Manufacturers of fabrication machinery continue to research and develop new equipment to satisfy the needs of fabricators. As technology continues to advance it leads to innovative stoneworking machinery that results in better efficiency and less labor in the shop. The following are some of the latest fabrication machinery that is available today.

Water Filtration System: Beckart


Hy-Pack system from Beckart Environmental


The Hy-Pack® system from Beckart Environmental, a 100% zero-discharge water recycling system designed for 100% water recycling and closed-loop operation, filters influent from saws, polishers and CNC equipment down to below one micron, and routes the clean water back for use in the fabrication process. Beckart systems help save on water costs and promote compliance at the same time. The recessed plate filter presses are expandable as future needs dictate and are available with automatic plate shifters. These fully automated systems include company-engineered PLC control panels and fabricators deal directly with the manufacturer throughout the planning, installation and support phases of all critical equipment. All systems are backed by a factory-trained network of regional support technicians for years of reliable service.

Cnc Stoneworking Machinery: Braxton-Bragg


Braxton-Bragg Emmedue Brand CNC bridge saws and work centers


Braxton-Bragg is proud to offer its customers Emmedue Brand CNC bridge saws and work centers for small, mid-sized and large granite fabrication shops. The company offers several different machines with a variety of options.

The Emmedue Astra 5-Axis Plus bridge saw has a frame and worktable made of hot galvanized dipped electro-welded steel that guarantees high water resistance. Digital brushless type axis drives, coupled with high-precision gear motors and linear guides with recirculating balls protected by bellows, allow fabricators to do cuts extremely precise. The automatic rotation of the head 370 degrees, the automatic tilting head from 0 to 90 degrees and a multi-touch 17-inch easy-to-use display allow a user to perform orthogonal, sideways, elliptical, circular, tilted, straight, concave, arched convex profiles, two- and three-dimensional solid excavations and exploiting axis interpolation.

The optional tilting work table with hydraulic pump promotes slab loading, speeding up the production process. The Z axis is driven by a balls circulation screw.

Cnc Stoneworking Machinery: CMS


CMS North America Brembana Maxima


CMS North America was founded as a brand that brings together five divisions with a worldwide sales and customer service network. Located in Grand Rapids, MI, it is dedicated to the sales, support and service of its customers, their CMS machines, staff training and a long-term interest in the efficient use of technology. As the first manufacturer of a CNC machining center specifically for stoneworking, CMS has mastered both processing quality and precision, while offering flexible, innovative and effective solutions to meet the various production phases related to customer needs. There is no machine that better reflects the range of stone processing capabilities more than the Brembana Maxima. The Brembana Maxima is extremely versatile, designed to work slabs and blocks of stone materials and fabricated stone accurately and quickly. It can carry out any type of rough or polished edge contouring and surface machining, as well as any milling, drilling, countersinking, pocketing, bas-relief and inscribing operations. A state-of-the-art 5-axis machining center ideal for the stone cutter’s workshop.

Complement To CNC Machinery: Continental


Continental Zares II CNC Tool Management System


No Downtime. Zares® II CNC Tool Management System performs tool calibrations offline so your CNC machine continues to produce tops uninterrupted. Decrease tooling cost. Run your tools with faster feed rates while at the same time increasing their longevity with precise calibrations.

Finished Edges. Pieces come off your machine ready for the install carts, saving you time and added labor.

  • Manage all tooling brands -- ADI, Tyrolit, Nicolai, Diamut, Terminator
  • Interfacing Software – Baca Systems, Breton, CMS Brembana, Comandulli, Intermac, Northwood, Park Industries
  • Measure any profile in seconds 100% offline -- calibrate a 7-position tool set in 10 minutes
  • AutoAlign feature automatically aligns the profile to the best-running position.
  • Ability to preview what your stone edge will look like before tooling has ran.
  • Tool Reports – concentricity, tool consumption, 360-degree 3D tolerance scan and much more.

Water Filtration System: Ebbco


Ebbco Hydro series water filtration system


The Ebbco Hydro series water filtration system is designed to remove stone particulate from water. The method used to achieve this is a series of hydro-cyclones. A heavy-duty vertical seal-less filter pump delivers dirty water from the collection pit to the hydro-cyclones at 60 GPM. A metering pump automatically injects coagulant into the filtered water as it enters a 1,000 U.S. Gallon conical holding tank, which overflows back into the dirty water collection pit, creating a closed loop reclamation system. All particles greater than 10-micron are deposited into a sludge hopper, lined with heavy-duty a disposable bag for easy disposal. A 60 GPM Gray Water Delivery pump delivers the 10-micron gray water to the entire shop at 75 psi. An optional Hurricane Filtration System can provide crystal clear water as needed up to the established system flow rate. Product benefits include:

  • Reduce your water bill up to 90%
  • Water clarity suitable for general shop
  • No need to multiple pits
  • Ships LTL carriers
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Air Filtration System: GranQuartz


GranQuartz DuroTower from DuroAir


Fabrication processes produce dust and fumes that have been associated with impaired health which translates to decreased productivity. DuroTower from DuroAir efficiently collects these dangerous contaminants and fills the space with clean air from the system outlet. The DuroTower is a cost-effective air revolver system that is 10 times more energy efficient than traditional overhead dust purification systems. Flexible with multi-tower models that can be outfitted with casters for portability and environmentally compliant with air rotation technology that removes airborne particles down to one micron. The DuroTower reduces energy costs through the de-stratification of heat layers, homogenizing air from floor to ceiling to within five degrees.

