The Sprinter 99 edging machine is manufactured by SB Construzioni Macchine and distributed in the U.S. by Inter Stone Supplies, LLC, of North Hollywood, CA. The machine has a single motor for processing straight or rounded edges, and three movements are controlled from one workstation. For straight edges, the machine can process pieces ranging from 2 to 6 cm in thickness, and curved edges can be processed in thicknesses ranging from 2 to 10 cm. The polishing head has 3 hp of power, and the overall maximum power of the machine is 6 hp.

The workpieces to be processed are held in place with a support bar measuring 10 1/2 feet long, which allows pieces to be loaded in sequence and reduces downtime. The Sprinter 99 was engineered to be suitable for large and small fabricating shops, and it features rigid chassis construction for optimum precision.