Undermount Sink by Amerisink

SW 0222 FabTech 01 Amerisink

Amerisink offers the 31.25- x 18- x 9-inch, 18-gauge, 304 stainless steel undermount sink. Handcrafted, with a weight of 17 lbs., the sink is easy to clean and has a brushed finish. It has a spray insulated undercoating and sound pads, and includes template and installation hardware. Amerisink offers a limited lifetime warranty. www.amerisink.com

Vanity Sink Suction Cup Kit (PN: 30-BIVanKit) by Blick Industries

SW 0222 FabTech 02 Blick

Designed around the industry’s most popular sinks (Kohler 2209, 2210, 2211), the kit provides an easy to set up solution for holding vanity tops. Included in the kit is a Vanity Sink Suction Cup Set (2 cups), one 40 x 150 x 30 mm Suction Cup, and a 75 x 300 mm Core Drill Support. Additional kits are available that include various heights of Sink Droppers (Retractable Suction Cups). The Vanity Sink Suction Cup Kit by Blick Industries is an essential element in effectively shaping round sink vanities.

LT-2D3D Laser Templator by LPI

SW 0222 FabTech 03 LPI

LPI is giving companies the opportunity to get a glimpse of what is just the start of the future of LPI with its LT3Raptor software, where the quick just got quicker and boasts the same simplicity as the current Laser Templator software, but enhanced user experience. LPI wants you to be a part of the future and help us to not only reinforce the foundation of digital templating and fabrication, but also evolve it. Play a key role in its continued development and improvement through Beta testing and feedback, as well as having the advantage of being the first to have access to this and other new products and services when launched. To be a part of this evolution, as well as to keep up-to-date on the latest news on new product developments such as the LT3Raptor, and product testing opportunities, exclusive promotions and more, go to www.laserproductsus.com/innovation and sign up for this exciting opportunity.

UltraCare Everyday Stone Tile & Grout by MAPEI

SW 0222 FabTech 04 Mapei

MAPEI’s UltraCare Everyday Stone, Tile & Grout, which are three ready-to-use spray bottle cleaner/ sealer/ polish products, offer high-performance protection combined with convenience. UltraCare Everyday Stone, Tile & Grout Cleaner helps to clean and deodorize kitchens and bathrooms with a fresh lemon smell. UltraCare Everyday Stone & Grout Cleaner & Resealer helps to boost the performance of any existing penetrating sealers, while cleaning and deodorizing. Both the Cleaner and the Cleaner & Resealer are powerful enough to help dissolve grease and grime, and are ideal for use on kitchen and bathroom countertops. Both are non-acidic and safe to use on natural stone, grout and tile. UltraCare Everyday Stone Clean & Polish will clean and help to enhance the appearance and beauty of natural stone -- all in one step. Ideal for kitchen and bathroom countertops, UltraCare Everyday Stone Clean & Polish is safe to use on natural stone.

CounterGo by Moraware

SW 0222 FabTech 05 Moraware

CounterGo is a straightforward drawing and estimating solution that allows fabricators to become more efficient, accurate and professional. This industry-leading software makes quoting countertops in as little as three minutes possible, while taking the business side of a countertop shop to the next level. With clear communication, accurate and consistent pricing, and easy accounting using the QuickBooks Integration, fabricators quickly see an increase in bid output and countertop sales.

The Proliner Stone Package by Prodim

SW 0222 FabTech 06 Prodim

The Proliner Stone Package by Prodim The Proliner Stone Package was specially developed for the digital templating needs of the stone industry. The Proliner -- a portable, mechanical, digital templating device -- has time, and again, proven itself to be one of the most accurate, efficient and flexible digital templating tools on the market. Getting accurate digital templates quickly and easily is just half the story, however. The same benefits can be enjoyed on the computer with Prodim’s Factory software. Upgrading from Draw to Draw Advanced offers even more advantages. With Draw Advanced, visual 3D representations of measurement files can be used to make design decisions. Entering details like the thickness of stone pieces and glue to be used allows Draw Advanced to make calculations and identify potential problems. Alerts are color-coded: red if pieces are intersecting, orange if pieces are touching, and green if everything is good. The software can show how measured walls are aligned, and it provides the tools to optimize the project for production. We call this process normalization. Prodim’s Proliner Stone Package & Draw Advanced software help to eliminate costly mistakes before installment and ensure professional results can be achieved every time. Prodim’s complete digital templating solutions for the stone industry are perfect for templating everything from countertops, with or without backsplashes, to fully tiled bathrooms, and it can seamlessly connect field, office and production activities.

New set of tools by Vincent

SW 0222 FabTech 07 Vincent

It could be defined as the 1/2-inch gas version of the EPIC wheels, but it would be reductive. This new set of tools with small diameter and half gas connection for inner and outer profiling of slabs made of natural stone, quartz agglomerate and ceramics is much more than this. 1/2 EPIC can be described as one of the fastest sink tool for countertops in the market. Since CNC machines were first used in stone fabrication, Vincent has supplied only top-quality profiling tools. To be always at the forefront, Vincent has revolutionized the production of CNC profiling wheels in order to offer customers a boost in performance. The following are the main advantages of ½-inch EPIC: • Innovative segments geometry: Its inclined segments allow a constant contact of the tool with the slab, minimizing vibrations and chipping. • Enhanced tool lifetime and high-quality finish: The larger segments grant an enhancement of the tool lifetime and a superior finishing. • Versatility in use: The ½-inch EPIC tools can be used to reach blind spots and inner bores of countertops, but also for profiling the external sides. • Ultra high speed: Due to the bond system and the revolutionized production process the ½-inch EPIC tools can also exceed the working speed of 1,2m/minute (50 inches/minute).

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