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Hydraulic Guillotines and Conveyors    Click here to enlarge image



Hydraulic Guillotines and Conveyors

Product Description: Apex Equipment International, Inc. is the U.S. distributor of Steinex Srl, an Italian manufacturer of high-quality hydraulic guillotines and conveyors.

Motorized conveyors are situated at the front or back of the splitting machines, and they are used to facilitate the movement of irregular and heavy stones so they may be worked in succession. Due to this application, it is possible to have continuous input of material to the splitters, which maximizes many applications, including building stone and thin veneer.

The Igloo model splitter was engineered for strength, versatility and speed, along with the ability to produce a high volume of split products.

Igloo machines are relatively small in size, but were designed to be sturdy and resilient, without downtime. There are also easy to use and can cope with the constant stress of continuous work, even in the toughest conditions.

Each machine is hydraulically operated with a noise reduction power unit. 




     Multi-Function Radial Arm Unit                       Click here to enlarge image

Multi-Function Radial Arm Unit

Product Description: The Fab King, available from Braxton-Bragg, cuts sink holes, profiles edges, drills holes, polishes backsplashes, and can produce an antique, polished or honed surface.

The Fab King combines the functions of a router, drill press, in-line backsplash polishing machine, top polisher and a radial arm sink cut-out machine — all in one.

The designer of this machine has more than 20 years of experience in the stone industry. Much of that time was spent troubleshooting and repairing stone equipment. The machine’s 220-volt, single-phase power and off-the-shelf components guarantee maximum uptime.

The solid frame will not flex when the motor is under load. Edge profiling requires a solid structure, and the Fab King delivers it with 4-inch industrial strength steel square tubing. Unlike smaller solutions, the Fab King fabrication bed offers a full 114 inches of linear travel and a 30-inch gantry travel.




Surfacing and Polishing Machine and CNC Equipment                                              Click here to enlarge image

Surfacing and Polishing Machine and CNC Equipment

Product Description: GMM, one of Europe’s leading machine manufacturers, has again extended its range. From bridge saws to block cutters and everything in between, GMM is located in Gravellona Toce, Italy, with a second Cemar facility in Schio near Vicenza, Italy.

After both Litox and Egil were created as full CNC bridge-sawing machines, the Brio now joins the CNC family as the smallest member, in either mono-block form, or with the classic bridge, rails and table. The Brio brings CNC speed, precision and versatility to the smallest machine in the GMM range.

For high-volume producers the flagship Litox and Egil machines are available with automated interchangeable tables, intelligent vacuum movement of pieces (including unloading), and integrated software for ease and speed of kitchen processing, including design, realization, nesting, stock control and costing.

The tried and trusted Sirio surfacing and polishing machine is more popular than ever with fabricators and wholesalers who wish to distinguish themselves from the competition by having ultimate control over the quality and finish of their product. The machine can calibrate, polish, hone, antique or bushhammer.

Relentless innovation, research and development are only some of the reasons why GMM has sold and installed more than 4,500 machines around the world.




                 Stone Chisel                                  Click here to enlarge image

Stone Chisel

Product Description: The new BigDog stone chisel from GranQuartz comes with scallop, reverse scallop, soft stone and standard bite carbide chisel teeth — allowing the operator to produce natural and decorative edge designs on most stone materials, including laminates, from 2 to 8 cm. The BigDog’s ergonomic design was designed to be easier to operate than other chiselers, and it gives the operator a clear view of the work area for precise placement of the chisel teeth and a cleaner edge on the finished product. The BigDog’s powerful hydraulic ram delivers 5 tons of directly applied force to the stone, and the modular jaw system allows the operator to switch the chisel teeth in seconds.




      Wet-Cutting Stone Saws                        Click here to enlarge image

Wet-Cutting Stone Saws

Product Description: The MK-5000 wet-cutting stone/block saw series is built for heavy-duty industrial use; large jobs for cutting marble, granite, decorative stone, block, brick or pavers. An 8-inch-high block can be cut in a single pass with a 20-inch blade. The open-back design allows for material up to 20 inches long to be cut. Blade guards are available in 14, 20 and 24 inches. Heavy-duty, built-in forklift brackets allow lift to approach from front, back or either side.

