Bridge SawBridge Saw GranQuartz

The Triton bridge saw, which is made in the U.S. by Matrix Machine Corp., is offered exclusively from GranQuartz. Among the features of the Triton bridge saw are:

• Multifunction color touchscreen display featuring pre-programmed operator selections

• English/Spanish translation

• Automatic water on/off, automatic laser on/off

• Massive 10” x 6’ precision ground bridge with 20 HP direct drive Italian sawing motor

• Heavy duty tubular steel gantry bridges

• Heavy duty 10’’ x 6’ rotating hydraulic tilt table with 6 positive stop positions

• Any angle braking feature allowing the table to lock at any angle in the 360º rotation

• Red line laser alignment with digital read out

• Each axis powered by AC motors and drives with variable speed finger-tip control

• Digital ammeter display 

MK DiamondMK Diamond Eletric Saw

Electric Saw

The MK-5010 Super-matic electric saw from MK Diamond Products, Inc. is engineered for the rigors of production, and one that keeps workers safe during cutting. The MK-5010 Super-matic addresses those needs of the stone industry.

The wet cutting industrial saw is designed without compromise to be one of the best saws for cutting stone. It is loaded with countless features, including a heavy-duty blade shaft and bearings for trouble free performance, an industrial heavy-duty Baldor motor and a third set of wheels on the conveyor cart to support additional weight. All saws are fitted with a NEMA 12 waterproof enclosure. This saw is unmatched in performance and reliability, according to MK Diamond Products, Inc.

The MK-5010 Super-matic can also be customized to fit specific cutting needs. Additional options include a third handle for easy material movement and operator safety, an inverter drive for changing speeds easily and an innovative advanced blade guard system that keeps the blade covered during cutting.

MK Diamond Products, Inc. is an American, family-owned company since 1868. 

Pellegrini Meccanica

Single Wite Saw

Single-wire Saw

After decades of established experience, Pellegrini Meccanica SpA is very proud to introduce DF America, a new single-wire saw for block dressing and slabbing — both available in stationary and mobile version and studied specifically for the American market.

Based on diamond wire technology, the most flexible way to cut in stone processing, DF America is equipped with big flywheels to create the best working conditions for the tool as per Pellegrini’s matured concept granting high cutting performances on whichever material and long tool life. The useful cutting height up to 2.4 mt and width of 4 mt allows the processing of whichever block is available on the market. The hydraulic tensioning system is fully tested and reliable since 40 years on PM machines, and combined with the machine’s strong structure, grants quick response, absence of vibrations and high cutting accuracy. DF America is a long-lasting solution to cut horizontally, vertically, trim blocks and produce slabs, according to Pellegrini. 




Salem StoneSalem Stone Edge Polisher

Edge Polisher

The Luna 740 is the latest model of edge polishers from Montresor. This innovative machine is the product of years of experience and research culminating in a machine that offers versatility and superb performance. At the heart of the Luna 740 is Montresors’ unique polishing head rotation system. This forward thinking design has greatly simplified this typically complicated area by using efficient electrical drives instead of costly hydraulics and eliminating the majority of expensive moving parts. A new V-groove attachment for LUNA 740 is now available. The new automatic V-groove device expands the capabilities of any LUNA 740. This innovative device operates in-line and in tandem with edging process. It saws an accurate double 45-degree angled cut the length of the slab producing two slab pieces to be glued jointly at 90 degrees — creating a substantial looking edge profile.

Available exclusively from Salem Stone. 


Sasso USASasso USA CNC Bridge Saw

CNC Bridge Saw

Sasso USA introduces the K725 5 Axis CNC Bridge Saw Series, which takes versatility to a new plane of performance with practicality in countertop and dimensional stone applications. Touch Screen CNC interface allows easy file data and sink .dxf entry and programing can be accomplished at the machine or offline with CadCam programing being sent to the machine via either network or WiFi.

Software for cutting all types of countertop and architectural details included allows maximum ability for the machine no matter the requirement.

The K725 Saw utilizes blades ranging from 14 to 24 inches in diameter couple to a powerful 25 Horsepower electrospindle. Combining an ISO 40 Quick Change Toolholder on the end of the spindle allows rotary tools such as finger bits to be utilized for cutting and carving operations.

The Sasso K725 has a unique ability to utilize SassoPlunge, allowing the saw the ability to reduce the trail-out of the saw cuts.

Sasso USA also offers an optional CameraView System.

Wilson Industrial Electric

Single Strand Wire Saw

Single Strand Wire Saw

The Wilson Single Strand Wire Saw is fast becoming a front player in the wire sawing market with competitive pricing and increased sawing speeds over the competition. The Wilson Single Strand Wire Saw comes in four sizes and can be built as a gantry or stationary style. Give us a call for more information and pricing on the single strand wire saw.

Wilson also carries a full line of water filtration equipment, diamond blade saws, polishers, cut off saws, chamfering equipment, CO.ME.S. polishing heads and much more.

You can visit us on the web or drop by our booth at the 2014 Surfaces Show at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, which will be held from January 28 to 30.