Founded in 1999, UGM Surfaces has grown to become a successful natural stone and engineered surface supplier with locations in Chicago, IL; Detroit, MI; Cleveland, OH; Milwaukee, WI; St. Louis, MO; and Omaha, NE. Moreover, in July of 2023, the company opened a facility in Plymouth, MN – offering its customers a complete interactive experience where they can view products and meet with their clients. 

“We started looking into the Minnesota market on behalf of UGM Surfaces in 2021,” said Jeff Armantrout, vice president of sales at UGM’s Minnesota location. “That was based on a very robust design community in the Twin Cities.” 

Once the decision was confirmed to move forward with the new facility, UGM partnered with a design firm. “We wanted to create a collaborative space that would serve as inspiration to architects, designers, homeowners, and really allow them to ignite their imagination to explore all of the design possibilities that our products inspire,” said Armantrout. “The planning phase of this location was done with attention to minute details involving the participation of the entire UGM management team at every step and building on the 24 years of experience UGM has in marketing and distributing.”

Armantrout explained the Plymouth location is west of Minneapolis where there is a significant amount of residential development. “The showroom concept has developed considerably,” he said. “Visitors expect an experience beyond simply seeing products. Most visitors are very well informed before they decide to visit a showroom.”

Stone World recently sat down with Armantrout to learn more details about the Minnesota facility, as well as UGM Surfaces’ company philosophy. Watch the video interview above.