The T108A is the most recent model of the T108 range of stoneworking equipment from Thibaut of France. The T108A offers fabricators the possibility of fabricating kitchen countertops or vanity tops automatically, without the assistance of any operator. It offers all the advantages of a T108 line, but with automation, Thibaut reports. The machine operates without a template or operator, and it can process a broad range of forms and shapes, which can be stored in memory.

The T108A was engineered for optimum accuracy and quality of polish, with extended autonomy due to an automatic tool-changing device with the capacity to accommodate 23 tools. The machine was also designed with outstanding ergonomics and easy accessibility to the slab. The table is 3.4 meters long, allowing an operator to process several pieces at a time. The automation of the T108A frees the operator from painful tasks, such as milling, routing and drainboard milling.

If the standard processes need alteration, the T108A can be changed to hand-operation within seconds.

The programming of the T108 is simple, through a Thibaut-specific interface. It can be programmed according to the specific requirements of the manufacturer:

  • programming of the profile point by point (easy)
  • teach-in with the laser of the profile (visual)
  • input of .dxf files as a CAD software (standard Autocad)

The time to learn how to use the T 108A is quick (one or two weeks) and easy, according to Thibaut, and no specific CNC background is required. This allows a shop to have multiple operators of the T 108A, the company reports, and like other models, the T108A needs very little maintenance due to a sturdy and fully tested structure.

Finally, the T108A will achieve a top quality flat polish with only seven tools (compared to 12 to 19 tools on some other machines).

Thibaut is represented in North America by Eurostone Machine of Atlanta, GA.