The next generation of HydroClear Systems, the HydroClear Pro series by Park Industries, enables fabricators to better manage their water usage, which could translate to efficiency gains and a significant savings in water consumption costs, and with a smaller footprint requirement. The HydroClear Pro series utilizes closed-loop recycling to greatly reduce the amount of water used in a fabrication process, and less water means a positive impact to a shop and the environment. Features include:

  • Six unique models that can be customized to meet a shop’s water needs
  • All-in-one design eliminating the need for a separate holding tank, saving precious floor space
  • Automated water system maintenance, reducing labor costs
  • Able to accommodate up to 170 gallons of water per minute to a shop
  • Reduces water consumption by up to 90% or more, and your water bill by nearly 70%
  • Many enhancement options available, including an Advanced Controller, pH Balance System, Bromine Sanitizing System, Second Stage Polymer Feed and more