CHARLOTTE, NC -- Caesarstone, a leading developer and manufacturer of high-quality engineered quartz surfaces, announced today the release of its first Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Report which was created in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

“At Caesarstone, we are privileged to be part of everyday life in millions of homes worldwide, which is why we are committed to sustainability through continued innovation of our products and greener production processes while remaining focused on a value chain built on environmental, health and safety practices,” said Yuval Dagim, chief executive officer of Caesarstone Ltd. “Our aim is to inspire a journey of partnership and creativity while celebrating ‘Life in Stone.’ We are happy with our ESG accomplishments to-date and are pleased to have built the framework to accomplish our new ESG goals and help create a more sustainable future for our company. We believe our success is directly related to how well we take care of our clients, our employees, our communities and our environment, and look forward to positioning Caesarstone for enhanced long-term value creation.”

The report is part of the company's ongoing efforts to act on environmental and social topics, showcasing its commitment to creating a greener and safer future for its employees, customers, partners and communities where it operates. Caesarstone’s ESG strategy is based on four pillars: sustainable products, environmentally responsible production, health and safety and social responsibility.

Specifically in the U.S, Caesarstone has achieved the following ESG successes tied to the strategic pillars:

• Sustainable Products

  1. All products hold various international environmental certifications that verify low- emittance, low-maintenance qualities.
  2. Eleven products are certified by Scientific Certification Systems Global Services for conforming to various percentages of pre-consumer recycled crushed glass.
  3. All indoor products carry a lifetime warranty, and the Outdoor Collection carries a 10-year warranty.
  4. Every box used to pack samples is made from recycled cardboard.
  5. Caesarstone supports sustainable practices for the architecture and design community through a partnership with Material Bank’s sample reclamation format and the Mindful Materials library.

• Environmentally Responsible Production

  1. The U.S. production facility in Richmond Hill, GA, recycles approximately 95% of water used in production and has reduced water used per slab by 24% over the last five years.
  2. Additionally, the production facility has mapped all waste streams to identify opportunities to reduce waste at the source and divert more materials to recycling.
  3. By 2025, the company intends to reduce international energy use by 10%, recycle water and reduce its use by at least 10% and to reduce air pollution levels by 5%.

• Health & Safety

  1. By creating safer working environments and training staff on safe work procedures the company has managed to reduce its loss time injuries by 72% over the last three years at its production facilities, including the Richmond Hill location.
  2. Caesarstone launched Master of Stone for fabricators, which features free online training aimed at helping educate them on the topics of health, safety, professional skills and added value content for fabrication plant managers.

“This inaugural, voluntary global ESG report is an important milestone exhibiting our efforts to serve our stakeholders in the U.S. and beyond,” said Ken Williams, president of Caesarstone North America. “We will remain committed to publishing our future progress through successive ESG reports.”

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