Flow International Corp., a leading developer and manufacturer of ultrahigh-pressure (UHP) waterjet technology, announced the launch of its new StoneCrafter waterjet system, with a variety of powerful pump options, larger envelope size for greater productivity and other features specific to the stone and tile market.

Flow's latest waterjet cutting system is customized for stone and solid surface fabrication and features a 6.5- x 12-foot cutting envelope, a reinforced catcher tank system designed to handle heavy slabs, enhanced stone material library and a wide range of popular sink templates for ease of countertop production. The StoneCrafter was designed to reliably fabricate heavy slabs, minimizing material breakage and enhancing productivity, the company reports. Customized software modules are included to increase productivity from design through fabrication and increase material utilization.

According to the company, the new StoneCrafter builds on Flow's wide acceptance and innovation within the stone and tile industry. “Customers have been incredibly successful fabricating stone projects with Flow waterjets; the growth really supported creating a truly unique system just for the stone industry,” said Robert Peterson, Flow's waterjet market manager. “The innovations in StoneCrafter further benefit the industry and enable fabricators to be even more productive and profitable.”