Manufacturers of fabrication machinery continue to research and develop new equipment to satisfy the needs of their customers. Technology continues to become more sophisticated, which leads to innovative stoneworking machinery that results in better efficiency and less labor in the shop. The following are some of the latest fabrication machinery that is available today.


BACA Systems



BACA Systems, a leader in flexible manufacturing solutions, introduces the BACA Boss 5-axis CNC saw. Supported by a sturdy mono-block metal frame, each axis is driven by a fast and reliable zero backlash rotating nut ball screw assembly. The bridge and carriage traverse on precision ground profiled linear rails supported by sealed ball bearing blocks. The Boss is capable of miter, finger bit and core bit cuts for maximum flexibility. The Boss includes a laser pointer for alignment of cuts, along with automatic blade and slab measurement capabilities. System options include a vacuum lifter for moving pieces to optimize slab yield, a camera for on-machine or off-line vein matching. 





Designed for 100% water recycling and closed-loop operation, the Hy-Pack® system from Beckart Environmental filters influent from saws, polishers and CNC equipment down to below 1 micron, and routes the clean water back for use in the fabrication process. These fully automated systems include company-engineered PLC control panels, and fabricators deal directly with the manufacturer throughout the planning, installation and support phases of all critical equipment. They are available in 10 GPM – 200 GPM sizes, and all systems are backed by a factory-trained network of regional support technicians for years of reliable service. 


Fab King CNC Fabrication Center



Automation is supposed to make processes easier but in the stone industries it has transformed some fabrication shops into either a streamlined manufacturing facility or an expensive and frustrating endeavor. The difference in the two outcomes usually is determined by the ability of the operators to quickly program and run the automated equipment and/or the dependability of the equipment.

Fab King CNC Fabrication Center was designed to make it as easy as possible to operate and repair. It’s designed to allow the operator to fabricate without extensive CAD/CAM knowledge. Once the sinks or shapes are saved on the computer, the operator only has to start the process using a mouse click and not have to generate tool paths and pod locations. This is one of the easy to use CNC machines in the stone industry using the most durable equipment available.


  • Single-phase electrical
  • Servo motor operation (Not stepper motors)
  • Servos can be disengaged to allow for manual operation


CMS North America



CMS North America was founded as a brand that brings together five divisions with a worldwide sales and customer service network. Located in Grand Rapids, MI, it is dedicated to the sales, support and service of its customers, their CMS machines, staff training and a long-term interest in the efficient use of technology. As the first manufacturer of a CNC machining center specifically for stone working, CMS has mastered both processing quality and precision, while offering flexible, innovative and effective solutions to meet the various production phases related to customer needs. There is no machine that better reflects the range of stone processing capabilities more than the Brembana Maxima. The Brembana Maxima is extremely versatile, designed to work slabs and blocks of stone materials and fabricated stone accurately and quickly. It can carry out any type of rough or polished edge contouring and surface machining, as well as any milling, drilling, countersinking, pocketing, bas-relief and inscribing operations. A state-of-the-art 5-axis machining center ideal for the stone cutter’s workshop.


Comandulli North America



Comandulli North America has unveiled its latest technological advancement in the Stone 4.0 automation. Comandulli now offers a fully automatized Robotic Arm System for serving the machines. The Robotic Arm is capable of increasing production capacity by optimizing the loading and unloading time, and piece to piece spacing on belt machines. The machine eliminates the need for operator assistance which allows for more production and increases safety. The automation is integrated with the machines by a barcode system. Comandulli offers a Single Arm Robotic System on a track for movement for one machine, also available is a Dual Robotic Arm System that is able to work on two edge polishing machines and two CNC Sink 1000 machines simultaneously to cut and polish the sink cut outs, which dramatically reduces need for operators and improves production. Comandulli is always on the leading edge of innovation in Stone Technology 4.0 and has been for over 45 years in producing high-quality edge polishing machines.


Zares II CNC Tool Management System



No Downtime. Zares II CNC Tool Management System performs tool calibrations offline so your CNC machine continues to produce tops uninterrupted.

Decrease Tooling Cost. Run your tools with faster feed rates while at the same time increasing their longevity with precise calibrations.

Finished Edges. Pieces come off your machine ready for the install carts, saving you time and added labor. Features include:

  • Manage All Tooling Brands - ADI, Tyrolit, Nicolai, Diamut, Terminator. 
  • Interfacing Software – BACA Systems, Breton, CMS Brembana, Comandulli, Intermac, Northwood, Park Industries.
  • Measure any profile in seconds 100% offline - Calibrate a 7-position tool set in 10 minutes!
  • AutoAlign feature automatically aligns the profile to the best running position.
  • Ability to preview what your stone edge will look like before tooling has run.
  • Tool Reports – concentricity, tool consumption, 360° 3D tolerance scan & much more! 





Ebbco offers a complete line of water filtration systems by design for the stone industry. These modular systems allow you to select the acceptable level of cleanliness for use with your equipment, without spending more money than necessary. Filtration systems provide the proper level of water clarity required for the fabrication equipment’s optimal performance. Ebbco water filtration systems recycle 100% of the shops water, providing uninterrupted water flow and pressure, reducing water and sewage costs, and eliminate pit and flume cleaning. Ebbco can custom design a water filtration system for any shop offering multiple options to meet your filtration requirements. Ebbco provides a complete shop layout CAD drawing placing the equipment in your shop to best utilize valuable floor space. All filtration systems are manufactured in the U.S. 


