The popularity of natural stone for both residential and commercial design has been rapidly increasing year after year. And as a result, so has the stone fabrication industry in North America. Because of this growth in the stone industry, manufacturers of stoneworking machinery -- as well as suppliers of diamond tools and other accessories -- are always looking to develop new products as well as improving on existing ones.

The following is a look at some of the latest advancements in stone fabricating technology. For more information on any of these items, circle the corresponding “Circle Number” for any product on the Reader Service Card attached to this issue.


AccuGlide stone saws have delivered fast, smooth and accurate cuts in 2- and 3-cm slabs, up to 11 feet since 1996, according to the company. Now, with the new MiterMaster and VersaTable system, an AccuGlide operator can quickly transform his full-slab production saw into a mitering and beveling saw. AccuGlide saw operators utilize AccuGlide'sâ„¢ unique patented track to stone calibration system for a setup time of just seconds. This cuts out stress and guesswork when working with templates, reports AccuGlide.

The AccuGlide's™ user-friendly, patented precision tracking system harnesses the power of an oil bath gear reduction motor to track a blade perfectly, resulting in accurate “smooth as glass” cuts and miters. Proven one-of-a kind AccuGlide engineering means you do not have to use clamps or suction cups, and the tracks will not move. The AccuGlide is also available with diverse accessories for a full range of fabrication applications in addition to full production cutting. Use versatile AccuGlide accessories and blades for mitering or beveling, chamfering, production cutoff work, cutting large-format tile, and floor and inlay work for any size fabrication shop.

In additional to superior cut quality, precision and rapid setup, all AccuGlide saws are equipped with the Quiet & Trueâ„¢ hub for a 40% noise reduction, and many other features and design advantages which make it a truly unique track saw, according to the company.

Use the AccuGlide 2000QT stone saw (track saw) with the new MiterMaster and VersaTable System for quick, accurate and chip-free miters and bevels in 2- and 3-cm slabs, from 1⁄4- to 1⁄2-inch deep, up to 11 feet long.

MiterMaster setup is quick and easy, and utilizes AccuGlide's unique patented track to stone calibration system. Adjustable Miter Depth Stops ensure quick and precise duplication of the desired miter, every time, reports AccuGlide. The AccuGlide is the only full-production track saw system that also cuts precision bevels, miters and quirk miters, according to the company.

With the MiterMaster system, the operator is cutting instead of grinding the miter, resulting in an incredible production rate.

The VersaTable is sturdy and durable, equipped with a slatted tabletop surface, and has a broad range of uses. Designed for and included with the MiterMaster, it may also be purchased and used separately for shop or jobsite cutting, shaping, routing, polishing and cutouts.

The new AccuGlide Cutoff System is designed for production cutoff of stair treads, large-format tile and backsplashes with machine shop accuracy. This system accommodates stone pieces from 1 to 26 inches wide, and up to 11 feet long.

The AccuGlide Cutoff System includes the AccuGlide 2000QT stone saw with the 7-foot, 6-inch, or 5-foot rack, and the VersaTable equipped with pop-up and fully adjustable cutoff and stop gauge features.

The VersaTable provides a handy workstation for shaping, routing, polishing and cutouts, or may also be used with the MiterMaster System. The VersaTable may also be purchased separately for use in the shop or onsite.

Circle No. 201

Alpha Professional Tools[r] has recently introduced the AWS-110, a powerful 11 amp wet stone cutter designed to meet all hand-cutting needs on natural stone, engineered stone, glass or tile. Alpha offers a variety of specialty blades suitable for any cutting application that the AWS-110 is capable of performing. The AWS-110, which is a complete cutting system, comes fully equipped and ready to use for any wet or dry cutting application. Equipped with a water-feed system, the AWS-110 eliminates harmful dust associated with most cutting applications. The AWS-110 can be used in one of three methods. Using the provided guide allows fabricators to work off the edge of the stone. Place a straight edge on the stone and guide off of it. Lastly, the AWS-110 can be used free hand like any other circular saw. For safety, the AWS-110 features an in line GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter).

