Take a look at the 2022 roundup of the latest fabricating technology in machinery.

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Weha Lamellar 250 | Diamond5 CNC Bridge Saw | TITAN® 3000 CNC Router Series | Water Treatment Solutions | Plunge Cut Rotary Blade Saw

Weha Lamellar 250 Series Water Treatment Plant | GranQuartz

SW 0122 Fabricating Technology Gran Quartz

The Lamellar 250 series water treatment plant is a water recycling system designed for stone fabricators. This system utilizes a vertical clarifier with a Lamellar pack, sludge filtration bags, plus flocculant and coagulant additives for optimum performance. The 250 series delivers 66 gallons per minute of water clarified down to 20 to 30 microns. Lamellar water systems are manufactured using durable and long-lasting galvanized steel construction. These systems can be setup for indoor or outdoor installations, and they are easy to maintain. Sludge is easily removed from the system using the included sludge bags and stand. Flocculant and Coagulant additives are also easy to manage using the included automatic pump and feed systems.

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Diamond5 CNC Bridge Saw | Machine Tech Enterprises

SW 0122 Fabricating Technology Machine Tech

New in 2021, BridgeSaw.com, powered by Machine Tech Enterprises, introduced the Diamond5 CNC Bridge Saw – our most technologically advanced bridge saw yet! With the Diamond5, your shop productivity will skyrocket and revolutionize how your shop functions. The bridge saw is backed by the best service in the U.S. from technicians you have trusted to install and maintain your stone fabrication equipment for over 10 years. Features include: Italian Pegasus Cad/Cam software, Yaskawa drives, German electronics, integration with laser templating, automatic tool measurement, easy-to-use programming, 5 interpolated axis for complex cutting, router bit for sink cutouts and inside corners, full tilting hydraulic table, vacuum system for material saving and nesting and a camera for slab setup. Each machine comes with our three-year clear-cut guarantee, installation and training with one of our experienced technicians and lifetime remote technical support.

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TITAN® 3000 CNC Router Series | Park Industries

SW 0122 Fabricating Technology Park

Get more done with the industry's leading CNC router. The TITAN® 3000 CNC Router Series from Park Industries® features unmatched productivity with fast tool changes and speedy out of cut movements. With flexible water control, exceptional build quality, and precise accuracy – the TITAN® is the top choice for high-speed polishing with ease, reliability, and accuracy. Offering a large, heavy-duty table, the TITAN® provides you the freedom to load up a table full of parts, hit go, and walk away while it efficiently finishes countertops, vanities, and more. Route, shape, and polish stone with lower costs and maximum uptime on a TITAN® CNC Routers from Park Industries®. Learn more or request a quote at: www.parkindustries.com/titan

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Water Recycling System | Water Treatment Solutions

SW 0122 Fabricating Technology Water Treatment

Water Treatment Solutions (WTS) pioneered the 100% closed loop, chemical-free, water recycling system for the stone industry. The company is an innovator in producing both crystal clear recycled water at less than 2 micron and gray/white water at less than 25 micron. With over 1,200 systems installed across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America and the Islands, WTS knows that water is the backbone of your shop – that’s why it prides itself on providing the best customer service. WTS is also dedicated to the well-being of your team. That is why we use no chemicals in its process and its system has the ability to capture the stone dust residue to such an extent that the air born silica dust is meeting and exceeding OSHA standards in WTS shops tested across the U.S.

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Plunge Cut Blade Saw | Wilson Industrial Electric

SW 0122 Fabricating Technology Wilson

Wilson Industrial’s newest innovation is our Plunge Cut Rotary Blade Saw. These saws are similar to our large rotary blade saws and tailored toward limestone and sandstone cutting. Because of the softer stone, these saws are designed to take the entire cut at once, no need to chip a little away at a time with this new innovation. These saws are manufactured with Mitsubishi UL-certified controls systems, larger motors and gearboxes, and no rise and fall. If you are cutting a softer stone, you cannot go wrong with this piece of equipment suited perfectly to meet your production needs.

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