Barranca Diamond

Stone Rail Saw 
Product Description: The BD-1272 Wet Cutting Rail Saw features a powerful direct-drive, 2-HP motor, which allows it to power through jobs without bogging down, saving time and money. Exclusive features include two 72-inch rails for a 130-inch cutting length. The precision extruded aluminum rails provide accurate and even tracking during all cutting operations with maintenance-free bearings. The rails have replaceable slip-on pads to protect the surface from scratches. Two hold-down clamps, used to attach the rails to the material, are included, along with a connector for a standard water hose and a 12-inch BD-62G diamond blade. You may add optional additional tracks as needed to get larger jobs done. A vacuum cup system is also available, which provides 125 pounds of force to keep the rails on the material and cutting precise. The 12-inch blade capacity allows for a cutting depth of up to 2 7/8 inches. The BD-1272 cutting head tilts for precise 45-degree miter cuts up to 2 ¼ inches deep. The blade guard is adjustable for controlled plunge cutting.
Five-Axis CNC Technology 
Product Description: Global Equipment Group is proud to announce its latest offering in five-axis CNC bridge sawing technology from Italian manufacturer of stone equipment, Noat, the “Qubo T.”   The Noat Qubo T features a monobloc structure that is ideal for customers that need a very fast machine for cutting slabs into irregular pieces and for the execution of every kind of profile using only the disc. It is also well suited for fabricators with limited workshop space or don’t want to construct the concrete wall foundation often associated with the installation of a new machine.The Qubo T utilizes CNC technology and offers a heavy horsepower motor and ISO-40 spindle with a pneumatic push-button release to be used for sink processing, routing, coring and drilling when the main head is tilted in the 90-degree position. The spindle is capable of maximum speeds in the 6,500 to 7,000 RPM range and has an internal water pass for cooling. For higher-volume producers or customers wishing to cut larger pieces, Noat also offers its Sfera series five-axis CNC saws with blade capacities ranging from 625 to 1,100 mm, which are set up on concrete wall foundations.
Surfacing and Polishing Machine 
and CNC Equipment
Product Description: Supplying bridge saws to block cutters and everything in between, GMM is located in Gravellona Toce, Italy, with a second Cemar facility in Schio near Vicenza, Italy. After both Litox and Egil were created as full CNC bridge-sawing machines, the Brio now joins the CNC family as the smallest member, in either mono-block form, or with the classic bridge, rails and table. The Brio brings CNC speed, precision and versatility to the smallest machine in the GMM range. For high-volume producers, the Litox and Egil machines are available with automated interchangeable tables, intelligent vacuum movement of pieces (including unloading), and integrated software for ease and speed of kitchen processing, including design, realization, nesting, stock control and costing.
The Sirio surfacing and polishing machine is more popular than ever with fabricators and wholesalers who wish to distinguish themselves from the competition. The machine can calibrate, polish, hone, antique or bushhammer.
Fab Center
Product Description: The Matrix Spectrum Fab Center, distributed exclusively by GranQuartz, was conceived as a fast, easy way to produce sink cutouts, mill drainboards, execute core drilling and more. The Spectrum is manufactured in the U.S., and its heavy duty construction is engineered to withstand rigorous shop environments and production demands. The Spectrum’s versatile vacuum cup work-holding system is designed with an integrated backsplash support.
The machine was engineered to be easy to install and operate, and it includes a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Features include smooth gantry movement that efficiently follows any template; a three-horsepower, 220-volt, single-phase motor; 120-inch travel on the x-axis, 32-inch travel on the y-axis and 8-inch travel on the z-axis; precise up/down control with brake; water through spindle and external water supply for dust-free operation; Three-point adjustable work surface; vacuum system to secure workpiece; and a backsplash polishing system.
Heavy-Duty Bridge Saw
Product Description: The Matrix Triton bridge saw, distributed exclusively by GranQuartz, is a heavy-duty, feature-rich saw designed to give fabricators the technology they need to efficiently cut marble and granite. Features include a multifunction color touchscreen display featuring pre-programmed operator selections; English/Spanish translation; automatic water on/off; automatic laser on/off; a massive 10- x 6-foot, precision-ground bridge with 20-HP direct-drive Italian sawing motor; heavy-duty tubular steel gantry bridges; a heavy-duty 10- x 6-foot hydraulic tilt table with six positive stop positions; any angle braking feature allowing the table to lock at any angle in the 360-degree rotation; redline laser alignment with digital read-out; each axis powered by AC motors and drives with variable-speed, finger-tip control; digital ammeter display; three-axis wireless remote pendant; electric water control valve; 45-degree tilting miter head; training and installation available; 12-month factory warranty on parts and labor.
