr-Grip vacuum cups. The patented Red-Line indicator shows when the vacuum cup is securely attached to the stone and will alert users if the vacuum level decreases.

Circle No. 282

Software/Electronic Templating

Through its TAG division,AGMprovides full-service solutions for production planning, CAD/CAM design, slab utilization and in-field templating.

For templates, the TM-2D™ is used for in-field measuring. Created and manufactured in the U.S. by AGM, this system uses a durable in-field unit and PDA to create fully functional electronic templates. At the jobsite, the TM-2D creates a complete DXF file as well as on-the-spot job estimates, and all information can be sent back to the office via a Bluetooth® connection.

For traditional applications TAG, offers Neolt brand digitizing tables.

For additional information on the TM-2D or any other accessory products, contact AGM’s TAG division.

Circle No. 281

TheBlick IndustriesProliner digitizing system has been designed as a digital templating solution with optimal speed. The device has been engineered for ease of use, with minimal training needed for proficiency.

The Proliner requires no leveling or set-up activity, and unique three-dimensional Proliner technology enables users to create accurate digital templates of countertops, floors, doors, walls, stairs, showers, sinks and full-height backsplashes. The unit can measure a 32-foot diameter, and it can also do the work of a digitizing board without taking up valuable space.

Circle No. 260

Conceived a software product for the integrated running of allBretonCNC and PC-controlled machines, “bretonFABmaster” is composed of multiple modules that can be purchased separately, with each module performing the following tasks:
  • Three-dimensional drawing of the pieces to be worked, with graphic renderings of the selected material
  • Automatic networking program for all Breton machines connected with the "bretonFABmaster"
  • Estimation, sorting of slabs to be used for intended work
  • Optimization of the slabs after a digital scan has been carried out

The "bretonFABmaster" has been designed with an open architecture plan, which allows it to be easily linked to the MRP (Material Requirement Planning) software used by the customer.

Circle No. 280

ETemplate Photo™ from ETemplate System, which won the SSFA Associate of the Year and 2006 Challengers Awards, was designed as a highly accurate, simple-to-use system that templates any two-dimensional or three-dimensional construction. The system was designed to be as simple as taking a typical photo, and ready-for-production CAD drawings can be completed in 30 minutes or less from arrival to a jobsite, the company reports.

ETemplate allows users to visualize the finished template back into the construction site photographs for design verification prior to production, thus avoiding return trips to the jobsite. It measures difficult jobs - such as complex kitchen countertops, curved stairs and railings, multi-angled and complex curved rooms for cabinet layout and architectural millwork - in a single setup. ETemplate’s fully automatic processing produces a finished CAD DXF drawing at the jobsite, (including overhang, corner radii, cabinet level, square footage calculation; all without using a CAD system) or in the shop.

Circle No. 279

CounterVision™, a joint venture betweenETemplate SystemandChameleon Power, was conceived as an optimum visualization tool for dealers and fabricators. It allows the user to render a photograph of the kitchen with actual slab colors to help with color selections. It is designed as a Web-based tool to provide easy access to the company’s inventory of available slabs for the sales and specification process. The CounterVision system offers many features that can be tailored to specific needs, including a fully customized Web interface for a business, a listing of the product types and manufacturers carried, and an online “Visualizer” that allows the customer to upload a photograph of their own kitchen, and apply countertops from the materials available along with flooring, paint colors, cabinets, and other complementary product lines to aid in the selection process. A photograph of the customer’s kitchen is uploaded for preparation to enable the customer to view their kitchen with the various available colors that the dealer or fabricator offers. They simply pick and click until they find the color that suits them. It helps a customer select the ideal countertop before cutting begins. The service is customized for each subscriber’s color inventory.

The photographs taken by ETemplate Photo™ in the templating process can be used with CounterVision to offer the homeowner the option to see the final outcome of their color selections for their countertop before they purchase.

Circle No. 279

Global Stone Pro™ software fromGlobal E-Sourcing, Inc.was conceived as a comprehensive business management software solution. Global Stone Pro provides countertop fabricators and retailers a complete and flexible business management software solution, which can be tailored to their specific needs. It features a drawing module specifically built for countertop drawing and quoting. Drawing a countertop becomes greatly simplified, as users select workpiece shapes, sink cutouts, corner variations, edge profiles, etc. from a graphically displayed library, and they “drag and drop” them onto the drawing workspace. A fabrication-ready CAD drawing with all details can be produced in just a few minutes. Users can also build in their specific business rules into the pricing module, which ensures that whatever is drawn is priced correctly on the quote and contract.

