AUSTIN, TX -- Austin, TX-based LE Surfaces reports that they have doubled their U.S. and global sales of quartz products in the last 12 months. This marks the company’s strongest growth year ever, with growth far outpacing projections. Moreover, LE Surfaces has set their sights on further expansion into the European market. 

The quartz manufacturer has earned a Greenguard® Gold certification, the industry’s top testing program for products built to contribute to cleaner healthier indoor air. 

Having already invested heavily in developing its own custom-designed quartz manufacturing equipment, LE Surfaces’ in-house team of design experts and over 100 U.S.-based and 2,600 global staff set off on perfecting the process of handcrafting natural veining and color variance on a large scale. “When the market contracted, we invested in improving and expanding,” explained Andrew Evans, vice president of global sales & marketing for LE Surfaces. Despite market uncertainty, LE Surfaces took an aggressive gamble with further expansion in 2020 and 2021.

“Our distributors come to us looking for a better quartz supplier,” said Gordon Shell, vice president North and South American sales for LE Surfaces. “But we carefully select distributors that will become partners, not just buyers. We take extra care to earn dominant positions in their markets, together.”

Distributor partners benefit from a detailed market review spearheaded by LE Surface analysts. Each distributor partner carries a set of curated collections, crafted specifically for each distributor unique to trends in each regional market. LE Surfaces also provides go-to-market planning for these custom collections, including showroom planning, and event and marketing assistance. 

“We’re extremely proud of establishing a new standard of handcrafted quartz,” said Evans. “Our European sales have been growing organically for the last few years. Now we’re working towards the aggressive growth in the EU and UK that we have had in the U.S.”  

Today LE Surfaces’ handcrafted quartz is available in over 30 countries across the globe.