Revolutionize your shop with Robolution Pro from BACA Systems, the first and only robotic SawJet that performs miter cuts with both the saw and the waterjet. From inside corner miters to complex arcs, this cutting solution easily handles every cut with speed and precision.

With a powerful 26 HP saw and VFD, Robolution Pro easily cuts quartzite, ultra-compact slabs and porcelains. Equipped with adaptive cutting technology, Robolution Pro can adapt to variations in material thickness or warpage automatically, producing perfect miter joints.

The large 90- x 144-inch cutting table is the largest in the industry, and production can be easily doubled with an upgrade to a second cutting table. Unlike mono-block gantry cutting systems, each cutting table can be accessed on three sides, making it easier to load and unload tables, while improving operator safety.

Requiring no daily robot maintenance, Robolution Pro features the highest uptime of any SawJet in the industry, maximizing production and reducing operating costs. With over 400 robotic cutting systems in service, BACA Systems has a proven track record of providing reliable, easy-to-use cutting solutions that require minimal maintenance. 

Robolution Pro is the fastest, most flexible precision cutting system in the industry. Completing all miter cuts, arc cuts, radius cuts, sink openings and faucet holes during the sawing process, Robolution Pro allows fabricators to reduce the amount of downstream processing by up to four hours of work on every slab. 

Implementing a Robolution Pro is the fastest way for fabricators to increase production, reduce labor and increase profits for their business.