Sorma ( , the Italian company based in Venice Mestre (VE), leader in the distribution of tools for the metalcutting industry and for stone and glass working, is celebrating 70 years of activity. A milestone  which, despite the current period of uncertainty linked to the pandemic, cannot go unnoticed: managed by the same family that originally founded the company, Sorma looks to the next generation with a touch of pride and optimism.

Founded in 1950 in Venice, today Sorma is a consolidated company that operates in 57 countries and has over 100 employees including  marketing and administrative staff, logistics personnel and  sales force. Its history began in close contact with the Murano district, with the supply of tools for the working of glass. In the  years following its foundation, the company managed to carv out for itself a role as an innovative leader in the field of abrasive tools, being the first in Italy to introduce the flexible diamond sheets used successfully in construction and for stone working. Year after year, Sorma has grown and embarked on an adventure in the  metalcutting industry with the partnership of large Japanese companies, such as Yamawa and Kyocera, with whom it continues to collaborate.

The years that have passed from the foundation of Sorma to today have transformed it and have witnessed the constant growth of a company which, in the wake of the centuries-old Venetian commercial tradition, started from the small confines of the Lagoon, to weave relationships with people and companies around the world. It is precisely its territory of origin that has always been a dynamic drive for the company towards continuous evolution and renewal aiming to explore less travelled roads in prosperous times, as well as in periods marked by difficulty. The essence of the company, managed by the same family that originally founded it, has always guaranteed Sorma a continuity and a transfer of experience from one generation to another, factor that has contributed to creating a microcosm of business tranquility and industriousness.

Over the seven decades in which so many things have changed, other elements have remained a cornerstone through generations: ethical values. Values like honesty, respect and sustainability find concrete application in the work carried out on a daily basis by everyone in the company. “Sorma’s story is the story of the people who have contributed to its development – explains Arturo Sorgato, President of Sorma –. Over the years, we have always tried to build a lasting relationship with all our employees, based on transparency and shared responsibility. Thanks to this philosophy, the company has continued to deliver solid results over the years, even in difficult times, and this approach to our work has allowed us to benefit from the trust of the people with whom we interact on a daily basis: our team, our partners and our clients. Every time we hear that “Sorma is a serious company”, we have the confirmation that we are working well and that we must continue on this path”.