The self-leveling blade guard provides optimum blade coverage for operator safety. There are built-in tie-downs for safer saw transport. The cast aluminum cutting head, designed for rustproof longevity, provides lower decibel levels during cutting.

MK-5000 gas saws feature an engine attachment via four vibration isolation mounts. The belt-driven, self-priming centrifugal water pumps can be disengaged for dry cutting, and it is available with Honda, Vanguard or Kohler engines from 9 to 13 hp.

MK-5000 electric saws are powered by Baldor motors with 5, 7.5, 9 and 10 hp. The three-phase saws are equipped with GE NEMA 1 starters in NEMA 12 enclosure, and they feature and electric water pump.




     Automatic Profiling Machine                           Click here to enlarge 

Automatic Profiling Machine

Product Description: The new Luna 880 Matic from Montresor is a simple, automatic machine. From the touch-screen, the operator only has to choose the profile from the menu, set the slab thickness and choose the profile radius or chamfer width. Once the start positioning button is pressed, the pressure roller unit, calibrating, chamfering and shaping tools and template all position themselves automatically. In one minute, the machine ready to process a custom edge in just one pass.  The Matic option is available on request for the models Luna 740-L and Luna 780. The machine has a simple and balanced rotation movement system, and it can process all edges, including quarter-bevel, lens, pencil round and half-bullnose.

The motors of diamond tools feature an inverter to set the rpm according to the material being processed. The unit also has a calibrating spindle and tiltable cutting device for drip grooves and slanted cuts, along with one upper and one lower precutting unit.

It has eight frontal heads, of which two have the possibility to mount a shaping diamond, and there are two upper and two lower beveling heads.

The minimum workpiece width is 5.9 inches, while the maximum workpiece thickness is 3.1 inches, and there is no need to replace the template when changing profile or thickness. Optional devices are available upon request, including the innovative V-groove unit, and the machine features a two-year warranty.




             Multi-Wire Block Saw                           Click here to enlarge image

Multi-Wire Block Saw

Product Description: The Diablo from Pellegrini is a multiwire-saw equipped with 72 wires, allowing it to cut blocks of standard sizes in a single shot.

With this machine, it is possible to obtain different thicknesses during the same drop, and it can use 7-mm or 6-mm diamond wire. A pair of guide-drums guide the wires near the block for maximum precision.

The Diablo features a two-column design, which allows for simple and fast wire replacement and maintenance. Due to careful analysis of the loads, it is possible to create suitable balance without overcharging the columns.

The patented electro-hydraulic tensioning system allows independent tension of each wire. The innovative system — with roto-translational motion of the idle flywheels for wires tensioning — allows a greater sensitivity to any changes in tension of the wires during cutting. This ensures the best working conditions for the tool.

The control panel is equipped with a touch-screen PC for programming the cutting parameters, automatic control of each wire tension, self-diagnostics, fault signal recording and automatic calculation of cutting areas. Furthermore, the working conditions of each individual diamond wire can be visualized and checked in real time from the control panel.



      Heavy-Duty Bridge Saw                        Click here to enlarge image

Heavy-Duty Bridge Saw

Product Description: The Express 3200 from Regent is a heavy duty, fast-cutting bridge saw that can achieve a 10-foot rip in 3-cm stone in less than 60 seconds on average. Designed specifically for the stone countertop fabricator, the Express 3200 comes standard with a range of advanced features, such as a heavy-duty cast iron bridge; a cast iron, fully synchronized and oil-filled rack-and-pinion gantry system that is sealed from the elements; automatic hydraulic tilting and rotating table; automatic programmable cutting program; hydraulic Z movement for plunge cutting from 0 to 45 degrees; and a direct-drive; 20-hp motor with hand-held remote control. The Express 3200 is available in two designs: mono-block and stand-alone with steel wall supports.