CNC Stoneworking Machinery: Intermac


Intermac 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC work centers


Intermac’s New Master Series of 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC work centers is designed to deliver maximum flexibility and productivity for shops machining marble, natural stone, quartz and ceramic material. The robust Master Series offers a greater tool change capacity and is available with a variety of options to accommodate all manufacturing requirements for countertops, vanities, fireplaces, sculpturing, flooring, facades and coverings with the highest safety standards. In addition, the integrated interface on the new parametric I-Cam CAD-CAM makes it possible to execute all necessary operations within the same working environment, with a high level of integration with the most common software on the market. The Master Series, which also allows for the possibility of configuring the machine in a “high table” or “low table” version depending on the customer’s requirements, is designed to offer optimum finishing quality on sheets and blocks of natural and synthetic material.

Saw/Cutting Machinery: Machine Tech Enterprises and Machine Tech Enterprises Diamond 3 bridge saw and Machine Tech Enterprises are introducing for 2020 the Diamond 3 bridge saw — “The saw every fabrication shop needs.” This saw is truly the workhorse of the industry as it pairs raw power from its 20 hp main cutting motor with fully programmable computer so the only time you lift a finger is to program your next project. Speed up production with 10 feet/minute cutting, automatic rotating table, miter and plunge cutting. All of this at a price that will make you want to buy two.

Edging Machinery: Marmoelettromeccanica


Marmoelettromeccanica Master 3500 portable router machine


Ever since Marmoelettromeccanica® introduced the first Master®, every one of its models has been the best-selling portable router machine in its period. Innovation, power, simplicity of use, originality of the ideas applied to each model are the factors that makes the Master different from the other products. Made with high-end quality materials, the Master 3500 is provided with an exceptional water system base board which creates a gliding water film between the machine and the piece which is being worked. This system delivers the machine a smooth motion which is vital for a perfect and uniform profile finish.

CNC Stoneworking Machinery: Park Industries


Park Industries Voyager XP 5-Axis CNC saw


Powered up with a 27 hp motor, the Voyager™ XP 5-Axis CNC saw cuts the hardest slabs, such as porcelain, ultra-compact materials and quartzite with ease. Its new TightCut™ feature plunge cuts into the table’s lightweight concrete surface allowing the blade to make cuts tighter together on sharp 90-degree corners. This minimizes the amount of incremental routing needed to finish inside corners and nests parts closer to increase material yield upwards of 10%.

The Voyager™ XP is a true 5-Axis CNC saw, with the ability to move X, Y and Z linear axis and rotate the A and C axis; reducing overall program cycle times. This design allows for continuous arc blade cutting, incremental routing, straight line profiling, faucet coring, 0- to 90- degree mitering and more, making it an extremely versatile machine.

Slab Handling Equipment: PB Marble


PB Marble powered hydraulic table


The powered hydraulic table, which is made in the U.S.A., has 85 degree tilting, automatic locks on 90 degree, 45 degree and any angles. The hydraulic pump is included. The size is 125 x 76 x 32, and comes with a one-year warranty.

CNC Stoneworking Machinery: Poseidon Industries


Poseidon Industries T-Rex Model X and Model S


What’s new?

Poseidon Industries opens impossible doors for all fabricators, with the Poseidon T-Rex Model X and Model S, a 5 interpolated axis CNC bridge saw, CNC router, CNC miller, that allows you to use the “hybrid” cycle, allowing for cutting and routing in the same cycle.

Which model is right for me?

The Model X and Model S takes lead on the market, with an inverter controlled electro-spindle which allows for the use of milling wheels, finger bit, core drill bits and a horizontal blade. The T-Rex Model X has a z-stroke of 36 inches, a gantry of 12,500 lbs. and can handle up to a 30-inch blade. The T-Rex Model S has a z-stroke of 24 inches, a gantry of 7,500 lbs., and can handle up to an 18-inch blade. Both machines are at the top of their game.

The next step

Poseidon cares about work quality and that is why they bring you top-of-the-line, new generation, quality machines.

Saw/Cutting Machinery: Regent Stone Products


Regent Stone Products Farnese LYNX bridge saw


The Farnese LYNX bridge saw is an upgraded entry-level bridge saw with user-friendly controls and a compact design packed with high-quality features.

  • 20 HP direct drive motor
  • Wireless remote pendant
  • Pneumatic table lock
  • 45-degree tilting head with plunge cut capabilities
  • Hydraulic tilting table for easy loading
  • A laser is mounted to the saw head rather than the bridge; projects accurate cut line in both 90- and 45-degree positions
  • AC servo motors for smooth precision movements
  • Central lubrication for easy maintenance
  • Faster cutting modes available in manual mode and semi-automatic mode

Water Filtration System: Water Treatment Solutions


Water Treatment Solutions water recycling system


Water Treatment Solutions (WTS) pioneered the 100% closed loop, chemical-free, water recycling system for the stone industry. The company is an innovator in producing both crystal clear recycled water at less than 2 micron and gray/white water at less than 25 micron. With over 800 systems installed across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America and the Islands, WTS knows that water is the backbone of your shop – that’s why it prides itself on providing the best customer service. In 2017, its customers will collectively recycle over six billion gallons of water! WTS is also dedicated to the well-being of your team. That is why we use no chemicals in its process and its system has the ability to capture the stone dust residue to such an extent that the air born silica dust is meeting and exceeding OSHA standards in WTS shops tested across the U.S.

Saw/Cutting Machinery: Wilson


Wilson Heavy Duty Plunge Cut Saw


The new Wilson Heavy Duty Plunge Cut Saw is becoming a favorite among the company’s limestone customers. It has double the HP of Wilson’s regular heavy-duty saw and a new drive system that is proving to be a beast at cutting stone. The Plunge Cut saw has a wider and longer main beam, allowing it to cut up to 10-foot-long blocks. The Plunge Cut saw can be purchased in three different sizes and is fully programmable with the company’s UL Certified Mitsubishi Control Systems. It can also be installed inside or outside, with an additional weatherproof package.