AlphaTwincur GEM-V Series

Twincur GEM-V Series

Alpha Professional Tools® introduces the Twincur GEM-V Series. It is a hook and loop-backed version of the popular Alpha® Twincur GEM, which utilizes the user-friendly snail lock adapter. Although both series allow for quick wheel changes, the Twincur GEM-V does not require wrenches to change wheels. It is available in 5- and 6-inch diameters to fit the most popular edge polishing machines.

In addition, the Alpha Twincur GEM-V comes with a newly developed final polishing wheel called “Tsuya” that creates the highest monument-quality polish on the most difficult stones, including Absolute Black granite. Tsuya (pronounced “tu-ya”) is available with the Snail Lock adapter system for use with both connection system types.

The Alpha Twincur GEM-V is designed to polish straight and beveled edges of granite, engineered stone/quartz surfaces, marble, limestone, concrete, crystallized glass and porcelain slabs, thus simplifying your choice when selecting a polishing system.

The Alpha Twincur GEM-V is recommended by Cosentino® as a Dekton® polishing system for all Dekton collections throughout global markets. For more information, contact Alpha at 800-648-7229.

Blick Industries

Upgraded Leatherhead adaptor

Upgraded Leatherhead adaptor

In addition to Frankfurt shoes, the Leatherhead from Blick Industries now comes with optional 4- and 5-inch snail lock adaptors so users can use any style of brush. The adaptor is easily changed, which makes for a quick setup with any brush. The Leatherhead allows fabricators to use their CNC router or properly equipped CNC bridge saw to leather or hone stone. The Leatherhead adapts to any 35-mm conic tool holder. It can be used on belt-driven and electro-spindle machines. The tool diameter is 13 inches, length is 2.625 inches, and the weight is 16.5 pounds.

Additionally, The Leatherhead Mini includes a 4- and 5-inch snail lock adaptors, and it also fits into most tool racks. It has a tool diameter of 5.5 inches, length of 2.625 inches and weight of 4 pounds.







DiamaxCyclone MVP Air Polisher

Cyclone MVP Air Polisher

The Cyclone MVP Air Polisher is even better for 2014. The company has increased diameter air hoses for more air flow and even more power. And now all attachments are included for plug-and-play capability. With a return ratio of only 1.5%, Diamax reports that it is the most reliable air polisher on the market. When it comes to air polishing, high performance no longer has to be high priced.







Granite City ToolV Style Power Edge Z Wheel

V Style Power Edge Z Wheel

Granite City Tool and Diamut announce the release of the new V style Power Edge Z wheel. This new super Z style wheel has a new segment design that allows the operator to machine faster while removing more material.

Diamut’s new V style Power Edge Z wheel allows lower amperage draw and provides a more consistent finish, all while maintaining the high quality and long tool life Diamut has become known for. Call Granite City Tool at 1-800-328-7094.





ETemplateELaserTM System

ELaserTM System

ELaserTM System offers incredible speed without sacrificing accuracy. If you’re looking for a fast, accurate and flexible, state-of-the-art technology for measuring and designing countertops, you’re going to want to check out ELaser, a state-of-the-art 3D/2D laser, integrated with the ETemplate’s powerful Measure Manager software. It dramatically reduces the time (and mouse clicks) needed to complete a job by as much as 90%. By comparison, the process required to complete an L-shaped countertop is reduced to eight clicks.

ELaser is self leveling, which means the system can measure cabinet level and notifies the user should the tripod get bumped off level. The automatic scanning function provides complete hands-free measuring of wall details. A built-in camera takes documentation photos and also provides a precision crosshair targeting method for measuring fine details. Its wi-fi capability allows the user to be un-tethered for maximum flexibility while operating the laser via hand or laptop video screen.

To learn more and arrange a demo, go to the company website or call 866?877?6933.

GranQuartzPro Series® Dry Polishing Pads

Pro Series® Dry Polishing Pads

Pro Series® Dry pads are designed for optimal wet or dry polishing of granite and wet polishing of engineered stone surfaces. They are extremely flexible, making them easy for the operator to use while providing the highest quality finish.

Available only from GranQuartz.

  • Polish granite wet or dry (engineered stone wet only)
  • Available in 4- or 5-inch diameters
  • QRS backed for fast grit changes




Laser ProductsLT-2D3D Laser Templator

LT-2D3D Laser Templator

The LT-2D3D Laser Templator is the next evolutionary step forward in digital templating. For simple jobs like countertops, it functions just like the LT-55 XL, but it excels when you need to template backsplashes, walls, ceilings, shower enclosures or anything else that is not a countertop. The Laser Templator software exports a 3D wire and standard 2D DXF/DWG files.