Circle No. 202

The Alpha AWS-125 Wet Stone Cutter is designed for use in the stone, tile and glass industry. This machine is able to provide perfect straight cuts, which are required for quality fabrication and installation. Equipped with one of the most powerful motors in its class, the AWS-125 has the strength to power through tough materials, including porcelain and engineered stones, when used with the proper blade, reports Alpha. This stone cutter is also equipped with a high-quality water-feed system that eliminates the harmful dust particles which are common in dry cutting applications. Another safety feature included is a built-in GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter). In addition, the Alpha[r] AWS-125 Wet Stone Cutter includes two unique features. One is a side handle for more stability and control; the second, is that it is able to accept a curve-cutting blade. Curve-cutting operations are safer and easier with the AWS-125 and Alpha's curve-cutting blades, according to the company. Suitable for use in the shop or on the jobsite, the AWS-125 is ideal for any professional stone fabricator, installer or tile contractor.

Circle No. 203

The Achilli ABS from Braxton-Bragg Corp. offers a powerful 15 hp motor to handle large slabs as well as a larger table size, which allows for maximum effective cutting of 12 feet on the x-axis and 6 feet,10 inches on the y-axis. It takes blades from 12 to 20 inches in diameter, and offers a mobile bridge with gantry movement for travel on all three axes. The head tilts manually from 90 to 45 degrees. The ABS fixed worktable measures 15 feet, 4 inches by 7 feet, 4 inches, conserving up to 30% of shop floor space over standard turntable saws, reports Braxton-Bragg. The Achilli ABS incorporates 54 hydraulically operated omni rollers for easy slab positioning. A 15-milliwatt laser guide comes mounted on the blade guard. There are no support walls to build with the ABS, so it can be installed and ready to run in less than a day.

Circle No. 204

A revolutionary system is now available from Breton for cut-to-size operations on marble, granite and engineered stone. The new Combicut DJ/NC500 combines the speed of a regular saw with the flexibility and capability of a waterjet, according to the company. In fact, with the Combicut DJ/NC500, it will be possible to execute all of the straight cuts with the blade while the corner will be finished with the waterjet. The Combicut DJ/NC500, already patented by Breton, will minimize the waste of material by eliminating the overcuts, at a fraction of the operating cost of a conventional waterjet. A user-friendly, Windows-based user interface allows the operator to import .dxf drawings, to optimally locate the desired pieces within the available slab, program the cutting operation and record the technical characteristics of the material to be processed. This feature allows the user to make use of the current cutting speed and feed date for future use within similar material. The sink geometry can be imported in order to obtain a cut-to-size piece ready to be profiled by the CNC or by the edge profiler. The Combicut DJ/NC500 can be equipped with an automatic loading/unloading station

and with a digital camera to detect characteristics of the image in order to allow the operator to consider the geometric dimensions of the slab and potentially avoid any defects.

Breton Combicut DJ/NC500

Circle No. 205

The CMS-Brembana Antea-CN is a one-of-a-kind fully automated CNC bridge saw for processing

of slabs. The machine is de-signed to cut shapes from imported .dxf files. The saw's onboard software turns the .dxf into cutting instructions. A spindle can be added for drawing and milling operations.

Circle No. 206

CMS-Brembana Aquatek 1740 and Aquatek 2040 waterjet machines are state-of-the-art machines that can cut stone slabs between 16 to 20 inches per minute. The standard 60 hp intensifier pump with three parallel intensifiers can produce over 60,000 psi. The parallel pump system enables the machine to continue operation even if one of the pumps fail or is decommissioned for maintenance, reports the company. The CMS-Brembana Aquatek waterjets come with a “dredge” for sludge removal, thus allowing the machine a much longer interval between cleaning of the tank. The onboard software allows .dxf files to be imported and nested onto the slabs. Aquatek is available in two sizes: model 1740 with a work area of 1,700 mm x 4,000 mm, and model 2040 with work area of 2,000 mm x 4,000 mm.