A variety of solutions is offered for fabricators, including scheduling, inventory management and bar coding, production planning, a shipping interface, accounting integration, machine integration and shop floor management. This system was designed to result in improved order accuracy, time saved in hunting down job folders, reduced remakes and improved slab utilization.

The entire solution suite is modular, allowing fabricators to add functionality as their business grows. Custom configurations are also available.

Circle No. 278

Global Stone Pro Web™ fromGlobal E-Sourcing, Inc.provides countertop fabricators and retailers an economical, internet-based business management software solution that may be used stand-alone or as an extension of the Global Stone Pro installed software solution. It may be accessed 24/7 from anywhere there is an internet connection. The system supports lead management and line item quoting as well as quotes derived from entering dimensions on shapes, contracts, scheduling, job tracking and work flow management. Users can access their schedule and prepare quotes as well as access order status, job notes and attached files from their home, in the field or at the shop.

Large fabricators may use Global Stone Pro Web as an extension of their Global Stone Pro installed application, to support field activities such as sales and lead management, dealer or showroom quoting, order status and scheduling.

There is no software installation and no ongoing maintenance required. Upgrades are provided automatically and at no additional cost.

Circle No. 278

Global E-Sourcing, Inc.also offers SeKon TOP and SeCAM, machine automation software with advanced features, such as automatic nesting and digitizing slab inventory, plus a new visualization module that previews the countertop from the cut slab before the slab is cut.

With this new visualization module, users can nest workpieces onto a digital image of the actual slab and preview the countertop. This allows users to obtain a customer’s sign-off on the seams before the slab is cut on materials - a major benefit when working materials with heavy movement in the graining, the company reports.

SeKon TOP is an easy-to-use CAM system for fully automated bridge saws and waterjets. TOP facilitates preparation of an order in a computer-integrated, uncomplicated and fast manner, Global E-Sourcing reports, resulting in reduced machine programming labor and reduced remakes due to production errors. There is also an auto-nesting module for high-production facilities, and this version can nest multiple jobs in seconds and also improve slab yield. SeKon SeCAM can be similarly used to generate machine programs for milling machines and CNC machining centers.

These SeKon solutions also interface with Global Stone Pro.

Circle No. 278

The LT-55 Precision Laser Templator fromLaser Productswas designed by Dan Louis, who has over 15 years in the laser industry. The LT-55 was designed to be simple to use and simple to learn. Over 500 customers have purchased anywhere from one to 14 units, the company reports, adding that potential users of the product can even learn to template a countertop when visiting the company at a trade show or at their offices.

According to Laser Products, potential users will learn how to template a countertop in less than 5 minutes, send the DXF (CAD) file to a plotter and print out a vinyl template to verify that the measurements are correct. All of this can be done before purchasing the LT-55 Precision Laser Templator.

Circle No. 277

MorawareJobTracker Enterprise Edition (EE) was designed as an easy-to-use job management software program for fabricators, installers and other subcontractors. JobTracker EE seamlessly integrates scheduling, estimating, inventory, purchasing and job management. The result is a calendar that is a spreadsheet of the same job information without retyping anything, and instant access to the details of any job. Because JobTracker EE is an integrated solution, account information automatically shows up on jobs and quotes, and changes to the jobs show up on the calendar instantly. There is no need to duplicate data.

Moraware JobTracker Standard Edition (SE) was conceived as an affordable solution for fabricators, installers, and other subcontractors that want to eliminate the time they waste scheduling and looking for paperwork. JobTracker Standard Edition uses a simple Web-based interface, and can be configured to manage the variety of jobs done by specialty contractors.

JobTracker SE generates a powerful calendar, a spreadsheet of the same job information without retyping anything and instant access to the details of any job. The intuitive scheduling allows users to “drag and drop” activities to change their dates and times, and those changes show up on the other pages instantly. Because JobTracker SE is a multi-user system, changes made by one person are immediately accessible to everyone in the office and shop.

