Stone World once again presents a roundup of the newest technological advances
in equipment, as well as tools and accessories (coming in February), used in stone production.
From cutting large blocks to fabricating countertops, manufacturers are continually
researching and developing new ways to devise products that will assist in these processes.
The following is a showing of what’s on the market in the coming year.

Baca Systems

Robo SawJet Dual Table System

Baca Systems is focused on developing innovative fabrication solutions for the countertop industry, and is known as a leader in Robotic SawJet technology. Our team of dedicated professionals are experts in robotic automation, system integration, waterjet technology and countertop fabrication. Baca Systems is a front runner, providing flexible manufacturing systems that are the most productive, reliable and lowest cost to operate in the industry. The Baca Systems Robo SawJet Dual Table System can double the production of your stone fabrication. It allows you to be cutting on table one while unloading and reloading your next slab. Robo SawJet can produce a fully cut slab in approximately 12 to 30 minutes, including all radii, arcs and sink cut outs.  By reducing your secondary processing, it can save you up to 70% on your labor cost. The Single Table Robo SawJet System works just like the dual and is ready to be upgraded to the Robo SawJet Dual Table at any time in the future.

Beckart Environmental

Water Recycling System

Designed for 100% water recycling and closed-loop operation, the Hy-Pack® system from Beckart Environmental filters influent from saws, polishers and CNC equipment down to below one micron, and routes the clean water back for use in the fabrication process. These fully automated systems include company-engineered PLC control panels, and fabricators deal directly with the manufacturer throughout the planning, installation and support phases of all critical equipment. They are available in 10 GPM to 200 GPM sizes, and all systems are backed by a factory-trained network of regional support technicians for years of reliable service.

Braxton Bragg

Edging Machinery

The Hercules Electric Router is a hydroplaning router that can be used in practically any shop without installing the special voltage regulators or three-phase wiring required by other models of routers. Versatile, fast and safe, the Hercules excels at milling and shaping your granite or marble slab edges — just connect the Hercules to a standard GFCI circuit and it works quickly and safely on your choice of profiles or slab thickness. And the 22-mm-tool holder shaft with 10-mm-female thread accepts virtually any brand of bit, making this the most popular and versatile router Braxton-Bragg offers.

The Hydroplaning System used on the Hercules Single Speed model has been tested and perfected after years of industry use. A Quick-Connect water fitting allows you to tap into a common faucet water supply, in the shop or on the jobsite.

Additionally, the Hercules Single Speed Router comes with Braxton-Bragg’s 30-day risk-free, money-back guarantee and the manufacturer’s 12-month warranty.

Variable Speed Hercules Edge Profiling Machines with control unit 220-volt, single-phase power required.


Saw/Cutting Machinery

Co.Fi.Plast and Wires Engineering designed and developed a new generation of profiling machines, model F.101 SAG. The innovative three-axis profiling machines are equipped with asynchronous motor and standard speed variator.

The machines are interfaced with a CAD CAM system for a flexible and fast programming directly from the panel. The synergy between Co.Fi.Plast diamond wire and the Wires Engineering machine enables accurate cutting precision, also in the complex shapes. Additionally, service and spare parts, located in South Dakota, help to reduce drastically machine stoppages.

Co.Fi.Plast is strongly active on site, offering technical support and guiding the customer in the selection of the best cutting parameters and diamond wire typology. The synergy between two companies of the Brocco Group: Wires Engineering for the design and construction of mono and multi-wire machines and Co.Fi.Plast for the supply of diamond wire demonstrated that a detailed knowledge of the technology and a great competence in manufacturing processes represent a winning combination for the manufacturing of a performing product. /


CNC Stoneworking Machinery

The GL3 CN2 automatic bridge sawing machine is a multi-blade with numeric control with interpolated axes n.3/5. Heads for the blade are up to Ø 500 mm, orientation 370 degrees. The central head automatically tilts from 0 to 90 degrees vertical.

The bridge saw has a stroke from 300 mm on slide, with ball circulating guides. Additionally, there are inverter blades and electro spindles cooled with liquid for parallel, orthogonal and diagonal cuts, as well as polygons, arches and circumferences. It has an optical collimator and a touch screen.