Circle No. 207

Current trends indicate an increasing demand for jobs using high-end materials and specialized inlay installations. The DL7000 from Diamond Tech is here to help installers meet this demand while saving time and money. Designed for the shop setting, this 3⁄4 hp wet band saw makes precision cuts through natural stone, porcelain, glass and ceramic tile. It can even handle slab materials up to 1 1⁄2 inches thick. It's durable metal construction stands up to the heaviest shop use. Easy-to-use adjustments allow installers to cut quickly, and its large two-wheel design creates a 13-inch throat depth for deep diagonal cuts. The DL7000 includes instructional manual, toll-free tech support line and one-year warranty.

Circle No. 208

The Model ZDCQ-600 from Granite City Tool is a fully automated bridge saw for cutting stone slabs 10 feet long. It comes on a standard steel foundation. It also can cut up to 10 feet wide on the y axis. It is microcomputer controlled with cutting dimensions set by terminal input. The saw is equipped with a laser illumination system to aid in lining up the cut. The cut and return is controlled by a finely adjustable inverter. The main motor is 20 hp 220V three phase, and the x and y motors are 2 hp.

The saw head of the ZDCQ-600 has manual tilt control from 90 to 45 degrees. The saw takes up to an 18-inch blade, and the motor turns at 3,500 rpm. The saw will cut the slab and automatically raise the head after the cut and shut off. The saw can be programmed to step cut automatically for the desired width of the slab and backsplash. It can be programmed for several cuts in a 10-foot-wide range.

The heavy-duty slab table is 10 feet, 3⁄8 inches long x 5 feet, 7⁄8 inches wide, and it has a computer-controlled hydraulic tilt up to 85 degrees using a 3 hp hydraulic motor to allow for easy setting of the slab into the work position. Additional features of the ZDCQ-600 bridge saw include: a tranverse stroke of 10 feet, 3⁄8 inches; longitudinal stroke of 10 feet, 3⁄8 inches; maximum cut thickness of 3 1⁄8 inches; blade diameter of 15 inches; worktable dimensions (L x W) of 10 feet, 3⁄8 inches x 5 feet, 7⁄8 inches; worktable maximum tilt of 0 to 85 degrees; main motor power of 20 hp; water consumption of 4m3/h; dimensions (L x W x H) of 19 feet x 16 feet x 8 feet, 1⁄2 inches; approximate weight of 13,200 pounds; steel foundation; articulating arm to hold control box; 24-inch blade guard capacity; and table positive stops at 22.5, 45, 90 and 180 degrees -- with manual stops anywhere.

Circle No. 209

The Symbio-Matic from Ghines is a hydraulic automatic chainsaw for performing elliptic or straight cuts working automatically, with a per-pendicular, perfectly honed, finishing degree.

The T-Plate template is locked onto the workpiece through number 8 suction cups, ensuring a firm locking during the working process. Symbio-Matic is hooked to the template in a simple and safe way.

The spindle rotation, the fall down into the workpiece and the feed of the tool along the template are operated through the remote controller. The cut-ting process is entirely automatic and handwork is not required. At the end of the work, special switches on the remote controller stop the feed and the rotation of the tool, bringing it back to the stand-by position.

Circle No. 210

The Ghines Symbio-Drive performs straight, curved and multi-directional free-hand cuts.

The rubber handle and the veil

of water gliding system (Aquaplaning) allows the Symbio-Drive to be dragged onto the surface of the workpiece with-out any effort. Starting of the rotation and falling down of the tool are operated by switches and levers placed on the handle. After the desired depth is reached, the vertical movement of the operating head is locked. Now, fab-ricators can manually process every kind of cut, according to Ghines.

Symbio-Drive is available with veil of water (Aquaplaning) gliding system.

Circle No. 211

The Tecna from GMM is an automatic electronic bridge saw with tilting head for blades with a diameter up to 725 mm. This bridge saw is ideal for both small workshops and large plants, and is suitable for cutting both marble and granite, manually or automatically.

The main structure of the bridge, head and table are made of highly resistant cast iron, which makes it resistant to corrosion, together with a perfect dimensional stability and the minimum acoustic resonance, according to GMM. The hood for the blade and the guide protections are all made of stainless steel for a maximum durability.