Circle No. 276

Outline Technologies, Inc.has been manufacturing Fasttrack Digitizing Systems for over eight years. The system is designed to digitize almost any pattern accurately within seconds for use on CNC machinery. The CAD package, IntelliCAD 6 PE allows quick modifications, if required. It also saves digitized files in DXF format, which is compatible with virtually all CAM packages. The standard size is 144 x 72 inches, with a clearance of almost 2 inches, allowing users to digitize thick tops or templates. The system comes complete with digitizing board, computer, IntelliCAD software and Outline Technologies software. New for 2007 is an enhanced software package that includes over 15 time-saving CAD programs, an extended computer warranty program and an extended system warranty.

Circle No. 275

TheThibautOptimized Production Solution (TOPS), available in North America fromEuroStone Machine, is an integrated solution for automatic countertop production lines. Using its know-how in automation and its wide range of CNC machines, Thibaut supplies different combinations of machines, according to customers needs. The basis of this approach is to offer CNC machining centers linked to CNC stone processing centers, edge profilers, and finishing areas. These mechanical and automatic links are made by conveyors, mobile “upstream” and “down stream” tables and other methods utilizing minimal manpower.

Thibaut offers a packaged software solution to manage all machines and the production process. With this integration, the customer can start with one machine and know that future additions can be integrated into a total “Thibaut Optimized Production Solution.”

Circle No. 274

The Tile Maker module of IGEMS software fromWARDJetcreates geometry for floor medallions in minutes, and eliminates hours of tedious CAD design by quickly separating field tiles from design tiles, the company reports, adding that it is a simple process to import photographs, text, logos and medallions. They can then be overlaid onto any number and size of tile, and this program can be loaded into the waterjet for cutting to begin.

Circle No. 273

Adding an Optical Tracing Eye to aWARDJetwaterjet allows the controller to work as a large digitizer. The camera is mounted next to the cutting head and will follow any black line, drawing the shape that is traced onto the screen of the controller. This shape can then be exported to the CAD/CAM software and then modified, checked, dimensioned, and sent back to the controller to cut the desired material. The Optical Tracing Eye is suited for tracing large templates such as kitchen countertops or large parts that need to be cut, but do not have drawings available. As with all WARDJet options, this feature can be added to a machine with a Burny 10 LCD controller at any time.

Circle No. 271

Diversified Shop Products

Akemi’snew countertop repair kit contains everything a user needs to repair scratches, small holes chips and damaged edges on all natural stone materials, regardless of the finish, the company reports. The Akelux Kit has been designed using Akemi’s expertise in the field, including how slabs are strengthened and, consequently, how they should be fixed.

Circle No. 270

Beckart Environmental, Inc.manufactures systems for 100% recycling and reuse of wastewater in the stone fabrication process. The main components of these systems are the company’s Hy-Pack Filter Presses and programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Major benefits for fabricators include reduction of water costs and elimination of haul-off and sewer surcharges; expandability to accommodate future business growth; and automated operation with flow measuring, monitoring and graphic display. Beckart recycling systems also help reduce wear and tear on tools and equipment used in the fabricating process by supplying a continuous clean water source, the company reports. Designed for flow rates of 10 to 200 gallons per minute (GPM), Beckart systems provide solids filtered water down to below 1 micron.

Circle No. 269

ECS Eichfully automated, self-contained water treatment systems, available fromFabricator’s Choice, allow users to spend more time fabricating stone and less time on system maintenance, the company reports. ECS systems can be scaled for any size stone of quartz fabrication shop, the company reports, adding that there is no need for additional flocculents (chemicals), no filters required and no need for additional holding tanks.

The unit has a highly compact footprint, and its self-cleaning feature is designed to save both time and money, as there are no long delays to restart the system after cleaning. Fabricator’s Choice provides continuing support and service on this technology.

Circle No. 268

The Dust Devil fromHard Rock Toolhas been engineered to create a cleaner and healthier working environment. Designed to drive air through its filter in the front and push cleaner air through the back, the system works best when there are at least three units positioned to create a circular motion of air. Hard Rock Tool reports that its representatives can assist users in planning the most effective alignment for their specific shop. Filters can be cleaned by taking them out and shaking them, or by rinsing them out with a hose. No special electrical work is required, and installation from a shop’s ceiling is intended to be simple.

Circle No. 267

Metabo Corp., a leading international manufacturer of professional-grade portable electric power tools and abrasives for industrial, construction and welding applications, has introduced the WE14-125 Plus 5-inch angle grinder, a variable-speed, grinder/cut-off machine featuring automatic electronic speed stabilization. The WE14-125 is suited for applications requiring quick stock removal and/or efficient cutting.

