LOS ANGELES, CA -- Cambria, The Finest Countertop Makers in the World™, introduces six new additions to its iconic quartz design palette. The groundbreaking new designs are fueled by Cambria’s proprietary technology and techniques, and transcend the existing palette to further expand its innovative quartz surface collection. 

The new designs can be viewed in full slab format at the sales and distribution center showroom located at I3102 Imperial Highway, Los Angeles and the Cambria Gallery located at 42210 Cook Street, Palm Desert, CA.  

The three new WINDSOR™ designs include Windsor Brass™, Windsor Steel Satin Ridge™ and Windsor Brass Satin Ridge™.  

“Cambria’s new Windsor designs unveil a realm of design that transcends ordinary, a symphony of textures and visuals entwined in a harmonious embrace,” said Summer Kath, executive vice president of design for Cambria. “These one-of-a-kind creations are poised to steal the spotlight, leaving an indelible mark on the world of design.”

In addition to the new Windsor designs, three new Inverness™ designs have been added: Inverness Swansea™, Inverness Everleigh™ and Inverness Bristol Bay™. 

“The Inverness designs are a testament to Cambria technology reaching unparalleled pinnacles, meticulous craftsmanship and innovation that elevates aesthetics to unprecedented levels, with a touch of texture. These masterpiece designs will cater to diverse project aspirations,” said Kath.

All six of the new Cambria designs are available immediately and come in 2cm and 3cm thicknesses and are available in jumbo slab size of 65.5 inches x 132 inches (60 square feet).

Cambria has the most extensive palette of designs in the world with over 170 bold designs. These state-of-the-art designs can be viewed in full slabs at CAMBRIA’S GALLERIES AND SHOWROOMS  across the country. Design launch events are scheduled throughout the nation in Cambria Gallery, Sales and Distribution Center Showrooms in over 25 major US cities and metropolitan areas across the country. Samples can be ordered online at CambriaUSA.com.