The bridge translation on roller guides in oil bath, protected and positioned on the masonry elements, is driven by a pair of synchronized pinions and racks without play. Movements can be carried out manually by turning a hand wheel or electrically with controlled variable speed by operating the corresponding buttons or automatically, according to a program. The position of the bridge is displayed in tenths of millimeters on the display of the push-button strip.

The horizontal movement of the blade holder slide, which is driven by a pinion/rack pair, occurs on guides in oil bath -- free of maintenance and protected with casing against water and dust infiltration, and separate electronic regulation of the cut and return speed of the blade holder head, from push-button strip.

Vertical movement of the operating head is on chromium-plated guides that are suitably protected by a protecting crank case, with adjustable lifting and lowering limit stops. The precision of positioning is controlled electrically through an inverter and encoder. In order to increase the productivity of granite cutting, vertical and horizontal movements are executed simultaneously, in such a way that during the cut the head starts lowering before reaching the horizontal cut and return limit stop.

The Tecna has a blade holder head tilting from 0 to 90 degrees, which can be operated electrically.

The manual rotation of the table can be locked in any position from 0 to 360 degrees by the operator, and is provided with key positions every 90 degrees by means of reference pins.

A hydraulic operated table with a variable height of 450 mm is available upon request.

Circle No. 212

The internationally-patented Prussiani Champion 5 saw series -- available from IGE Solutions of Jupiter, FL -- is a new generation of saws incorporating capabilities that were previously unattainable, reports the company. The Champion 5 is a 5-axis CNC cutting saw specifically designed for high-production kitchen countertop fabricators to make them more profitable and efficient. This saw changes how work is done compared to traditional saws, which still require a great deal of unproductive down time to allow the operator to program the saw and/or to move pieces around in order to cut complex shapes. The Champion 5 series was designed to work completely automatically. It is capable of auto-matically cutting all types of shapes, including radius cuts, inside 90-degree angles and more. In addition, it also automatically cuts the reinforcement rod channels.

The Champion 5 uses a true windows-open architecture environment that handles .dxf files, allowing the saw to cut even while programming (either at the programming office or at the machine) for the next pieces. This machine is also very user-friendly. The operator requires no previous software programming experience to run the Champion 5, and the machine basically runs itself, according to its manufacturer. Once the slab is set on the table, the

saw will automatically cut all the .dxf

shapes without any further operator involvement.

The unique Champion 5 cutting process begins by digitally photo-graphing each slab to avoid any unwanted flaws in the material, then it uses an optimization and nesting program to determine the best and most efficient cutting paths to get maximum yield from each slab, while avoiding any material flaws. Next, using the movement of multi-directional rollers and adjustable suction cups in the head of the saw, various pieces are separated to eliminate over cutting and waste, and then the same pieces are returned to their original positions. Instead of the bed turning, the saw blade rotates a full 360 degrees. The result of this unique process is a complete slab being cut every 12 to 15 minutes. In addition, each individual cut piece can be picked up and taken to a second saw blade where the reinforcement rod channel is automatically cut from the bottom, saving yet another step in the fabrication process.

Prussiani's forerunner to the Champion 5 began 12 years ago, and that design continually evolved as new technology was developed. The Champion 5 allows fabricators to digitize their kitchens in the field, and then using the Prussiani software, they send their .dxf programs directly to the saw. The Champion 5 has truly changed how granite slabs can be cut for the kitchen industry, according to Prussiani.

Circle No. 213

The LT FP 546 bridge saw from Levi Tunisi is available from International Machine Corp. of Holbrook, NY. This saw features auto programming and laser alignment, and the blade can make miter cuts up to 90 degrees. It also features a tilting turntable to ease slab loading and unloading. Additionally, the table rotates 360 degrees and can lock in any position.

Circle No. 214

The B-300 bridge saw from Johnson Marble Machinery is designed as a premier high volume work horse. The B-300, with finger tip controls, provides maximum productivity, ease of use, maximum cutting accuracy and minimum material handling -- all features that add to the bottom line profitability of each job. Refined and improved over the years, the B-300 offers all of the bells and whistles without sacrificing reliability.

