The new Fusion collection results from Casalgrande Padana’s aesthetic research and technological innovation. It replicates the effects of metal oxidation, chrome plating and other processes, creating stunning colors and finishes. Fusion comes in six colors (black, copper, graphite, green, gray and white), with a natural finish, and in various formats and thicknesses. The 60x60cm, 60x120cm, and 120x120cm formats are 9mm thick, while the large 120x278cm format is 6mm thick. In addition to their sophisticated colors, Fusion tiles stand out for the typical shine of oxidized metal.

Iridescent accents, modern metal effects and porcelain stoneware’s outstanding technical features allow these tiles to be used on the floors and walls of any domestic space. They are also perfect for tiling furnishings, countertops, partition walls and accent walls.

Fusion tiles have a great visual impact. As a result, they are ideal for those who love a minimalist interior design style full of character. For example, they are perfect for modern open space living rooms and metropolitan or industrial chic lofts.

Fusion tiles are long-lasting, non-absorbent, non-allergenic, fire-resistant and antibacterial, thanks to the Bios Antibacterial® technology (available upon request). They also have excellent flexural strength and are easy to lay and clean. Whatever the latitude, these tiles withstand temperature fluctuations and never warp. Their exceptional mechanical strength maintains all these tiles’ features unchanged over time.  For more on the collection visit