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Maintenance and care for natural stone and quartz surfacing are always important for fabricators to think about and to educate their customers accordingly. With this in mind, Contemporary Stone & Tile Design talked to Massimo Ballucchi, vice president of kitchen and bath business for Cosentino, and Sam Kim, senior vice president of MSI, about several basic suggestions when it comes to ensuring a long-lasting installation.

SW: When it comes to natural stone care, what do you recommend for before an incident and after? Do you recommend sealing?

MB: Maintenance of natural stone no longer has to be a headache, thanks to technological advancements like Sensa by Cosentino, which offers the unique beauty of natural stone combined with state-of-the-art stain-resistant technology. While other natural stones require annual sealing, Sensa by Cosentino is virtually maintenance free and has a transferable warranty for the treatment of 15 years, something that is unique in the sector.

The Sensa by Cosentino warranty covers the proper functioning of the action of the treatment for 15 years, provided homeowners follow the advice in the use and maintenance manual: clean the countertop regularly with a neutral soap and water, rubbing in circular motions with a microfiber cloth, leaving the soap to work for a few minutes and then drying.

In the unlikely event that a stain permeates the surface and cannot be removed with soap and water, we recommend contacting a local Cosentino representative to determine the next steps.

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SK: With granite and quartzite, a sealing layer will provide a tremendous amount of protection. Recommended annually by many, but I would not be surprised if a single seal provides lasting protection, as granite and quartzite are incredibly durable and resistant to everyday blemishes.

SW:When it comes to quartz, what do you recommend?

MB: Unlike natural stones like marble and granite that require regular sealing and maintenance due to their porosity, solutions like a quartz and mineral composite requires zero maintenance and are non-porous, so their texture is highly resistant to stains that would otherwise wreak havoc on natural stone.

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For everyday cleaning of spills like soap scum, food residue, makeup or water marks, you can use a bleach-free multi-purpose cleaner like most available store countertop cleaning products. Avoid harsh cleaners like bleach, paint strippers or alkaline cleaning products with Ph>12.

SK: Quartz is the next-gen, worry-proof countertop that requires zero sealing and zero re-sealing. Just install it and use it.