Features of the B-300 include:

  • Heavy-duty steel 1 1⁄4-inch-thick beam provides rigorous support and ensures accurate heavy material cutting
  • Power gantry and carriage feed allows integrated rack and gear drives to extend for 12 feet of horizontal cutting and 13 feet of lateral movement of the gantry with an electric brake
  • A motor driven lead screw that moves assembly a full 20 inches and vertically accomplishes carriage elevation
  • Arbor motor with locking pin allows motor to be tilted at any angle up to 90 degrees with positive stops at 45 and 90 degrees
  • Control panel with joystick and emergency stop button allows variable speeds on elevation as well as cross feed and gantry movement
  • Digital read out and laser alignment allows for more accurate cuts and easy adjustment
  • Pneumatic locking turntable with positive stops at 0, 45 and 90 degrees (additional 45-degree increments optional)

Circle No. 215

The Felker TileMaster saw from Master Wholesale is a high torque 1 1⁄2 hp motor, which is designed specifically for high-production tile sawing. The saw features a simple and reliable tracking system, tilt-up blade guard, cast aluminum conveyor cart and ABS polymer water pan. The TileMaster cuts 13 x 13 inches and rip cuts 19-inch tile. Additionally, it includes a 10-inch premium blade.

Circle No. 216

The Sebring bridge saw from Matrix Stone Products of Upland, CA, is constructed using the highest grade components, such as a powerful 20 hp direct-drive Italian sawing motor, precision ground saw bridge, German-made laser, amperage meter for maximum cutting efficiency and direct-drive DC-electric motors with fingertip speed control for all drive motions. The heavy-duty rotary saw table features four positive position stop locks for accurate angle cutting, and the “Any Angle Position Lock” for easy angle set-up, remote control pendant, digital read-out, and an electric water control valve makes operation convenient for the operator.

Circle No. 217

The Jaguar II from Park Industries is a feature-packed high-capacity saw, engineered for lasting durability. The saw combines precision programmable automation with reliable heavy-duty performance. High-volume stone fabricators appreciate the extraordinary versatility of Jaguar II for sawing granite, marble, limestone, sandstone or Bluestone up to 13 inches thick, reports the company.

With its rigid, precision-machined construction, smooth rack and pinion movements and durable slide bearings, the Jaguar II offers fabricators faster, more versatile cutting capabilities over a longer service life. The machine's ample cross travel helps operators process standard full slabs easily. The simple touch-screen machine control unit allows fast, easy adjustments. A laser saw blade alignment indicator improves setup over long passes.

Jaguar II is offered in two versions, the S 3000 or S 4000. Both models offer exceptional power and versatility to fabricate stone slabs or pieces using up to a 36-inch blade. The S 4000 control version offers programmable straight-line profiling. The S 4000 version's automated cycles and its rugged, precision motion allow fabricators to confidently create finished pieces with a hand-crafted look, time after time.

The machine's user-friendly machine control interface, with its color touch-screen operation, gives the operator more complete control over the Jaguar II. The user interface is very easy to learn and does not require any previous machine programming experience, according to Park Industries.

Circle No. 218

The Park Industries Yukon brings programmable precision computer control and automated cycles to dimensional sawing. Operators can use the easy-to-use, touch-screen computer control to guide them through a wide variety of production steps. The Yukon may be operated in fully-manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic modes.

With rigid, high-tolerance construction, the Yukon delivers durable, versatile cutting capabilities all the time. The powerful 20 hp arbor drive electric motor powers diamond blades up to 24 inches in diameter. The Yukon's ample cross travel and rack and pinion drive system helps operators process full slabs of material with greater accuracy. A laser saw blade alignment indicator also improves set-up for long passes.

Circle No. 219

Park Industries introduces the all-new ThinStone TXS Stone Veneer Fabrication System -- a system that creates thin veneer products from processed sandstone or limestone, either from split face or natural finish materials. The revolutionary system is designed to dramatically reduce production costs as well as significantly increase production capabilities. The system is comprised of modular units, which may be ordered to suit the unique needs of each customer's production type.

