DALLAS, TX -- Whether designing for residential, education, hospitality, healthcare or retail spaces, American Olean’s (AO) new Color Story Wall collection offers the ultimate in design versatility. This new glazed ceramic collection features an attractive mix of 32 colors to create everything from a vibrant, joyful classroom to a tranquil, relaxing hospital setting. Made in the U.S., Color Story Wall tiles are available in seven shapes and sizes. Eight colors are offered in both matte and glossy finishes, and are suitable for use on walls and countertops. An additional 16 colors are offered in a glossy finish.

“AO’s new Color Story Wall collection is the toolbox of color that retailers, designers and homeowners want to have at their fingertips,” said Shelly Halbert, director of product design, Dal-Tile Corporation. “The collection’s 16 vibrant colors and 16 neutrals give the power to create just about any atmosphere or vibe needed in a space. Currently, the hottest interior design trends run the gamut from nature-inspired, spa-like and soothing -- to bright, bold looks that are alive with excitement and energy. Color Story Wall provides the fashion-based colors needed to create all of today’s stylish spaces. An added bonus is the ability to mix the collection’s gloss and matte finishes to create unique design with a tactile experience.”

“It is also important to re-emphasize that tile is an outstanding solution in today’s ‘germ-aware’ world,” said Hector Narvaez, vice president of distributor sales for American Olean. “Unlike other surfaces, tile is hard and impervious, so it is innately resistant to the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. Tile is also a hypoallergenic surface that is easy to clean. Regular, basic cleaning with warm water and mild soap is sufficient to keep tile looking like new. Additionally, our tile will not damage from professional cleaning services, for those customers wanting a deeper clean. Whether using in a public or a private space, tile is one of the best products to appropriately address today’s health and wellness concerns.” 

For more information, visit www.americanolean.com/product/Color-Story-Wall?shape=Rectangle.