The Thibaut T818 CNC stone-working center, available in North America from EuroStone Machine of Atlanta, GA, offers users a broad range of choices and options. The gantry movement model is equipped with two 3.2- x 1.6-meter parallel tables. A linear 45-tool magazine is strategically placed between the tables, allowing for a 30% increase in potential machine utilization.

Fabricators can also choose the T818 compact, which has a single-table 3.2- x 1.6-meter table. This offers a shop the advantage of a relatively small footprint.

Users can also select the level of complexity of the operating software to suit each individual workforce. This applies to both versions of the T818, and allows a fabricator the ability to quickly reach optimum production, Thibaut reports. The unit offers Stage One software to quickly begin processing after installing the machine, and operators can move onto the Stage Two software as they gain more experience.

Both machines have the following Thibaut features and more incorporated into their design and manufacture:

  • Programmable pneumatic pressure to ensure a fast, efficient and economical final polish
  • A 45-tool “Load It and Forget It” magazine changer for constant changing of tools in the magazine
  • Low-maintenance, long-life tilting table
  • Automatic high-pressure water table washing system
  • A suction cup pre-positioning table for the slab to be worked, increasing machine utilization
  • Improved and simplified machine table loading and unloading