CNC Stoneworking Machinery

Intermac’s new Master series of three-, four- and five-axis CNC work centers is designed to deliver maximum flexibility and productivity for shops machining natural stone, quartz and ceramic material. The new robust Master series offers a greater tool change capacity and is available with a variety of table sizes and options to accommodate all manufacturing requirements for countertops, vanity, flooring, facades and coverings, with the highest safety standards. In addition, the integrated interface on the new parametric bSolid CAD-CAM makes it possible to execute all necessary operations within the same working environment, with a high level of integration with bridge saws.

Lackmond Stone

Saw/Cutting Machinery

The Achilli MBS/IG TS bridge saw, exclusively offered by Lackmond Stone, is a three-axis machine with touch-screen control and mobile bridge. It can fit blades from 14 to 20 inches and is equipped with a three-phase, 15hp motor. The MBS IG is engineered with motorized head travel with variable speeds on three travel axes, X, Y and Z. The manual head rotation in four positions is equipped with hydraulic lock and unlock by pushing buttons together with the manual rotation of the table. This special feature allows the MBS/IG TS saw to perform straight and diagonal cuts in all directions.

The bridge saw is manufactured with a compact sturdy steel frame completely sandblasted and ceramic coated to protect from slurry, debris, rust and corrosion. It has a tilting and rotating work table and a manual table rotation with positive locks at 0, -/+90 and  -/+45 degrees for free brake positioning. It also has a manual head tilt from 90 to 45 degrees by hand wheel to execute mitering. The laser alignment device mounted on the head achieves an effective cutting optimization, showing the blade cutting line.

Marmo Meccanica

Edge Polishing Machinery

The LCR edge polisher for flat and pencil round edges is a special horizontal seven-head polishing machine specifically designed to produce the traditional flat, like the LCV 711M, but will also produce small radius edges, as well as 45-degree bevels. The LCR produces the same level of quality finishes as a bullnose machine with the high speed of a traditional flat edge polisher. 

Thanks to two groups of 3+3 counter oscillating polishing heads, you can polish the edge and generate perfectly polished small radius edges at a much higher speed rate as if  using a bull-nosing machine, increasing production times at a lower cost. The machine will also process bevel edges when the beams are locked at 45 degrees.

This machine can also be equipped with our “V/O” technology which allows for miter cutting as well as “notch cut” lamination processing.

Northwood Machine Manufacturing

CNC Stoneworking Machinery

Northwood Machine is an American manufacturer of large-envelope, heavy-duty CNC machinery for the modern stone fabricator: routers, mills, SawJets, grinders and polishers for limestone, granite, glass, iron, aluminum, wood and composites. The Northwood CNC Robotic SawJet is available in 400L and 280L sizes, dual-tank or single-tank configurations, and features ProbePerfect™ technology. This gives countertop fabricators the ability to automatically cut complex countertops precisely and automatically, even with curves and sink cutouts. The Northwood CNC Stone Router series is available with or without servo-saw miter capability, and in three table sizes, the SW126, SW138 and SW158. The stone router gives the fabricator the ability to apply any edge profile automatically, all the way to full polish; regardless how complex the edge shape. The Ultimate Fab Center adds the power of a CNC saw to miter and rod, as well as cut full slabs before routing.


Edge Polishing Machinery

The Tower7 combines all the solutions developed by Omag throughout its extended experience in leading-edge technology machines, allowing it maximum rigidity and “limitless” movement capability. Tower, despite moving in a robot-like manner, features a torsional rigidity 50% higher than traditional anthropomorphic systems.

The Tower means no limits to any range of machining, it is designed and built so that it can be equipped and customized in order to perform any machining typical of smaller or bigger workshops. The available size range makes it possible for customers to make the best possible choice for their specific machining needs, thus ensuring a perfectly targeted purchase. Nonetheless, the precision engineering also allows three-dimensional machining, low reliefs, inlays, kitchen tops, arches, capitals and sculptural columns.

The 7-axis machine moves on, combined with a seventh axis, being the rotation of the working plane, allow every surface of the workpiece to be machined with no limits to the undercut.

