The AIM MasterJetSaw, available from AGM, is a combination 20-hp saw and 50-hp waterjet. Engineered to be compact and efficient - open from the front and both sides - the MasterJetSaw systems offer easy loading with work areas that are free of obstructions. The MasterJetSaw is ruggedly designed for full-time production operation, with oversized bearings, full bellows way protection and optimized low-stress electronic servo drives. With a rigid, high-accuracy rotary cutting head equipped and a 20-hp variable speed blade and a 50-hp long-life abrasive cutting system, the MasterJetSaw can cut accurately and repeatedly in stone up to 4 inches thick, AGM reports. Using the unit's precise repetitive motion, users can increase material utilization and production rates by using common line cutting and close nesting of parts. Linear cuts can be executed with the high-speed saw, while the radius corners are cut using the abrasivejet. Oval sinks and plumbing cutouts are processed with the machine's self-aligning abrasive head.

AIM MasterJetSaw systems are fabricated to the best industry standards of structural steel and plate. All critical surfaces and supports on both the base and gantry are precision machined for long-term alignment and accuracy.

Travels of all controlled axes are driven by closed-loop servomotors through ultra-low backlash gear reducers and automatically lubricated precision helical rack-and-pinion for uncompensated accuracy of +/-0.015 inch (0.4mm) on a 7- x 12-foot machine.

An integrated solid-state electronics package provides the control signals, switching, servo motor power, and inputs for programming and operation.

A variety of cutting beds are available, including fixed, single and multiple-transfer tables and pallet-style transfer tables.