Women’s Leadership Conference

Monday, January 31st; 1:00pm – 5:00pm 

followed by reception for conference participants



Welcome and Brief Introduction

Emcee: Katie Ford

  • Inspiration for this conference
  • Commendations to Women In the Floorcovering Industry, Women of the Flooring Business, and Women in Stone
  • Flow for the day and set-up of next session


6 New Friends Ice Breaker

  • Quick Introductions
  • Share Business Cards
  • What is the primary goal you have for attending the conference?


Enshrining the Leader in You

Moderator: Megan Salzano

Panelists: Michelle Winters; Lisbeth Calandrino 

  • Overcoming self-doubt
  • Speaking up and speaking out
  • Finding your leadership style
  • Fostering growth and upward movement


6 More New Friends Networking

  • Quick Introductions
  • Share Business Cards
  • What was the best tip you heard from the panel?



Top 7 Personality Challenges and Success

Featured Speaker: Dawn Jones (Dawn Jones Productions)

  • Key motivators for each personality type
  • Increase morale and cooperation with all people
  • Motivate even the most stubborn types
  • Eliminate manipulation
  • Defuse angry and difficult people
  • Identify when and how to adjust personality style without appearing weak or intimidated


Even More 6 New Friends Networking

  • Quick Introductions
  • Share Business Cards
  • How do we take the knowledge and skills from the Women’s Leadership Conference and implement into our companies?


The Importance of Mentorship

Moderator: Tanja Kern

Panelists: Karla Forest; Emily Finkell Morrow; Deb DeGraaf

  • Roles of the Mentor and Mentee
  • Developing goals and success metrics
  • The Feedback Loop
  • Nurturing the relationship and tactfully severing with kindness



The Wrap in Groups

Emcee: Katie Ford

  • Useful discoveries
  • One concept to move-on immediately
  • Three concepts to move-on in the next six months
  • Evaluating your goals




Location: Shangri-La Room in The Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay