CROSSVILLE, TN -- Crossville, Inc. launched its Classic Grooves porcelain tile collection, an innovative porcelain tile series comprised of graphically enhanced warm and cool neutral tiles complemented by an array of mosaics and playful decorative accents. 

Classic Grooves is attuned to modern design sensibilities. It has a classic appeal, yet is also eclectic thanks to an inventive surface visual and a surprising mix of designer elements. The look of the field tiles has subtle striations and tone-on-tone optics and features subtle, swirling surface glints enhanced with a soft, sophisticated sheen. The shapes and patterns of mosaics and wall tiles diversify the design possibilities. All elements harmonize to create a stand-out series for commercial and residential applications.

“The graphics and decorative options are the big stories with Classic Grooves,” explained Lindsey Waldrep, Crossville’s vice president of marketing. “The visual effect offers lots of surprises and the fun accent tiles and mosaics are perfect for mixing and matching to create custom designs.” 

The Classic Grooves collection is offered in five colors aptly named with nods to its record-playing inspiration representing today’s newest neutrals: Forty-Five, B-Side, Liner Notes, Turntable and Sleeve. 

The collection comes in two unpolished large field tile sizes of 12 x 24 and 24 x 24 inches. Though the texture of the tiles is smooth to the touch, the finish provides necessary slip resistance. 

Classic Grooves’ mosaic options emulate palm designs, with two linear accents featuring metallic glazes, a sheet mosaic of individually cut palm shapes and a traditional 2- x 2-inch mosaic. The trim package includes bullnose and covebase options that provide a large range of application feasibility – from demanding commercial installations to residential interiors.
 Classic Grooves field tiles are made in the USA and Green Square Certified to answer sustainability standards. The complete collection is suited for commercial or residential projects with options recommended for both interior walls and floors.