This revolutionary system can process soft limestone to the hardest sandstone. Successful testing has also been completed on granite, opening an array of designing possibilities for interior and architectural use, reports Park Industries. Stone supplied to the Park ThinStone TXS System for fabrication can be up to 12 inches high, 18 to 24 inches long, and up to 12 inches thick. The system has the flexibility to provide finished products 12 inches high, 18 to 24 inches long, and 1⁄2 to 7 inches thick.

The operator positions the stone on an in-feed belt conveyor. Speeds for the in-feed belt conveyor rates vary from 1 to 15 FPM by the operator or can be controlled automatically using Park's Amp Control feature through the Siemens PLC Model S7-200 computer control unit. The operator-friendly controls include touch-screen simplicity for operation.

A 100 hp arbor motor drives two 40-inch diameter diamond saw blades to plunge cut the stone. Finished thin veneer pieces can be boxed or palletized, and the waste pieces can be conveyed to a scrap bin. Depending on the size of stone used, it may be possible to re-run oversized waste stone pieces back through the ThinStone TXS system. This effectively increases production yields, decreases material requirements and improves the overall profitability of creating thin stone products.

Circle No. 220

The Pedrini LUX M920GR bridge saw for marble and granite is a cast iron machine, with automatic PLC- controlled cycle programming, top-level construction and operational features, according to the company. All motion motors are inverter controlled and equipped with an encoder. The work parameters are programmed from the control panel, and visualized on display. The tilting disc holding head allows for granite step cutting -- even in a tilted position.

Features of the bridge saw include: a maximum cutting thickness of 200 to 250 mm; a maximum cutting stroke (X axis ) of 3,600 mm; a bridge crosswise stroke (Y axis) of 3,600 mm; a motorspindle head stroke (Z axis) of 420 mm; and disc maximum diameter of 625 to 725 mm.

Circle No. 221

Zorzan Fratelli, Snc has been building rugged, precise bridge saws for over 25 years, available from Performance Stone Systems. The Zorzan 3500 is an economical yet durable saw that is simple to operate. The main components of the bridge, head and table are made of cast iron to resist corrosion, minimize vibration and maximize stability, reports the manufacturer. The bridge and head slide on guides in an oil bath protected against water and dust infiltration, and covered with stainless steel guards for extra protection.

The Zorzan 3500 comes standard with a 20 hp motor with a cutting stroke of 11.5 x 11.5 feet and a manual tilting saw head to 45 degrees. The control panel is located on the right-hand side of the bridge and includes a panel for all the operating commands and pro-gramming. Additionally, it includes a digital readout display of the bridge position. The cast iron rotating table can be positioned by the operator from 0 to 360 degrees with a pneumatic brake. The Zorzan 3500 also comes standard with convenient moveable pendant control with a portable push-button panel for lifting/lowering, right/left, forwards/backwards.

Circle No. 222

The newest addition to Regent Stone Products bridge saw inventory is the Marmoelettromeccanica Storm. The Storm has many of the features found on more expensive bridge saws, while being priced to be competitive with other entry-level saws. The Storm can be mounted on four support post structures or can be installed on block walls. Some of the standard features offered by the Storm include: double bridge beam design; all saw head and bridge movements are motorized; a 20 hp direct-drive saw motor with laser; 45-degree manual tilting saw head; and a rotating and locking turntable with an easy lift slab titling device for loading and unloading slabs. All of these features make this saw a tremendous value for the price.

Circle No. 223

Available from Stone Depot Importers & Distributors is the TBC 350 automatic bridge saw equipped with a strong cutting head and steel I-beam table. The saw is built for easy operation, is laser guided and has a table tilt. Additionally, it is step cutting programmable and can cut within 1⁄64 of an inch.