Park Industries

CNC Stoneworking Machinery

The Apex 5-axis CNC saw, from Park Industries, provides you the performance to manufacture high-precision complex parts. Built and designed for multi-purpose sawing production, the Apex is packed with features that elevate the value of a 5-axis CNC saw by:

  • Cutting curves (contour cutting)
  • Straight line and curved profiling
  • Ability to process complex parts (five sides with single setup)
  • Unattended “lights out” sawing and milling
  • Extended gantry track option for maximum efficiency

The programming on the Apex is very intuitive, featuring an on-screen setup for basic stone cutting. The parametric shape features includes a collection of predefined shapes that can be dimensionally.

Transform blocks of stone into uniquely designed pieces with the Apex 5-axis CNC saw. If you can dream it, the Apex can cut it with high efficiency and accuracy.

Optional programmable vacuum lift and automated material height sensor allows operators to have a safe, fast and efficient way to optimize set-up and separate parts for higher productivity.

PB Marble

Water Recycling System

This is a dehydration system for the fast collection and trapping of the abrasive mud produced by machining and finishing marble, granite and other stones. The dehydrator is an economical, one-step method in separating and dewatering sludges and slurries. It is constructed of stainless steel and consists of four basic components: pump, mud holding tank, clean water tray and filter bags.

It comes with 20 free bags and has a filtering capacity of 50 gallons/minute.


CNC Stoneworking Machinery

The Millennium420 CNC 4 axes Daytona is the highest-ranked work center in PCruz USA’s range produced in accordance with the highest standards of quality for CNC work centers. It features a large size, an extremely strong monoblock structure, all motion systems in oil baths, full stainless steel protection and other unique characteristics. The monoblock structure facilitates machine transportation, assembly and installation. It also provides for increased resistance to vibrations that results in higher precision of finishing.

The Millennium420 CNC 4 axes Daytona is equipped with high-accuracy linear guides immersed in oil baths and totally protected from water and dust with stainless steel. The work center requires no maintenance while has utmost durability.

The unique combination of the servomotors and gear motor ensure acceleration most appropriate for each job. The work center is equipped with systems for control, compensation and optimization of tool wearing.

These and other features enable us to guarantee high productivity, precision, durability and low-maintenance costs for the Millennium420 CNC 4 axes Daytona work center.

Pellegrini Meccanica

Saw/Cutting Machinery

The Dodecawire is suitable for high production of thick and thin slabs. This plant runs up to 12 wires to cut a wide range of various thicknesses from 2 cm up to 8 cm.

High flexibility and different thicknesses configuration can be achieved in quite a short time by means of an innovative procedure — the tensioning flywheels can be manually spaced axially along the shaft without removing them, allowing mixed metric or imperial thicknesses in the same shot.

The plant is available in both stationary and gantry (roller) version, equipped with big diameter tensioning flywheels and may have either a motor drum or motor flywheels, as per the Pellegrini consolidated patented system. The maintenance is quick and simple. This is the new frontier of flexibility and performance.

Poseidon Industries

CNC Stoneworking Machinery

The Poseidon Industries Guardian SX 3 CNC machine is the only one of its kind to offer multi-tool cones to reduce tool changes. Unlike mono-block design, this machine comes standard with steel legs reducing vibration which leads to more precision. We offer this machine in dual-table, as well as customizable working dimensions built to our customers specifications with installs all across North America.

Salem Stone

Edge Polishing Machinery

Salem Stone presents the new vertical edge polisher, Vela 216, by Montresor. The Vela 216 is designed for a mirror polish on straight edges of granite, engineered stone, ceramics and marble. Thanks to an innovative double belt conveyor system, it is now possible to polish narrow work pieces from 45 mm and short sides from 80 mm without the help of any special devices. Changing of the tools is done from the backside, which is another very important advantage compared to other vertical edge polishers. This machine comes standard with seven oscillating frontal units and 1+1 or 2+2 beveling units and two roller conveyors. A multifunctional cutting unit is optional. See a demonstration of the Vela 216 in our new equipment showroom or at TISE/Stone Expo, January 18 to 20, 2017.