The new WE14-125 Plus is powered by the Metabo Marathon 12.0-amp motor, with special winding protection that prevents damage from dust for longer motor life. Disc speed is variable from 7,000 to 10,500 rpm (no-load). Electronic speed stabilization maintains disc speed under load for efficient material removal.

When equipped with the Metabo “Slicer” abrasive wheel, the new WE14-125 easily cuts through a range of building and construction materials, including natural stone. The angle grinder/cut-off machine features the Metabo “Quick” wheel change system, enabling rapid tool-less changes for increased productivity. The wheel guard can also be adjusted without tools, allowing operators to quickly shift from grinding to cutting.

The WE14-125 is equipped with the Metabo S automatic safety clutch, which prevents sudden reverse torque in the event of jams or snags, as well as electronic thermal overload protection for longer life.

Metabo WE14-125 Angle Grinder

Circle No. 266

Metabo Corp.has also introduced two new large angle grinders designed for both cutting and grinding. Featuring a 7- or 9-inch wheel, the W23-180 and W23-230 grinders incorporate a two-step power switch at the rear of the tool, allowing users to tackle large jobs safely. Users must have the first button depressed to engage the power switch, preventing accidental turn-on during operation.

The tools feature a flexible rear handle that rotates 90 degrees for comfort during cutting operation. A three-position side handle for left- or right-handed operation allows users to turn the tool 90 degrees to cut vertically, while still having a firm grasp on the grinder.

The grinders incorporate Metabo’s Marathon motor with epoxy resin powder-coated field coils. These make the motor extremely resistant to destructive grinding dust and help prevent overheating. Also included in each grinder is a winding protection grid that deflects harmful airborne debris away from armature winding, increasing motor life by up to five times. The grinders feature an easy-to-use wheel guard that requires no tools to adjust, and auto-stop carbon brushes for longer service life.

The W23-180 is rated at 2,300 watts, has a torque value of 124 inch-pounds, operates at 8,500 rpm using a 15.0-amp motor, and weighs 13.3 pounds. The W23-230 is rated at 2,100 watts, has a torque of 150 inch-pounds, operates at a no-load speed of 6,600 rpm using a 15.0-amp motor, and weighs 13.6 pounds.

Circle No. 266

Metabo Corp.also offers a 7-inch polisher that provides 40% more torque and 70% more rated input power than the previous model, the company reports. The new PE12-175 features a contoured, ergonomic grip on the gear housing, allowing for comfortable and continuous use in a variety of stoneworking applications.

The polisher’s 1200-watt motor is designed to provide better overload capacities and a longer life expectancy. The increased torque of 124 inch-pounds provides more power and control, enabling more efficient tool use. Additionally, with “Vario Tacho Constamatic” speed control, the polisher’s speed can be infinitely varied from the lowest to the highest value, while maintaining the tool’s no-load speed of 700 to 2,200 rpm. This enables consistent polishing across an entire surface as well as from job to job, the company reports.

The tool’s spindle stop enables quick and easy disc changes, the aluminum gear housing ensures a long tool life, and the side handle gives users more control when maneuvering the polisher. The polisher weighs only 4.8 pounds.

Circle No. 266

Fraccaroli and Balzan (F&B)has strived to manufacturer cost-effective, simple-to-use solids separators, available in the U.S. fromSalem Stone. These units are capable of efficiently separating stone particulate from the water used in any stone processing application - from sawing to CNC edge profiling. Reclaiming and recycling process water will greatly cut production costs to any operation and will quickly pay for itself, the company reports. The F&B units employ a combination of a low-cost flocculent and simple mechanical filter press to “clean” water that can be recycled back through CNC spindles. Units are available in a 17-foot overall height (model FB/2000V-WD-CS) and a 13-foot overall height (model FB/2000V-WD-CF).

During the cycle, wastewater coming from the stone processing plant is collected in a pit or tank where a float-actuated submersed pump automatically pumps the slurry into the cylindrical decant tank. Before reaching the tank, a flocculant (settling agent) is automatically injected into the slurry. The chemical action of the flocculant accelerates the suspended solid particles “falling” out of suspension. The treated slurry is pumped into the decant tank in a way that minimizes turbulence to further facilitate the efficient separation process. The “clean” water flows to the top of the decant tank, overflowing into a surrounding chamber while the heavier solids collect in the bottom of the decant tank. The treated water is pumped from the “clean water chamber” back to the processing machine by a centrifugal pump. The mud collected in the bottom of the decant tank is discharged into a filter press, where the water is finally filtered.