Circle No. 224

Sommer & Maca's new Tri-Axe Warrior II bridge saw features a hydraulic worktable that tilts to 85 degrees for easy loading and unloading. The tilting cutting head is belt driven by a 15 hp motor. The hydraulic worktable also rotates 360 degrees with eight preset positions, and locks at any angle for accurate cross cutting. Laser guides allow for precise setups. Computerized digital controls make repeat cuts easy and fast, and it can be erected on concrete piers or optional metal legs.

Circle No. 225

The new stone cutter TC 04 Numeric from Thibaut is part of the generation of “intelligent” machines. Simple to use and “comfortable,” TC 04 Numeric is a step towards autonomy and creativity, reports Thibaut. The turntable was removed and replaced with an automatic 360-degree rotating head, allowing sawing in all directions. In addition to a greater facility of use and savings of time (successive cuts automatically), this numeric system gives the possibility to interpolate two axis in the plan, to follow cuts from each other in any direction (easy balanced stairs production), and to make external cuts as interior (hotplate).

Axes are equipped with an encoder for an immediate location of the position (visualization of X, Y, Z and A positions). Tilting head from 0 to 50 degrees with compensation of load, TC 04 Numeric will be able to build all your cuts in skew. Ergonomic remote controls by console with LCD screen allows a precision of posting ± 1⁄10 mm and visualization of the dimensions. Spindle motor 8.8 kW allowing to fit discs diameter 400 to 520 mm. Travel speed on X and Y axis between 0.1 to 16 m/ minute. Cast solid frame unit and table galvanized equipped with a tilting loading plate for an easy and fast handling (option).

Circle No. 226

With the TSH 1800 horizontal wire saw, Thibaut proposes a solution for fabricating blocks into thin or thick slabs in granite, marble or limestone, reports the company. The TSH 1800 is a horizontal wire saw installed on a 40-meter-long runway, which can be programmed to process 16 blocks at one time. The unit can run without supervision, due to an automatic system for inserting wedges between slabs. This also allows the machine to operate 24 hours a day. Thibaut reports that the wire executes flat horizontal cuts with minimal bowing, and it can process nearly 3,800 cubic feet of material with a single wire.

The TSH 1800 was also engineered for optimum safety, and it has received awards within the European market-place for its success in this regard, Thibaut reports.

Circle No. 227

The Denver Space Saw, available from VIC International, is a true gantry saw and is designed to cut slabs of marble, granite and other stones to the highest level of precision. The saw has a heavy-duty bridge, which allows vibration-free cutting for the life of the saw. The motor assembly is gear driven and utilizes stainless steel V-groove rollers, which roll on tempered steel guides. The head tilts up to 90 degrees with a mechanical hand wheel. The Denver Space Saw comes with a manual rotating worktable that has fixed stops every 45 degrees. A pendant control gives the operator control of the saw functions when working tableside.

Circle No. 228


The Hercules edge profiling machine from Braxton-Bragg Corp. is available in variable-speed and single-speed models with optional hydroplaning or roller system base. Both models will quickly and safely mill and shape the edges of slabs of marble, granite or other stone materials in various profiles and thicknesses. It accepts virtually all brands of bits and comes standard with a 22-mm shaft for the tool holder and 10-mm female thread. Hercules edge profiling machines come with a six-month warranty, ground fault interrupter and a built-in quick disconnect fitting to attach to the water supply.

Circle No. 229

Dia-Pro X-Treme edge profile machines from Granite City Tool are available in variable speed or single speed with a hydroplane base. The X-Treme Variable Speed 4305-0004 includes: 220 volt, 3-phase, 3 hp continuous-duty motor; 220 volt, single-phase input; variable Speed from 3,000 to 10,000 rpms; and GFI converter box. The X-Treme Single Speed 4305-0015 includes: 220 volt, single phase; 1 1⁄2 hp continuous-duty motor; 10,000 rpm speed; and Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI).

The Dia-Pro X-Treme machines are now available in two models: the original 3 hp variable speed, and the new 1 1⁄2 hp single speed. Both models are heavy-duty and made for X-treme industrial usage. Additionally, both models are made in the U.S., and include a full one-year limited warranty. X-treme machines have easily adjust