The Technostone 1500 x 3000, the Technostone 2300 x 4000 and the Multiwork STP from Bimatech are the base models of the CNC stoneworking centers offered by International Machine Corp. of Holbrook, NY. The founders of Bimatech, Luciano Paci and Marco Tamburini, are well known and highly respected in the stone industry. They were the former co-founders of Intermac, and have been active in the CNC field for many years, earning them international acclaim.

Customers who have been using Bimatech work centers for more than a year recognize the importance of keeping the time of tooling the machine to a minimum, the company reports. Technostone machines are equipped with on-board laser tool measuring that provides fast and accurate calibration, a 20-mm-thick PVC work field, mechanically locked into place to prevent possible delamination, and an independent closed-circuit liquid cooling system for the electrospindle.

Both the Technostone machines and the Multiwork STP include a laser projector for quick positioning of stops and suction cups in the work area. Because of the new laser projector, Bimatech stoneworking centers can be set up in a short time, idle times are minimized, and productivity is increased by 30%, according to the company.

The powerful machines also contain a laser pre-setter. This system, which runs with the software "Tools by Family," is comprised of two laser turrets installed to the further frontal ends of the machine, generating a 13-foot-long laser beam, which allows for tool measuring at any point along the beam.

Bimatech machines have been designed with nonstop control systems to monitor their functions. Signaling is used to anticipate a malfunction, and the security systems intervene to avoid mechanical breakage from malfunctions. Clear and simple indicators allow the machine operator to understand and evaluate every potential irregular situation. Furthermore, the Bimatech technical service department can be directly linked through an Internet connection and a Web cam, allowing a Bimatech technician to check the entire machine, identify the problem and find the solution in real time without having to wait for travel time.

An additional rotating axis can be added on the Technostone models, using aggregates to realize shaped and linear engraving, shaped and linear sawing and writing. All of these functions are standard on the base version on the Multiwork STP model, because of the versatility of the working head, which can perform all the needed movements, managed by the powerful dedicated BIM-CAD system of CAD-CAM programming.