DALLAS, TX -- Daltile is currently launching its new Scrapbook glazed porcelain tile collection that offers vintage-inspired decorative 8-inch hexagons with corresponding 2- x 8-inch floor tiles.  Scrapbook features concrete visuals, available in perfectly muted colors.  

“Inspired by ancient heritage and encaustic tile traditions, Daltile’s new Scrapbook collection beautifully weaves the old and new to create an instant heirloom effect,” said Laura Grilli, director of product design, Dal-Tile LLC.  “Scrapbook brings to life time-honored encaustic tile in a modern color palette, including beautiful neutrals and a captivating keepsake blue.  Concrete visual replications, encaustic designs, and matte finishes culminate in an authentic hand-crafted look and feel.”  

“Scrapbook embodies the ‘Origins Exploration’ design trend that is popular in the world of interior design,” explained Grilli.  “From designers to consumers, we see a growing appreciation of heritage — ancient crafts, materials, skills and particular historical periods — as a way to enjoy roots and collective memories and find authenticity, a sense of belonging and treasures from the past.”  

Scrapbook’s decorative hexagons, solid hexagons, and complementary solid 2- x 8-inch floor tiles can seamlessly combine or stand alone in various patterns, adding comfort and the visual of hand-crafted beauty to any residential or commercial space.  Suitable for floor, wall and countertop applications.  Waterproof, slip-resistant, stainproof, dentproof, scratch-resistant, fire-resistant, durable and easy to clean, these tiles add beauty to a space while standing up to real-life activity.