Each year, manufacturers of tooling and accessories used during the stone production process introduce new product lines that continually increase efficiency and accuracy. The products in the roundup below are just a handful of the many technological advances in this arena that are now available.


Alpha Tools



The Alpha Beveling Auxiliary Base Starter Kit was designed to perform precision grinding for perfect mitered edge applications. This portable kit will save time, money and potential errors when compared to expensive machinery. The Kit contains the Beveling Auxiliary Base, Carriage Assembly, Guide Rail Set (4’, 7’ and 12’) and Surface Protection Tape. These components will assist you in creating a precise edge whether mitered, beveled or straight with the use of a wet polisher or variable speed grinder with a 5/8”-11” spindle. This wet only kit, will reduce operator fatigue and improve the quality of the finish, as well as the speed. When grinding or polishing, prepping for a seamless countertop installation, miter edge for lamination or for a “fancy” Hollywood Bevel edge treatment, this tool allows you to control the cutting depth and angle (between 15 to 90 degrees) in order to make professional quality edges at a fraction of the cost. Alpha also offers a wide variety of abrasives for all your needs.






Viper set the standard for a seven-step granite wet pad when it was introduced — and still is a fabricator favorite today. The Viper pad polishes fast, creates both shine and depth, and is long lasting. How is this possible? It’s thanks to a higher diamond concentration than is typical of other pads in this price range — or even pads found at higher prices. We’ve been told by fabricators that the Viper eight-step polishing process produces a polish so outstanding that fabricators often stop at six or seven steps so that the edge does not out-shine the top. No wonder since the Viper pads are produced on a computer-controlled production line that insures consistent quality week after week, month after month, year after year — so you never have to worry if this shipment will be as good as the last. Our customers have weighed the benefits and price and have consistently made Viper our best selling wet pad.



BVC Group, Inc. (BVC)



BVC Group, Inc. (BVC) has added additional heights to their product line as of 2018. The company debuted the additional sizes at the TISE 2018 show in Las Vegas. BVC has added three sizes of vacuum cups in 200mm and 160mm height. The sizes include 200x200mm, 200x400mm and the narrow sink rail vacuum cup at 50x400mm. BVC Group can now offer other heights below 200 as a custom order and is working on completing the entire line of sizes. Half the weight, double the holding power. Increase your productivity by 15% with BVC today.



The Retractable Suction Cups from Blick Industries



The Retractable Suction Cups from Blick Industries add further automation to your stone fabrication process. Sink cutouts are automatically lowered -- protecting your equipment, saving you time and simplifying your workflow. Cut, profile and polish cut-outs in a single production run without starting and stopping your machine.



Cemar Electro



Cemar Electro offers the highest quality and the highest power lasers in both red and green. Top quality lasers made right here with award-winning service and at a very competitive price make your choice for a laser for your bridge saw an easy one. The most popular are the Suber bee “CL-830b” red and the Dragon “GL-815b” green, and both come with a bracket and standard 110-220 hardwire power supply. All types of power are available at no extra charge.



The KDM110 Keep-Nut Drilling Machine from Chemical Concepts



The KDM110 Keep-Nut Drilling Machine from Chemical Concepts is a lightweight precision tool for drilling panels and countertops. This machine will enable any operator to repeatedly and efficiently drill holes with the correct dimensions for use with the Keep-Nut anchoring system. Using an array of compatible bits, the machine can prepare holes in a variety of hard surfaces, including granite, marble, engineered stone, UHPC, porcelain, Dekton, glass and composites. The vacuum foot allows secure attachment to rough surfaces, including unpolished granite and textured ceramics. This water-cooled, pneumatic machine requires only a single airline and a water feed to operate. Use with thin-wall core bits to drill faucet holes in record time without a CNC.

Keep-Nut is a press-in threaded insert that mechanically anchors to provide permanent threads in panels or countertops. The Keep-Nut insert is specifically developed to fasten ventilated facades, wall-coverings, decor, furniture, undermount sinks, as well as a variety of other applications.



Diamut’s HYS2 tooling



Diamut is the division of Biesse Group dedicated to the design, manufacturing and marketing of tools for producing stone, glass and synthetic materials. After being founded over 30 years ago by three visionary business partners, the company has evolved as a part of Biesse into a successful trusted partner in the aeronautics, household appliance, consumer electronics, furniture and architecture industries. Diamut tools are developed and tested on Intermac, Donatoni and Montresor machines and carefully curated for use in even the most demanding machining applications.

