Park Industries' high-production Prestige CNC stoneworking center produces curved edgework and complete sink cut-outs with touch-screen simplicity, the company reports. The machine was engineered to be a fast, easy-to-use work center, utilizing Park's proven, easy-to-operate CNC controls.

Powered by Microsoft® Windows PC technology, this CNC stoneworking center has Park's StoneCAM® Shop Floor Programming software to provide users with a friendly, touch-screen interface. Electronic files can be imported into the control unit, or operators can use the machine's on-board template digitizing system to create shapes quickly from existing job templates in just one easy step. Fabrication shops that have the ability to use CAD can further maximize their output with the addition of Park's fully integrated StoneCAM® software.

The computer-controlled, 12-hp spindle runs up to 10,000 rpms, routing and edging straight and decorative radius shapes on 1- to 6-cm stone. The 25-position automatic tool-changing system provides high efficiency, thus reducing labor costs and increasing productivity.

Working dimensions are as follows:
Axis; Length of Movement; Maximum Speed

X-Axis (Crosstravel Movement); 13 feet, 2 inches; 600 inches / minute

Y-Axis (Gantry Movement); 8 feet, 3 inches; 600 inches / minute

Z-Axis (Spindle Rise and Lower Movement); 12 inches; 500 inches / minute

In addition to the state-of-the-art features of the Park Prestige, operators also receive Park's customer service package that includes: a “Next Day or No Pay parts guarantee;” a full two-year warranty program; and 24-hour troubleshooting customer support, seven days a week. The Park Prestige also includes a remote operation and diagnostics capability via modem, which allows Park's customer service department to dial-in directly to the equipment for operator assistance.