100% Zero-Discharge Water Recycling System

Designed for 100% water recycling and closed-loop operation, the Hy-Pack system from Beckart Environmental filters influent from saws, polishers and CNC equipment down to below one micron, and routes the clean water back for use in the fabrication process. Beckart Systems help save on water costs and promotes compliance at the same time. The recessed plate filter presses are expandable as future needs dictate, and are available with automatic plate shifters. These fully automated systems include company-engineered PLC control panels, and fabricators deal directly with the manufacturer throughout the planning, installation and support phases of all critical equipment. All systems are backed by a factory-trained network of regional support technicians for years of reliable service.


Cluster Grinding Cup Wheels

Talon has a new way to prep the surface of stone and concrete, starting with the latest in diamond cluster technology. Thanks to this new technology, there’s now a faster way to remove fiberglass mesh, thick pain and other materials from granite, marble and concrete.

In fact, it’s exactly why Talon Cluster Cup Wheels leave a smooth finish as they remove the backings and surface coatings often used on granite slabs and concrete.

The Talon Steel Cluster Removing Cup Wheels are available in both 4- and 7-inch sizes.



ETemplate Systems has been developing award-winning digital templating technology for over 15 years. ELaser combines state-of-the-art hardware and software to create the most Enhanced Laser templating system available. ELaser is the only system that dynamically draws a completed countertop drawing based on customer specifications as measurements are taken with the system, without the use of CAD software. The system auto-draws overhangs, corner radii, backsplashes, wall scribe, cabinet level/flatness and much more. 

Utilizing the newest laser technology, ELaser is self-leveling and includes real time video with a precision crosshair target for extremely accurate measurements. The system has a built-in Wi-Fi communication link between the laser and the windows tablet. It has a built in relocation tool, can layout level/plumb points and project DXF points for difficult installs.

The Measure Manager software included with the system provides an easy-to-use and intelligent measuring and drawing interface. With modules for both 2D and 3D projects, the system exports standard DXF/DWG as well as special formats for Cabinet Vision, 2020 Technologies and KCD cabinet design software.


Diarex ICE Combo Wheels

Increase production and lower costs with the new Diarex ICE Combo Wheels from GranQuartz. These new wheels work for flat and radius edges, reducing down time and saving money. The white resin of the Diarex ICE Combo Wheels reduces bleeding into engineered stone. The wheels are available in 5 and 6 inches and have a snail lock connection.


Heavy Duty Bundle Rack

Groves has introduced its new heavy-duty bundle rack, which was designed to safely store jumbo-sized stone bundles weighing up to 9,000 pounds between two posts. It’s the largest and strongest bundle rack Groves has ever sold. Details include:

• Designed for jumbo-sized stone bundles

• Maximum weight is 4,500 pounds per post

• Outside rails are designed with slots to hold 2-x-4’s

• 2-x-4’s protect the slab edges and the finish on the rails

• Heavy-duty powder-coated rails 11 inches wide x 5.5 inches high x 90 inches long butt together for desired length

• Outside rails have 2 ½-inch square holes spaced 5 inches apart on the top. A steel plate with identical holes is welded and boxed inside the rails, 1 inch up from the bottom.

• 2 ½-inch square tube posts with a heavy-duty powder coated finish

• Rails shipped with 11-inch connector tube for butting rails together in a straight line


Diamond Tooling

Lackmond Stone offers a complete line of diamond tools, abrasives, power tools, material handling equipment, adhesives, stone-care products, accessories and more. 

The company carries the Beast line of diamond blades, grinding wheels, core bits and polishing pads. In addition, it is a distributor of the FIMAD line of auto-edge machine tools. Lackmond Stone also supplies Tyrolit CNC tooling, Alpha professional tools and much more. The company carries everything for cutting, grinding, drilling/coring, shaping, polishing and handling for the stone industry.


LT-2D3D Laser Templator

The LT-2D3D is one of the fastest laser templating systems on the market. Being able to template and finish a job onsite within 15 minutes and then email it back to the office can allow fabrication to start by the time you make it to the next jobsite.

The software has been custom-designed to allow anyone to quickly and efficiently learn and excel as a templator. It is translated into 13 languages so it can be used all over the world. The product exports the job in DXF and DWG and creates customer reports and shop sheets in PDF. The included tablet also takes and saves pictures right into the job folder. It comes with a one-year bumper-to-bumper warranty and no maintenance costs.


Carry Clamp and Carry Vise

Omni Cubed, Inc. offers two carry clamp models, both designed for easier and safer carrying of countertops. The Mega-Jaw Carry Clamp is a quick and easy, “grab and go” clamp with extremely durable rubber gripping tubes that won’t mark or stain surfaces. The high-strength aluminum arms allow a pair of Mega Jaw clamps to support a 500-pound load, and adjustable tension settings help them hold onto countertops when not in use.

