Sorma, a manufacturer of diamond tools, introduced the new diamond blade EDLX 125, a revolutionary solution for cutting and grinding marble and calcareous stones.

Two years of research and development on the product have brought an innovative design, overtaking the geometry of its predecessor EDLB, and reaching a higher stock removal in grinding. Thanks to advanced automation systems and virtuous processes, Sorma has succeeded in offering the market a high-quality product at a competitive price.

“We worked closely with our customers all around Europe testing on every kind of marble and calcareous stones. The results achieved have always been excellent,” said Riccardo Galluzzi, CEO of Sorma. “With the introduction of EDLX, we can say we have reached our goal to supply new advanced solutions to the most common working problems. Just one blade for both cutting and grinding, resulting in no need for tools change and an unprecedented stock removal rate in grinding.”

The new 125 mm diameter blade will be available for purchase at special test promotional conditions until December 18, 2015. The company is already anticipating the launch of the 230 mm diameter in 2016, with the same level of performance.