Bridge Saw

Following the philosophy of simple, durable, quality equipment, Braxton-Bragg has introduced the Husky 20 HP direct drive bridge saw for natural stone. The Husky bridge saw is made in the U.S. of durable quality parts and components. The saw uses common, readily available parts for fast repairs in the event of a breakdown. It has been designed for the cutting of granite for countertops, as well as architectural cutting of stone. 

The saw’s controls are easy to use and it can be operated using the control panel and the wireless remote at the same time.

Advantages include:

• An 8-inch touch pad for programming dimensional cuts

• Machined rail and bridge with overall dimensions of 15-feet wide, 13-feet deep and 9-feet tall

• Wireless remote control with two-speed, three-axis control, saw motor stop and start and forward cut

• Digital read-out

• Direct drive AC inverter duty motors for all three axis

• Alignment laser for aligning cutting material with blade



Intermac’s Primus waterjet is the ideal solution for cutting any type of material. It easily cuts composite materials, synthetic stones, non-metallic alloys, titanium, aluminum and ceramic materials. Primus can be configured with one or several independent cutting heads to satisfy customers’ productivity needs, and also has JPC (jet performance control). The JPC technology developed by Intermac maximizes the machining efficiency in terms of profile quality and cutting speed ratio. This innovative technology makes Primus the perfect machine for companies requiring maximum productivity and flexibility.


CNC Machine

Intermac’s Master series is the latest evolution in CNC work centers and the number one selling CNC machine in the world. The product is designed for businesses looking to optimize production with a highly reliable machine that delivers excellent quality-to-price ratio. With a useable bed size of 63 x 127 inches, the Master 33 is perfectly suited for most types of countertop and fabrication of stone and glass. In addition, the machines can be equipped with one or two 18-position rotary tool changers with the possibility to add an additional eight-position tool change right on the head. Also equipped with the patented Visual Camera Tool Pre-setter, the Intermac Master Series presents the most advanced technology for stone fabricators.

Lackmond Stone

Bridge Saw

Lackmond Stone has introduced the Achilli MBS IG bridge saw. The saw is designed with a touch screen and a mobile bridge. It can fit blades from 14 to 20 inches and is equipped with a 3-phase, 15HP motor. The MBS IG is engineered with a motorized head and with variable speeds on three travel axis: X, Y and Z. It has a tilting and rotating work table, which features a motorized and hydraulic tilt of the table, up to 85 degrees.  

The Achilli MBS IG Bridge saw is manufactured with a compact sturdy steel frame and with ceramic coating to protect from slurry and debris.

Salem Stone

Edge Polisher

The Luna 740 is the latest model of edge polishers from Salem Stone. This innovative machine is the product of years of experience and research culminating in a machine that offers versatility and superb performance. At the heart of the Luna 740 is the unique polishing head rotation system. This forward thinking design has greatly simplified a typically complicated area by using efficient electrical drives instead of costly hydraulics and by eliminating the majority of expensive moving parts. A new V-groove attachment for Luna 740 is now available. The new automatic V-groove device expands the capabilities of any Luna 740. This innovative device operates in-line and in tandem with the edging process. It saws an accurate, double 45-degree angled cut the length of the slab. This produces two slab pieces to be glued jointly at 90 degrees, creating a substantial looking edge profile.

MK Diamond

Rail Saw

The MK-1590 wet cutting rail saw by MK Diamond Products offers exclusive features, including two sets of 72-inch tracks for a 130-inch cutting length and an optional vacuum hold down attachment. This lightweight, precision-engineered saw is perfect for stone installation, due to the unique hold-down system that permits slab cuts both horizontally and vertically.

The precision aluminum rails provide accurate and even tracking during all cutting operations, and are fitted with anti-wear nylon slides to prevent damage to the work piece during cutting. Two hold-down clamps are provided for attaching the rails to the material. The maintenance-free steel roller bearings provide effortless tracking.

The 12-inch blade capacity allows for a cutting depth of up to 2 7/8 inches, and at 45-degrees, the miter cut will do up to 2 ¼ inches deep. The cutting head is adjustable for controlled plunge cutting. Included with the stone rail saw is a 12-inch stone blade, two sets of 72-inch rails, four parallel spreader brackets, a rail connector plate and two hold-down clamps.


CNC Wire Saw

Pellegrini has introduced the Robotwire Evo. After many decades of experience in the design and supply of thousands of units all over the world, this version of the CNC wire saw represents a further evolutionary step. The seven axis CNC wire saw cuts two and three dimensional profiles. Additionally, the relevant inclination angle of the wire (up to 22.5 degrees) allows entrance into a wider variety of shapes. One of the key features of the Robotwire Evo is the arch-type structure patented system. The two groups of flywheels are connected by this structural element. This prolongs or reduces automatically thanks to a telescopic micrometric system according to the angle position of the wire and to the diagonal distance between the main flywheels. The constant distance of the guide wheels from the block is so granted, assuring the maximum cutting precision in any configuration.

This version is equipped with an electronic system for wire tensioning, which allows constant tensioning value, longer life of the wire and relevant quality of the final product.

Wilson Industrial Electric

Sawing/Cutting Machinery

The Wilson single strand wire saw has become a front player in the wire-sawing market with competitive pricing and increased sawing speeds over the competition. The Wilson single strand wire saw comes in four sizes and can be built as a gantry or stationary style. Wilson also carries a full line of Matec water filtration equipment, diamond blade saws, polishers, cut off saws, CO.ME.S. polishing heads and much more.