Part two of Stone World’s 2017 presentation on Fabricating Technology showcases the newest tooling products and accessories which assist in stone fabrication

Each year, manufacturers of tooling and accessories used during the stone production process introduce new product lines that continually increase efficiency and accuracy. The products in the roundup below are just a handful of the many technological advances in this arena that are now available.


Tooling and Accessories

Braxton-Bragg has introduced the Elipse wet polishing pads, exclusively for the Elipse system. The six-step system includes the precision-engineered Elipse backer pad, as well as Braxton-Bragg’s proprietary TrifectaMate technology, ensuring the best diamonds and best-performing pads. The set features a revolutionary new spin on polishing that uses the power and effectiveness of orbital motion, which is something that once seemed impossible due to the need for a center water feed.



Electronic Templating

ELaser Pro from ETemplate is the award-winning laser digital measuring system that tackles all countertop templating needs. The product features the power of ETemplate’s Measure Manager software, including easy-to-use CAD tools for enhanced design. Measure Manager includes automatic features that design the countertop and backsplash during the measuring process. It auto-draws corner radii, backsplashes, overhangs and more, as measurements are taken providing a finished design for the user to export for fabrication. ELaser will measure tub surrounds, shower walls, full height backsplashes and walls for cladding or moldings as well.

Best in class accuracy of 1 mm within 30 feet, and enhanced ETemplate software make the ELaser Pro System a leader in digital measuring and templating.



Tooling and Accessories

Zenesis™ Black 3, available from General Tool, Inc., offers targeted concentration and optimized efficiency. This latest Zenesis patterned technology is the most revolutionary yet.

Zenesis optimizes the distribution and concentration of diamonds on the segments to deliver raw cutting power where it is needed most — the leading edge.

The result is the new Zenesis Black 3 now cuts faster and lasts longer than any previous generation. Through uncompromising design innovation, Zenesis once again brings the industry the fastest and longest-lasting blade on the market.  



Tooling and Accessories

Pro Series Xtreme transportation racks from GranQuartz are designed specifically to meet the rigorous demands of the stone industry. The hot-dipped, galvanized steel A-frame has a 2,005-pound capacity and features non-marking, transparent, rubber-lined surfaces to protect stone from damage during transport. The product includes eight uprights and straps with an optional wheel kit sold separately. The dimensions are 78 ¾ inches long x 23 ¾ inches wide. Xtreme material handling equipment is shipped flat for cost effectiveness with easy six bolt assembly.



Electronic Templating

The decision to move from manual to digital templating may seem both expensive and overwhelming. Laser Products Industries (LPI) understands this and has worked with thousands of fabricators to gradually move shop operations from sticks and glue to digital.

Researched, field-tested and engineered specifically to meet the needs of most fabricators, the LT-2D3D Laser Templator so significantly increases the efficiency, accuracy and speed of templating that it makes world-class technology affordable for any size shop.

The LT-2D3D is simple to use. Measure more jobs per day with greater accuracy (± 1/16”) than ever before. Email templates to your shop with the touch of a button. The 50-hour rechargeable battery means no down time throughout the work week. We’ve eliminated the need to remove the existing countertops. You can add backsplashes or drops-ins, such as sinks, with just a few clicks. Easy to learn, use and operate. Manual or CNC fabricators producing 250 square feet per week can pay for itself within months.



Diversified Shop Products

The new Sink Hole Saver Auto by Omni Cubed is a surface-mounted, vacuum-pump powered reinforcement system that strengthens fragile materials during lifting, transportation and installation. This product features proprietary, non-marking, vacuum cups with triple sealing rings for a strong, reliable hold — even on textured and leathered surfaces. The Sink Hole Saver Auto has a stronger vacuum pump with greater airflow rate than previous models. The pump runs on an all-new 12v li-ion rechargeable power pack that lasts up to five hours on a single charge, and has an LCD display showing the remaining power level. Quick-release valves make product removal fast and easy, and new knurled lock-knobs allow quick repositioning of cups around cutouts. The Sink Hole Saver Auto is available in three lengths, with two optional accessories (angle bracket and vertical lifting handle kit), to provide a protection solution for any situation.



Electronic Templating

The Prodim Proliner digital templating tool has unique measuring technology and has proven to be an accurate, reliable, efficient and flexible digital templating solution for stone shops. Measurements can be reviewed and changed on-site, and the created digital templates can be exported as CAD files. Proliner Stone CT software can be added, which provides extra functionalities to finalize countertop and backsplash templates and export ready-to-be-used production files. For stone shops who want to digitize and improve their business process, Prodim offers factory software packages to connect field, office and production using only one platform. Complete digital templating solutions help stone shops to get higher quality products, achieve shorter lead times, provide better service and earn more.



Diversified Shop Products

The Saw Trax Panel Express self-adjusting panel cart, from Regent Stone Products, Inc., is perfect for sheets of wood, plastic, glass, granite and sheet rock. Rubber grippers inside the brace mechanism keep material from being marred. The product has a handle for movement when empty, a brace lock for loading multiple sheets and non-marring 5-inch locking casters, as well as a 700-pound weight capacity and a 3-inch opening in brace.

Additional features and benefits include:

  • Easy one-man loading and unloading
  • Take along to jobsite for installs
  • Easy storage, small foot print and low profile
  • Self-adjusting brace mechanism automatically adjust to hold any width sheet up to 3 inches
  • Reduces lifting injuries and shop accidents
  • All steel construction
  • Breezes over air hoses and electrical conduit with 12¼-inch pnuematic tires
  • Loads sheets directly onto panel saws
  • Amazing stability
  • Incredible maneuverability, perfect for a space restricted shop
  • When loaded, push sheet with larger tires forward



Tooling and Accessories

Salem Stone is offering an exclusive line of Bovone diamond tool (BDT) CNC tooling.

BDT represents the most advanced, technological, reliable and long-lasting range of diamond tools for natural and artificial stone. Salem Stone’s BDT line is considered a hybrid style of tool that achieves excellent feed rates while guaranteeing a quality finish and long life. While the BDT line has a wide range of profiles to choose from, they also have the capability to produce custom profiles at a reasonable cost and lead time. BDT tooling has been building value for over 50 years by offering these important tool characteristics: speed, long life, quality and reliability.



Tooling and Accessories

Panther D Ultra-Compact Porcelain Blades, available from Stone Boss, are designed for cutting ultra-compact sintered porcelain. They cut fine and fast with minimum chipping, and they work great on Dekton, Neolith and Lapitec materials.



Tooling and Accessories

Tenax has developed a new and improved Quartz Automatic Edge Polishing Wheel line (W series) to solve some of the common issues fabricators face when polishing light color quartz surfaces, light quartzite and granite.

The new Tenax Edge diamond wheels are diamond impregnated resin wheels that will not leave any color residue bleeding on light materials, and also work well on fine grain quartz surfaces. They are available in 5- and 6-inch snail lock, and in both straight and bullnose designs.



Tooling and Accessories

Terminator Diamond Products introduces the newly redesigned Generation II Nanocut.DK2 bridge saw blade. Constructed with a unique thicker steel core, the result is increased rigidity and stability for improved cutting performance. This generation two steel core reduces vibrations, which is a common challenge many fabricators face when cutting porcelain materials, leading to unwanted chipping.

Additionally, reformulated diamond segments now enable sawyers to increase their production by cutting at faster speeds than what was attainable previously. This blade works excellent on all porcelain products, especially ultra-compact and sintered porcelain materials, i.e. Dekton, Neolith and Lapitec.

Available diameter sizes include: 12, 14, 16 and 18 inches.