What started as a back-of-the-napkin idea came full circle this February at TISE 2023.  At the industry’s largest surface event, a select group of women in the stone industry came together and held their inaugural female fabrication-networking event, establishing themselves as “Women Who Rock”. 

Sponsored by Cambria, Caragreen, ISFA, Moraware and Park Industries, the event brought together female stone industry leaders for meaningful conversations and networking.  “The intent was to bring together a knowledgeable, passionate and inclusive group of women to talk about the challenges women in leadership roles face in a male-dominated industry”, commented Meagan Hegland with Park Industries.  The inaugural meeting included 20 women from across the country who connected to share their stories as fabshop owners and operators as a way to connect with one another and drive the industry forward for women.  “This initial meeting was intentionally organic with the fundamental intent to gain insight into the industry with a desire to create a more formalized group. There is a clear demand to have a space for women to talk about a variety of topics spanning from shared education, gaining respect and buy-in from your teams as well as leading conversations with emotional intelligence.” Commented Emily Awaijane with Cambria.

Women Who Rock plans on continuing to schedule female leadership events and gatherings throughout the year including formalizing its association status. If you or anyone you know is interested in joining Women Who Rock please contact Emily or Meagan at

Emily Awaijane @ emily.awaijane@CambriaUSA.com or Meagan Hegland @ mhegland@parkindustries.com.