LuxeHome, the world’s largest collection of premier boutiques for home building and renovation, located on the first floor of the Merchandise Mart in downtown Chicago, welcomes Vadara Quartz Distributed by UGM Surfaces to its Design Resource Center (Suite 163).

“Designers, architects, custom homebuilders and homeowners looking for a comprehensive collection of designs and superior quality will be impressed by what Vadara Quartz Distributed by UGM Surfaces has to offer,” said Blair Loftspring, managing director, leasing and marketing, Vornado | Merchandise Mart. “We are delighted to welcome them to LuxeHome.”

The newly opened space represents an exclusive collaboration with UGM Surfaces and its partner Vadara Quartz. Designer Kerri Callahan of Polymath Design joined the collaboration in order to bring the space to life with core objectives being to inspire visitors with large displays and, at the same time, to keep the aesthetic welcoming, open and functional.

“We view LuxeHome and the Merchandise Mart as the epicenter of the design community here in Chicago and there are tremendous benefits to being displayed and associated among some of the world’s top brands who are present at theMART,” said Brian Barnett, vice president distribution, Vadara Quartz. “We also look forward to participating in the many LuxeHome events which are hosted throughout the year and becoming more engaged with the local industry professionals who attend them.”

Vadara’s complete collection fuses handcrafted artistry, the majesty of nature and the resilience of quartz for surfaces that empower creativity. Each design is inspired by the world’s most beautiful places — creating veins and patterns that breathe life into each surface. Pure, natural quartz is combined with pigments, resins and expert craftsmanship to mirror the inspiration found in the natural world.

“Each Vadara piece UGM offers is created with an artist’s vision, so you’re not just getting the highest quality handcrafted quartz, but also a promise your space will reflect your eye for meaningful design,” said Anik Narula, CEO, UGM Surfaces. “Whether you’re creating spaces of purpose or spaces of awe, adding Vadara Quartz to your design means putting creativity with heart at the start of every project.”