PC-Based NC Work Centers
Product Description: Intermac offers the latest evolution in three-axis work centers with the top-selling machines in North America, the Master 33 and Master 43. These machines represent a step up in technology as well as increase in size from the Master 23 and Master 30. They are designed for businesses looking to optimize production with a highly reliable machine that delivers an excellent quality-to-price ratio. With useable bed sizes of 64 x 127 inches and 90 x 160 inches, respectively, the machines are suited for most types of countertop and flat fabrication of stone and glass. In addition, the machines can be equipped with one or two 14-position rotary tool changers and can also include a “C” or “A” axis for increased flexibility.
Wet Cutting Tile/Stone Saws
Product Description: MK Diamond Products MK-212 Tile/Stone Saw series comes equipped with a powerful 2-HP (120-V) direct-drive motor. The MK-212-4 Saw has a 10-inch blade guard with the capacity to rip cut 36-inch material and diagonally cut 24-inch material. The MK212-6 Saw has a 12-inch blade guard and the capacity for a 72-inch length of cut and can diagonally cut 42-inch material. The affordable MK-212 Series has many features usually found on high-end saws: plunge cutting ability, an efficient water delivery system to suppress dust and cool the blade and a removable water manifold for easy cleaning. The cutting head is mounted on a roller-bearing carriage running on a stainless steel rail for superior accuracy. A fully adjustable spring-loaded cutting head allows for up and down plunge cuts. The MK-212 is manufactured in the U.S. utilizing a combination of heavy-gauge steel and aluminum casting. This type of construction assures that the MK-212 will be durable, accurate, lightweight, portable and affordable.
Fully Digital CNC Saw
Product Description: Park Industries has leveraged 60 years of experience in the stone industry plus digital technology to build the new Focus CNC saw. Powered by Alphacam, the Focus is a fully digital CNC saw that is easy to program utilizing Park’s exclusive Quick Cut programming. The fully programmable miter feature allows fabricators to cut mitered angles with touch-screen simplicity. Whether you’re cutting straight or miter cuts, the Focus CNC Saw has full table coverage, increasing your efficiencies. The one-piece design allows for easy installation, and the hydraulic, automatic tilting table allows for easy loading and unloading of stone. 
The Focus CNC Saw provides the features and performance you need while giving you the capabilities and digital productivity you’ve always dreamed of.
Multiple-Wire Gangsaw
Product Description: Pellegrini Meccanica is proud to present the smallest multi-wire system in its range, the Double Top.
The machine is a multiple-wire gangsaw, with two independent diamond wires, through which it is possible to cut slabs with thicknesses between 21 mm (0.8 inches) and 601 mm (23 ½ inches). The thickness variation is operated by means of electric actuators and it is possible to program the number of cuts as well as the thickness variation between one cut and the following one. It is therefore possible to cut both “cm” and “inch” sizes as well as to produce slab thicknesses outside of the standard market demands. By the use of a single wire instead of two, the unit also allows users to achieve thicknesses lower than 21 mm (if the material consistency allows for it) and higher than 601 mm. Moreover, the configuration allows for block dimensioning and squaring. The Double Top is available both in stationary version (served through a block trolley) and roller version (mobile on precise rails) to satisfy all layout needs.
Multi-Function Work Center
Product Description: The RYE Fab King from Regent Stone Products utilizes the same 3-HP motor used on the Scorpion, only on a more rigid cantilever frame. This system now allows for the use of Master/Sector tooling for edge profiling and also increases the router travel to 9 ½ feet. And like the Scorpion, the Fab King requires little or no experience to operate. The Fab King can cut out any sink shape using a template (which means no mistakes and precise dimensions) in as little as eight minutes. It can drill utility holes in seconds, with minimal tool wear. Edge profiling is quick and easy, with no threat of scratching the surface. Other features of the machine include surface polishing and honing as well as backsplash polishing.
Five-Axis CNC Work Center
Product Description: The OMAG Blade 5 CNC Work Center puts the technology to do it all at your fingertips. Five-axis technology allows for processing marble and granite for sculpture and other dimensional applications as well as flat applications such as countertops. Diversification increases existing market power and expands corporate capabilities into new markets and products.