As more customers started to need/want to be able to template in 3D, Laser Products listened and developed the LT-2D3D. One standout feature is it can lock into 2D mode, which is perfect for users who fabricate flat surfaces, like countertops. With the pull of a pin, the LT-2D3D can unlock from its 2D mode and allows the laser to continue measuring in 3D.

Whether you fabricate a couple kitchens or 25 a week, the LT-2D3D Laser Templator will give you the precision and speed needed to make every job perfect.




Omni CubedNew and Improved Transport  Cart Line for 2014

New and Improved Transport
Cart Line for 2014

Omni Cubed is kicking off 2014 with four new carts: new models of their all-terrain AT1 and AT2 Pro-Carts, a new model of the low-profile Pro-DollyTM called the Pro-Dolly HD1, and an all new low-profile dolly called the Pro-Dolly HD2. At a first glance of this new product line, fabricators will probably notice the new, gray, flat-free, non-marking polyurethane tires, but that would be just one of the many features you will find in these carts.

As an overview of the carts, the Pro-Dolly HD1 and HD2 are smaller carts that sit very close to the ground, and they are often used in pairs for large, tall countertops (two Pro-Dolly HD2s can handle tops weighing up to 2,000 pounds). In contrast, the Pro-Cart AT1 and AT2 are larger carts that have been designed to sit higher off the ground for increased maneuverability in “all-terrain” situations, such as when there is the need for “popping wheelies” and rolling over curbs, or when a trip up stairs is required (the Pro-Carts are designed to enable “resting” on stairs to make the process safer and less strenuous for installers).



P4 Turbo-Mesh Porcelain BladeP4 Turbo-Mesh Porcelain Blade

Pearl’s new P4 Turbo-Mesh porcelain blade is designed to cut porcelain and other tiles. The thin rim and core in conjunction with the Turbo-Mesh diamond pattern allows this blade to cut smooth and virtually chip free. In addition, the unique Turbo-Mesh diamond is engineered to greatly reduce heat while cutting, which extends blade life. It is manufactured with a reinforced core for strength and durability. Pearl’s P4 Turbo-Mesh porcelain blade is ideal for dry cutting on all types of tile including granite tiles.

  • 10-mm diamond rim
  • Extra long life
  • Turbo-Mesh rim virtually eliminates heat caused by friction
  • Thin Turbo-Mesh rim and core for fast cutting and minimal chipping
  • Ideal for cutting extra hard ceramics, porcelain and other hard/dense materials
  • Fast cutting
  • Wet or dry cutting




ProdimProliner 7

Proliner 7

The Proliner 7 from Prodim allows stone fabricators to digitize and create digital templates of countertops, sinks, full-height backsplashes, stairs (i.e. spiral), floors, doors and walls — including the ability to be portable, compact and rugged. The Proliner’s main purpose is to digitize shapes and objects on site in a fraction of the time, resulting in dramatic increases in productivity for fabricators.

The Proliner 7 is engineered and designed for small and large projects, working as a simple device to digitize existing templates. This 2D and 3D measuring device is a small, reliable and cost-effective complement to any size shop. The Proliner 7 uses wire and probe technology, outputting standard completed DXF files, which is compatible with any CAM program. The Proliner mechanical touch yields optimum precision for continuously tracing any template.

The totally self-contained unit has a direct measuring range of approximately 42 feet in diameter. Simple onboard Prodim CAD lets the user add and edit any design feature they choose. Shop ticket and customer approval is generated at the same time.



Quartz RenewTMQuartz RenewTM

Can you face polish quartz? Quartz RenewTM, as seen at StonExpo’s New Product Marketplace showcase, was developed as a cost-effective way to help save thousands over replacement. The three-step process was designed to blend the “snake skin” appearance of the surface and remove residual hazing after having successfully removed damage with diamond polishing.

The kit includes:

  • Snake Skin Revealer
  • Resin Polish
  • Final Polish

Quartz Renew can also be used individually for specific repairs, like Resin Polish for removing light hazing from chemical burning or removing hard water spotting; it can even remove sealers that have been applied to quartz. Final Polish can be used for overall surface cleaning, removing greasy finger prints and other more minor surface blemishes. Quartz Renew also works great at removing light staining and hazing on softer marbles and engineered marble products.

Save thousands over replacement and generate a means of repeat business by repairing.


Water Filtration Units by Matec

Water Filtration Units by Matec

Wilson Industrial Electric, Inc. is proud to offer water filtration units by Matec. These units are stainless steel and hold up to the elements. They are assembled in the U.S. with high-end construction. The water filtration units are available in various sizes, so they can accommodate small start-up shops and large manufacturing facilities. Give us a call for more information at 706-213-6725