Technical Specifications
  • Overall Dimensions (model CS): 7'-4" x 7'-4" x 17' height
  • Overall Dimensions (model CF): 7'-4" x 16' x 13' height
  • Decant Tank Size: 6'-6" x 6'-6"
  • Clean Water Reservoir Size: 1,320 gal
  • Maximum Waste Capacity (l/m): 132 gal
  • Solids Disposal (l/h): 16 to 42.24 gal
  • Power (kW): 10÷5
  • Full Load Weight: 66,150 pounds

Circle No. 265

The water filtration system available fromSommer & Macais not only designed to reduce water costs while also preserving tooling and ensuring flow systems are not clogged. The quality of the finished product is also kept high by the elimination of contaminants, Sommer & Maca reports, adding that sludge output is reduced by up to 90% by pressing it into mud that is dehydrated and easily removed.

With a closed filter system, the environmental impact is virtually eliminated, and local regulations are satisfied, according to the company. All systems can be installed indoors or out, and processing rates of up to 528 gallons per minute are available.

Circle No. 264

The Sink Hole Saver™ byOmni Cubed Design, available fromVIC International, is an innovative stiffening device that protects finished stone pieces from breakage during lifting, transport and installation. The product is well suited to strengthen countertops and backsplashes, especially fragile stone pieces. The Sink Hole Saver features mechanical clamps, which stay secure around finished edges. Large, easy-grasp clamp knobs make the clamps easy and quick to tighten. The stiffening rail is very strong, yet lightweight, and it features a convenient sliding channel for custom placement of each clamp. Sink Hole Savers can be applied in the shop, then left on the countertop all the way to and through the installation. They are available in 4-, 6- and 8-foot lengths.

Circle No. 263

Water Treatment Technologies’EnviroSystem is a patented technology that produces thousands of gallons of crystal clear water that it reports is safe for all fabrication equipment - even CNCs and waterjets. The closed-loop EnviroSystem eliminates the need for a permit to discharge the waste water from the fabrication process, and it demonstrates a company’s efforts to create a “green” shop, recycling the water and supporting your local environment.

Because the EnviroSystem is designed specifically for each facility, it can accommodate shops of all sizes. Water Treatment Technologies has systems in shops that range from one to two kitchens per day with demands as little as 7 gallons per minute to shops that demand over 250 gallons per minute.

Circle No. 262

Water Treatment Technologies’new patent-pending “duplexed-pump skid” technology aids in greater crystal clear water production for higher-volume shops. Water Treatment Technologies reports that it has been a pioneering effort to combine these pumps in such a configuration to increase the production and flow rates of recycled water for the stone fabricator.

Circle No. 262

Wood’s Powr-Gripmanufactures two styles of vacuum base drill stands for the stone industry. Lightweight and portable, the DS236 Vacuum Base Drill Stand allows precise drilling of stone in any location, the company reports. This Drill Stand accepts most electric drills up to a ½ -inch [12 mm] drive, and it was designed to allow precise vertical drilling of stone without damaging the surface. Because the DS236 attaches securely to polished stone or almost any smooth, nonporous surface, it is particularly valuable when drilling holes for sinks or faucets in granite and marble countertops. Red-Line vacuum indicators warn the user of any vacuum loss. The DS236 features two 3- x 6-inch (77- x 153-mm) Powr-Grip vacuum cups that attach the unit securely in the proper drilling position. The device can be used to drill holes up to 6 inches (153 mm) in diameter.

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The DS2TL6MAN Bridge-Style Vacuum Base Drill Stand fromWood’s Powr-Grippermits precise drilling in the vertical position and distinctively features an adjustable mounting system that is capable of spanning countertop cut-outs, defects or other obstacles on the stone surface. Lightweight and portable, it can easily transfer from the fabrication shop to the jobsite. It attaches securely to polished stone or almost any smooth, nonporous surface without damaging the material. Red-Line indicators warn the user of any vacuum loss. The Bridge-Style Drill Press Vacuum Base features two 6-inch (153-mm) Powr-Grip vacuum cups that attach the unit securely in the proper vertical drilling position. The spanner tube is 48 inches (1219 mm) long. The device can be used to drill holes up to 8 inches (204 mm) in diameter.

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