The Aqua-JawCarry Vise is the only “all-weather” carrying clamp designed to not slip off wet countertops. Its super tight vise grip action secures to stone better than gravity dependent clamps, while the rubber-lined rails protect countertops from scratches. The clamp opens to 4 ¼ inches to accommodate thicker edges and miters. The Aqua-Jaw distributes weight to both arms, which reduces worker strain and makes lifting heavy pieces safer and easier. A pair of Aqua-Jawvises can hold up to 800 pounds, and the optional Accessory Handle Kit adds two more handles to each clamp, allowing four workers to “share the load” of heavy countertops.


Tuscan SeamClip 

The Tuscan SeamClip is an innovative one-piece edge leveling system product that requires no installation tools, no soaking and helps in the installation of large-format tiles. Its straightforward, easy-to-use design helps create a virtual lippage-free installation when used on floors or walls. The Tuscan SeamClip interlocks the tiles, virtually creating a single flat slab surface while the setting material is curing. The interlocking design of the product reduces and, in most cases, eliminates settling from shrinkage, and minimizes the possibility of warping.

The Tuscan SeamClip reduces the need to relift tiles to add more mud and the process of shimming tiles, thus greatly increasing the speed of installation, while creating that much desired lippage-free surface.


Sink Strap

The new Sink Strap by Regent Stone Products is a quick, economical and easy-to-use system for mounting kitchen sinks. With a supporting capacity of 400 pounds per strap when using the hanger brackets, the Sink Strap can be quickly installed by attaching the hanger brackets over the top of the cabinet dividers, utilizing the strength of the cabinets to support the sink. The average install time of the Sink Strap is less than five minutes. In most situations, one strap is sufficient, but when extra support is needed two straps can be used, doubling the supporting capacity to 800 pounds. The Sink Strap is packaged ready-to-use with all the necessary hardware included, and can be used in conjunction with the Sinkits LC bracket by utilizing the included bridge pins. Since there is no need to drill into the countertop or rely on adhesives, this combination is the perfect system for repair work to mount or remount sinks after the countertop is already installed.

The two main uses of the strap are for original installation or for reattaching a sink that has fallen or come loose. In this case, install two LC brackets which have a hole to attach the sink strap. In most cases, just two LC brackets and one strap will be needed, but up to four LC brackets and two straps could be used if desired (cast iron).


Vigor Poly-Epoxy Stone Adhesive

Tenax Vigor Poly-Epoxy Stone Adhesive is a knife-grade adhesive designed for gluing, laminating and joining seams of marble, granite and quartz surfaces.
Details include:

• A very strong bond with a very short cure time

•Extremely translucent — practically clear when applied to stone

• Thick knife grade

• Excellent for 45-degree applications and vertical seams

• Produces a very high-gloss finish

• Bonds almost as strong as most epoxies


Blitz 3DX Arix Technology High-Performance Diamond Bridge Saw Blades

Engineered with three-dimensional pattern technology throughout the entire diamond segment, the Blitz 3DX Granite and Quartz Blade by Weha will footprint the most diamonds on stone at any given time. This three-dimensional technology creates the longest lasting blade on the market -- up to 35% longer than other premium blades.
Weha built the Blitz 3DX Granite Bridge Saw blade on a premium silent steel core that will not flex or come out of tension. The product was specifically built for faster production work with much more cutting life.
The Weha Blitz comes in two different segment heights: 20 mm and 25 mm.


PT10HV11F Vacuum Lifter

Transfer slabs with ease between upright and flat positions with an effortless powered tilt. Standard pad shut-offs accommodate a variety of slab sizes and shapes, or cut-outs. A high-flow vacuum system produces fast apply and release times for increased worker productivity. Customize this vacuum lifter to your specific needs with many available options.


Zenesis Continuous Rim Blade

When cutting tile and stone, there is little room for chipping. We designed the Zenesis™ Continuous Rim Blade for fast, smooth cutting of the hardest porcelain tile, granite and engineered stone. The blade is manufactured using Zenesis Technology 2.0, our most advanced diamond pattern yet. Hybrid layering ensures the ideal number of diamonds are continually exposed throughout the life of the blade. This yields maximum cutting performance and long blade life. The blade is available in 4- to 14-inch diameters for use on angle grinders, tile saws, circular saws and table saws. The 14-inch Zenesis Continuous Rim Blade can be used on a bridge saw (available with a 50/60mm arbor).  

The  Zenesis™ Continuous Rim Blade is available from select retailers nationwide.