Diamut’s HYS2 tooling marked a revolutionary turn for Diamut, drastically increasing CNC feed rates to improve our clients’ production. Carefully constructed of premium materials, this remarkable tooling now has a high-performance bond and diamond strength and is capable of achieving feed-rates up to 500”/min or 12,700 mm/min.



Zenesis Carbon



Zenesis Carbon was originally designed for large-format porcelains, but we have later identified an impressive number of additional applications. Not only did this blade outperform the number one recommended blade for Dekton in an independent side-by-side performance test, but it also worked exceptionally well on difficult semi-precious stones and other challenging materials. It is a highly versatile all-around blade for lower HP (less than 20hp) saws that might otherwise struggle with hard materials. The ultra-thin rim combined with tightly butted segments renders a remarkably clean finish in both straight and miter cuts, and the reinforced core keeps the blade from deflecting while cutting. Combine that with superior manufacturing and highest-grade materials and you get a blade deserving to be called Zenesis.

  • 10mm segments height
  • Cuts Dekton®, Neolith®, Lapitech®, Petrified Wood, Slabs made with Geodes
  • Wet use only



The Duroair Air Filtration Systems



The Duroair Air Filtration Systems provide a unique simple solution for air filtration, flexibility and functionality for fabricators working through Silica Exposure Control Plans (E.C.P.).

The Duroair provides two powerful E.C.P. benefits; dust collection and process isolation. Utilizing a powerful 10 HP motor, the Duroair moves 17,000 CFM of air and exchanges the air within the enclosure eight times per minute. The Merv 15 filtration system filters harmful dust down to one micron, exceeding OSHA’s air quality requirements. Duroair’s accordion-style enclosure isolates dry fabrication from other areas of the facility, a critical feature when working to achieve OSHA’s Permissible Exposure Limits (P.E.L.) for Silica. Additionally, Duroair’s unique enclosure can be easily collapsed and expanded as needed for layout flexibility, material handling, cleaning and maintenance. The portable enclosure measures 14 feet wide by 14.5.feet in length and has a ceiling height of 8 feet. The 20 mil clear PVC vinyl is extremely durable, allows 95% light transmission and can be easily cleaned by hosing down.

The Duroair is available exclusively from GranQuartz.



The new Legend Cerberus Quartzite blade



The new Legend Cerberus Quartzite blade is an excellent choice for fabricators producing quartzite countertops, which typically require a higher level of skill by the operator and a blade engineered to meet the challenges of cutting extremely hard surfaces. Legend Cerberus for Quartzite features a V-style, 20mm tall pattern diamond segment design with very high diamond concentration and a special proprietary bond specifically formulated for precise high-quality cutting of quartzite surfaces.



The Bundle Rack by Groves Incorporated



The Bundle Rack by Groves Incorporated is built to store stone bundles or slabs in your shop or warehouse. It is designed to withstand a massive 6,000 pounds per opening, with 3,000 pounds per post evenly distributed. The Bundle Rack’s patented bottom rails (#7143901) are designed with slots to hold 2 x 4’s that work to protect your bundles or slabs edges, as well as the finish on the rails themselves. Each post and rail is also painted with a heavy-duty powder-coated finish. A basic package includes two bottom rails and 10 posts, and the largest package includes 20 rails with 100 posts. Additional lengths are available.



Integra Adhesives introduces Surface Bonder Zero



Integra Adhesives introduces Surface Bonder Zero, a new adhesive with zero sag for quartz and natural stone. Surface Bonder Zero works extremely well when mitering or for vertical application, as the adhesive stays in place after the adhesive bead is applied. This allowed for a clean, no-mess, no-waste application. Moreover, Surface Bonder Zero offers great bonding strength on quartz and natural stone.

Offered in multiple colors, including a wide selection of true whites, Surface Bonder Zero is sold in a 250ml 10:1 cartridge. It is the newest addition to Integra’s line of pre-colored adhesives.

“Countertop surface options and applications used to be limited. Not anymore”, says Integra. “From natural to compact to ultra-compact, glossy to textured to mat, whites to extra-whites, the possibilities are now endless. Added to our world-renowned Surface Bonder Xi and our ultra-versatile indoor-outdoor Surface Bonder Ultra, the new Surface Bonder Zero completes a truly unique product offering to countertop fabricators.”