The Farnese Lynx



The Farnese Lynx is designed for the fabrication professional requiring accuracy and extreme versatility at a favorable price point. The Lynx is built with one main H-beam (bridge) with eight guides to transport and drive the cutting head along two rails. The motorized cross-travel of the main head is facilitated with an electronic speed controller for various cutting speeds depending on material hardness and the X/Y movement is easily adjusted via motorized mechanism. All movement of the head is programmable with a pendant station for ease of use while cutting operations are performed. The saw is able to perform equally well in either programmable, automatic mode or manual operation controlled by the cutting technician.


Helios Cut 500



The carving solution on the 5-axis bridge saw Helios Cut 500 is the great goal to make stone fabrication easier and more efficient. Besides all the 5-axis cutting functions, the second head for carving and CNC jobs offers effective solutions in all the processes, where it is needed, such as sinks cut out, and much more. The two heads interpolate each other, the disk stops when the carving tool is needed, that is a great advantage in terms of time, precision and costs. The whole process is set up before starting the machine, easily and fast with the integrated Xtouch software.


Master One is the new CNC router



Master One is the new CNC router that pairs Intermac ingenuity inside with operational simplicity outside to help achieve Industry 4.0 automation excellence. Specifically designed for processing natural and engineered stone, as well as ceramic materials, it saves time and increases productivity for everyone from sizable fabricators to small artisan shops. The new Master One works with Master Loader, a robotic arm designed and built to optimize all loading and unloading times for work centers and waterjet machines. It also offers the advantage of EasySTONE by DDX, a new CAD/CAM software option that offers seamless integration between the whole Master CNC router series and Donatoni’s CNC bridge saws. With one software package, countertop fabricators and stone shops will be able to program both the cutting machine and the profiling machine from the office. 

Like all Master Series machines, Master One is offered with the new Sophia IoT platform for monitoring production, identifying malfunctions and assisting clients with maintenance operations, replacement parts and preventive maintenance. 


Omag S.p.A



Omag S.p.A has developed a new and more compact monobloc five-axes CNC bridge saw for the countertop fabrication market called the Digitale 5. The Digitale 5 is Omag’s response to customers who wanted a more compact five-axes machine with all the latest features, including a ½ gas tooling spindle and vacuum manipulator system that arrives ready assembled and is easily installed. Omag agreed to make the more compact Monobloc, but has refused to compromise on the quality of the build.

Nevertheless, Omag is used to making big machines that work to fine tolerances and it did not want to put its name to a machine that failed to live up to that standard. It is the same with the motor at 18kW, and the tilting 3.6m x 2m table that can incline to 85 degrees and carry a load of 1.5 tons.

The familiar Omag FastCut software included with the machine, incorporates Omag Image,

Vein Match, a vacuum lift moves cut material out of the way, milling and routing tools. 


The Ttian CNC Router by Park Industries



The Ttian CNC Router by Park Industries routes, shapes and polishes stone while delivering lower costs and maximum uptime. What truly sets the Titan apart is its effect on your bottom-line. It has the potential to increase your capacity by up to 102%. With faster machine movements, more work gets done. Park’s Integrated Tool Management system extends tool life by up to 50% by monitoring, measuring and compensating for tool wear. This dependable system significantly reduces the need to reshape your tools, saving you thousands of dollars in tooling costs.


Poseidon Industries



Poseidon Industries opens doors for all fabricators. With power and precision and the highest quality for your skill, the Poseidon T-Rex 5 is built with steel and welded with a unique pentagonal-shaped cross-section bridge, brushless servo motors and an easy-to-use control system where your Poseidon technical support can connect via internet if assistance is needed. The T-Rex 5 is a 5 interpolated axis CNC bridge mill, with an inverter controlled electro-spindle which allows for the use of milling wheels, finger bit, core drill bits and a horizontal blade. 

Poseidon Industries has quickly become a leader in developing intuitive versatile machines focused on making the fabrication process more efficient. Poseidon cares about work quality and that is why they bring you top-of-the-line, new generation, quality machines. 

Look out for the T-Rex 5 CNC Fabrication Center, coming soon this January at Tise 2019, the International Surface Event.


Husky gantry saw



The controls of the Husky gantry saw are easy to use, allowing fabricators to operate the saw using the control panel and the wireless remote at the same time.

Standard features include: wireless remote, digital read out, direct drive AC inverter duty motors for all three axis, alignment laser, amp gauge for determining proper cutting speed, heavy-duty 6- x 10-foot rotating tilt table with 0-, 45-, 90- and 135-degree stops with a precision machined gantry and bridge; 20 HP, 220v, three-phase direct-drive VEM motor. The 20HP direct-drive motor can handle up to an 18-inch blade. Water solenoid automatically turns the water on and off with the spindle motor; high-intensity laser and convenient control panel with amperage gauge and digital readout.

Warranty: 12 months on mechanical parts, six months on electrical. Warranty starts from date of delivery. Warranty is for part replacement only, labor and travel expenses are not included.


Water Treatment Solutions



Water Treatment Solutions (WTS) pioneered the 100% closed loop, chemical-free, water recycling system for the stone industry. We are the innovators in producing both crystal clear recycled water at less than 2 micron and gray/white water at less than 25 micron. With more than 800 systems installed across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America and the Islands, WTS knows that water is the backbone of your shop – that’s why we provide the best customer service in the industry. In 2017, our customers will collectively recycle more than six billion gallons of water. We are also dedicated to the well-being of your team.  That is why we use no chemicals in our process and our system has the ability to capture the stone dust residue to such an extent that the air born silica dust is meeting and exceeding OSHA standards in WTS shops tested across the U.S.