ATLANTA, GA -- In honor of Made in the USA Day, celebrated annually on July 2nd, LX Hausys America Inc. proudly acknowledges over a decade of manufacturing excellence within the U.S., particularly through the production of its acclaimed VIATERA Quartz Surfaces. This year, in conjunction with observing 11 years of success, LX Hausys is excited to unveil exclusive summer deals on 11 premier VIATERA colors, including selections from the distinguished Legacy Collection. This initiative is a fitting tribute to the company's state-of-the-art facility in Georgia, marking its operational milestone since 2011.

LX Hausys has set a precedent in the manufacturing realm since the inauguration of its first VIATERA Quartz Surface Plant in the U.S., upholding a steadfast commitment to crafting products that embody the pinnacle of quality and innovation expected by the American market. With 538 dedicated employees spanning several facilities, which include the HIMACS Solid Surface Plant, the VIATERA Quartz Surface Plant and the Autoskin Plant, LX Hausys stands as a significant pillar of the American economy and manufacturing landscape.

Highlighting its contribution to local manufacturing, approximately 70% of HIMACS and VIATERA's 2024 standard offerings are proudly made in the U.S., utilizing both U.S. and imported components. This dedication not only showcases the availability of superior American-made products, but also aligns with the ethos of Made in the USA Day, encouraging consumers to choose local products that bolster the American economy and support job creation.

LX Hausys warmly extends an invitation to customers and distributors to partake in their exclusive promotional offers on celebrated VIATERA colors. Among these, the revered Legacy Collection, unveiled in 2013, marked a milestone as the initial range to feature VIATERA colors with distinctive vein patterns, setting a new standard for aesthetic excellence. Customers are encouraged to discover the perfect match for their spaces among LX Hausys' offerings, enhancing their interiors with the unparalleled elegance and resilience of VIATERA Quartz Surfaces, proudly manufactured in the U.S.