LPI introduces ClearCut



LPI introduces ClearCut, an optical tool measuring system that easily captures images of tool sets directly on the CNC machine and recalibrates them for optimal performance. Compact and lightweight, ClearCut operates directly on the CNC, analyzing both tool and spindle performance. ClearCut helps fabricators extend the life of their tools, optimize tool presets and increase CNC efficiency.

ClearCut uses a high-resolution digital microscope and bright LED lights to capture tool profiles within the spindle that wirelessly communicates with the ClearCut application on the included tablet. You can immediately measure and calibrate each CNC tool in just a couple of minutes.

Designed specifically for the stone industry, ClearCut is versatile to work on any CNC routing machine and is proudly manufactured in the U.S.






You do not have to be a brainiac to understand that the physical marking of measuring points beats laser-marking technology at every aspect of digital templating. The Proliner’s accuracy, ease of use, speed, durability and flexibility provide an advantage on every single project. Even better, the time savings gained increases with the complexity of the construction.

The digital templating process is further simplified and quickened by using Prodim’s templating apps, Factory and Stairs software solutions. Besides offering measurement guidance, these software solutions enable fabricators to easily check, edit and finalize digital templates for production, on-site, as well as back at the office.



Camless Gorilla Grip 2.1 from Regent Stone Products



This improved version of the Camless Gorilla Grip 2.1 from Regent Stone Products has all the same features and benefits of the original, but with two very important upgrades. First, there are no longer cams to worry about. Four convenient built-in leveling points now allow you to get that perfect seam giving you more space to access the seam. The second upgrade is 1/2-inch of additional space in between the pods. This, along with the elimination of the cams, allows the user to remove excess glue from the seam before it cures, saving time and money.

  • Powerful clamping mechanism
  • Two sets of vacuum pods
  • Electric vacuum pump for continuous vacuum
  • Four leveling knobs for precise leveling
  • Carrying case included for protection



Stone Boss Panther Prowler Q (P2Q) quartzite bridge saw blades



Panther Prowler Q (P2Q) quartzite bridge saw blades are specifically designed and formulated to cut natural quartzite. They have a 20mm segment height.



Tenax Dekton blades



The latest trend in the market is Dekton and ceramic materials. Tenax Dekton blades are approved by Dekton and specifically designed for Dekton material. Available in 14” and 16” with a standard 2.3-mm core thickness. The feed rate for a straight cut is 16”- 60” per minute depending on thickness of material. Feed rate for miter cuts is 14”- 32” depending on thickness of material. RPM is 1800-2100.



Zares® II CNC Tool Management System


Terminator Diamond Products- DIVERSIFIED SHOP PRODUCTS

No Downtime. Zares® II CNC Tool Management System performs tool calibrations offline so your CNC machine continues to produce tops uninterrupted.

  • Decrease Tooling Cost. Run your tools with faster feed rates while at the same time increasing their longevity with precise calibrations.
  • Finished Edges. Pieces come off your machine ready for the install carts, saving you time and added labor.
  • Manage All Tooling Brands - ADI, Tyrolit, Nicolai, Diamut, Terminator
  • Interfacing Software – Baca Systems, Breton, CMS Brembana, Comondulli, Intermac, Northwood, Park Industries.
  • Measure any profile in seconds 100% offline - Calibrate a 7-position tool set in 10 minutes.
  • AutoAlign feature automatically aligns the profile to the best running position.
  • Ability to preview what your stone edge will look like before tooling has ran.
  • Tool Reports – Concentricity, tool consumption, 360° 3D tolerance scan and much more.



Wood’s Powr-Grip VPFS10T vacuum pad



Wood’s Powr-Grip is now offering the VPFS10T, a new and improved vacuum pad for stone lifting. This heavy-duty vacuum pad is equipped with a replaceable sealing ring, providing a quick and cost-effective way to replace sealing rings damaged by rough surfaces. The sealing ring simply slips into a channel on the face of the pad and stays in place without the need of adhesives, making it possible for the vacuum pad to conform to textured surfaces, including hammered and sandblasted slabs, without leaving marks.

VPFS10T vacuum pads can also be retrofitted on any Wood’s Powr-Grip below-the-hook lifter formerly utilizing HV11F pads. From the stone yard to final installation, stone handling is more economical and time-efficient with the VPFS10T vacuum pad from Wood’s Powr-Grip.